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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

August 27, 2003

Present: Diana Skalitzky, Susan Lee, Bruce Smith, Brinnan Shaffer, John Thompson, Bob Stack, Vicki Teal Lovely, Bob Blitzke, Heidi Oliversen, Peter Hamon, Phyllis Davis, Vicki Cothroll.

Chair Diana called the group to order and minutes of the May 28th meeting were approved.

Peter reported that there was no more work done with contracts and pricing.

Susan and Heidi reported for the LINK issues group. The reduced transportation holds experiment is in place. Parameters used are 3 days differential between a hold placed for pickup at another location and for the hold placed for pickup at the checking-in location. A spreadsheet showing data to date was presented. By the next meeting they hope for more data and a clearer picture of the effects. Not much can be determined at this point, not even if it is really working. There are many variables here. The group wanted to see if there was an immediate reduction in numbers, but it is not that clear. Diana questioned the methods used by the committee. She felt that holds trapped that stayed at the library should have been counted. There was some discussion about the feasibility of keeping such a count. Another variable is the iPac default pickup location. The LINK issues committee will send another spreadsheet for the next meeting.

The purpose of the Delivery Advisory Committee was discussed again. One reason is so library staff can say to their boards that we've looked at this from every angle for efficiencies and tweaking and this is the best we can do without reducing service to patrons.

Bruce Smith reviewed all the points on the best practices handout prepared by that subcommittee. Bruce will present this information to both PLAC and LINK. The committee endorsees and recommends to PLAC that these recommendations be put into practice and to LINK that they be adopted as guidelines. Moved by Cothroll, seconded by Thompson. The subcommittee will continue to meet.

A discussion of the alternatives if a large LINK library decided they would not pay for delivery for 5 days followed. Since volume/route/frequency are so interrelated, this could have quite a negative effect on delivery and service. Bruce and Bob will develop a one-page explanation of the nature of the problem and the interconnections. The ultimate solution is to "cut off the spigot," i.e. reduce service. The document will be run by the committee and then distributed at PLAC and LINK.

There was a wide-ranging discussion of ILL and major reservations were again expressed about the state-wide plan to offer direct patron borrowing.

Diana began to report for the LINK patron and staff education committee, but other committee members felt more work needed to be done to "put more meat" on the suggestions. This subcommittee will refine and make suggestions more specific and bring them back to the committee.

The next meeting will be on November 20th at 9:30 a.m. at SCLS Administration offices, Room C.

Recorder, Phyllis Davis