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SCLS Delivery Advisory Committee Proposed Structure and Charge
October 2002

The Delivery Advisory Committee will be a subcommittee of PLAC, with membership from both LINK and non-LINK libraries. The committee will meet at least quarterly, or more frequently if it so chooses.

The Delivery Advisory Committee will include nine members. Two of these will be standing members and seven will be elected. One standing member will represent the System Resource Library, and the second will represent the Dane County Library Service. Three of the elected members will represent larger (operating expenditures of $300,000 or more) LINK member libraries, two of the elected members will represent smaller (operating expenditures of $299,999 or less) LINK member libraries, and two will represent Non-LINK libraries. The terms of the elected members will normally be two years, with the elections being conducted by SCLS staff. Of the first 7 elected members, 3 will be elected for a term of 1 year, so that in future years committee membership will turn over gradually. The committee will also include ex-officio membership from SCLS Delivery, LINK staff, and SCLS Administration. The committee will elect its own chair from among its members, and will be responsible for taking its own minutes. One member of the Delivery Advisory Committee will serve as a liaison to PLAC, to report on delivery matters and forward proposals as required.

The Delivery Advisory Committee has four charges:

1. To explore how SCLS Delivery can most effectively cope with the constantly increasing delivery needs of SCLS member libraries and the public they serve.

2. To explore how SCLS member libraries can best cooperate with SCLS Delivery to make delivery service as effective as possible.

3. On behalf of LINK, to undertake any steps deemed necessary and desirable to limit the flow of materials entering the delivery system.

4. To explore any other such delivery related matters as the committee deems necessary.

This committee will begin work no later than January of 2003.