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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

February 26, 2004

Present: Bob Blitzke (SCLS Delivery), Pam Bosben (CSP), Vicki Cothroll (ORE), John DeBacher (MOO), Peter Hamon (SCLS), Heidi Oliversen (SCLS Automation), Linda Overbey (NEK), Brinnan Shaffer (SCLS Delivery), Bruce Smith, Bob Stack (STP), Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS Automation), John Thompson (PDS)

The minutes of the November 20, 2003 meeting were approved.


Reduced Transportation Holds Test: Heidi distributed a report documenting the second test of the reduced transportation holds test. She thanked the libraries that participated. The numbers show that some libraries had an increase in holds trapped. Some, including Madison and Sequoya had a decrease (which is the desirable effect). It is hard to determine whether RTH had an impact during the trial period. Peter suggested that the study is not large enough and that a sample of 4 weeks would provide more reliable data. Vicki C. asked if there was a noticeable problem with patrons who were able to renew items with holds due to the bug associated with RTH. Heidi reported that there were no complaints. Vicki C. said that perhaps we should just keep it on. Bruce pointed out that the reduction will not affect delivery that much; John D. countered that it can get holds into patron's hands more quickly. Vicki C. moved that we should make a recommendation to LINK to leave RTH turned on with the parameters of zero holds and a 5 day gap between holds placement. The motion was seconded by Pam. The motion carried and will be presented to LINK.

Staff and Patron Education Subcommittee: Only one LINK library member, Mary Davidson from ORE, volunteered to be on the subcommittee which is probably not an adequate number. We discussed whether there was a need for this subcommittee. The answer is yes, there may still be a need for this subcommittee. Several suggestions were made including developing a bookmark to promote the concept of holds management. Pam volunteered that someone from CSP will be on the subcommittee. There might be a need for a promotional literature that describes the benefits of delivery. SCLS staff will be working this. It has also been suggested that some libraries need guidance on collection development since most of their circulation comes from materials outside of their library. Perhaps the subcommittee could make some recommendations and help these libraries use various Dynix reports to improve their collection development practices. In conjunction with this idea, members of the Delivery Committee requested that Automation offer the old Purchase Alert report again since it provides information that is not included in the current holds threshold report. The subcommittee could also look at holds lapsed in Dynix.

Cross Library Borrowing Due to Increase of Remote Holds Placed: We discussed the fact that more than half of all holds are placed remotely. This means that the remote catalog's holds sequence is used to determine where to fill a hold. Previously around 80% of holds filled at a library were for materials the library did not own; this has decreased to around 75%. It would be more efficient for the system to look at Pickup Location to determine where to fill the hold. The Horizon system should work this way. Toronto Public Library has asked for custom programming for Dynix to do this. Heidi and Vicki will try to find out more information on costs, etc.

Impact of Horizon on Delivery Service: Bob pointed out that the new version of LINKcat (HIP) was an improvement over the old version (text PAC & WebPAC) and that it is easier for patrons to find materials and place holds. Heidi and Vicki reported that the patron interface for Horizon will remain the same. The holds fill process should be roughly the same as Dynix with some potential improvements.


Best Practices Subcommittee: Bruce reported that the sorting suggestions and pick list information have helped. They purchased some carts from Home Depot that fell apart; however they got their money back. They will be trying some new carts at some libraries. Bruce will be asking for more suggestions from the subcommittee. Bruce is looking at a study from the Portland Oregon area that is about 1/3 of our size. Bruce will be visiting Oregon this summer and will consult with them on their procedures. Bruce will share the report with the Delivery Committee. Last semester a SLIS student did a practicum on delivery that looked at best practices. Bruce has also been looking at tweaking the delivery routes. There was some discussion of pick list changes at Madison Central. A staff change there has put changes on hold for now. A question was asked if the holds sequence is changed. Heidi does rotate the list quarterly. It was also brought up that Madison Central is always the first library in every library's hold sequence [note-they are first only in the DialPAC account and the MAD account]. Vicki C. noticed that their pick list has gone down in recent times. Upon further discussion we noted that if Madison is first in the sequence in DialPAC (if not all accounts), it will follow Madison's hold sequence more often. This could explain why a library would get hit at different rates throughout time. Vicki Cothroll moved and John DeBacher seconded that Madison and branches be rotated randomly throughout the holds sequences in each account.

Contracts: This year the university will be re-bidding the delivery contract. Another option being explored is a service provided by Delivery to post library's unwanted donations (books and other materials) on ebay through Half Price Books. Profits will be split between Delivery and the library. The service is called "The Library Emporium". Guidelines are being developed for what types of materials would be appropriate (i.e., will turn a profit). Delivery will post the items and handle the mailing, invoicing, etc. SCLS is still looking at shared building projects for increased storage.

Report from Delivery on SCLS Delivery Service. Bob distributed the 2003 annual delivery report. Phyllis appreciated the comments provided with the report.

NEXT MEETING DATE: April 22, 2004 at 9:30 in Room C at SCLS.