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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 9:00 a.m.
SCLS Administration
Room C

Present: Jane Grogan (MAD), Jane Roughen (MAD), Elizabeth Bauer (MID), Jennifer Endres (PDS), Cathy Borck (WID), Vicki Teal Lovely (SCL), Phyllis Davis (SCA), Bruce Smith (Delivery), Brinnan Shaffer (Delivery)

  1. Meeting was called to order.
  2. Volunteer Recorder – Teal Lovely volunteered to take minutes.
  3. Changes or Additions to the agenda – there was no agenda.
  4. Minutes from prior two meetings were approved.
  5. Business
    1. Charge of the Committee: As most of the Delivery issues are LINK related, it might make more sense for automation-independent libraries to have an open invitation to attend, but not require any permanent membership.  Also, there are not many more issues for the committee to work on until LINK libraries have migrated to Horizon.  The membership ratio will be changed to: 1 MPL, 1 DCL, 3 larger LINK, 2 smaller LINK (and no automation-independent representative).  MPL may send more than one person, but only one will vote.  The current members are: MAD, MID, MOO, PDS, WAU, WID.
    2. Changes at Delivery: Bruce reported on the following changes:
      1. They now have a fleet mechanic who does the basic maintenance previously contracted through Thorstad.  This should result in a significant cost savings.
      2. They are working with Prairie Fire Biofuel Coop to begin using biodiesel in current diesel trucks.  Fuel costs will be about the same, but this is a more environmentally friendly alternative.
      3. They started the new carts in July.  MAD, HPB, HAW, LAK, MEA, MID, MOO, PIN & SEQ are now receiving delivery with the cart.  Other libraries will begin having cart delivery as trucks are outfitted with lift gates.  The carts will reduce back injuries which was a major concern with workman's comp.  They've already seen a reduction in this type of injury.  The carts will also allow them to consolidate and eliminate some routes—yet another cost savings.  (Phyllis added that even there are going to be cost savings, there have been and will be significant capital investments.  These changes will allow for growth in delivery, but costs will not be reduced overall.)  Jane Grogan indicated that they would like bumpers on the carts to protect building interiors; but otherwise they really like them.  There have been mixed reviews amongst branch staff.  There is also an issue regarding suitable footwear when using the carts.
      4. Finally, the pre-sorting done by MPL has been successful.  There are several peak times during the day where the sorting area at Delivery gets too crowded and the process becomes inefficient.  Pre-sorting will help streamline the process back at Delivery.  Pre-sorting will be introduced gradually to other libraries.  Pre-sorting will vary by library depending upon where the bulk of their materials come from.
    3. Pick List: several libraries indicated that it would be great to have the pick list sorted by departments within the library.  This may be possible in the Horizon system, either by having an additional library "location" to sort on, or by revising the collection codes.  It will depend upon how the Pick List is sorted in Horizon and how much flexibility we will have.
    4. Bruce attended a library courier conference in Denver in September.  He now has peers!  Topics at this conference included: home mailing or delivery services; warehouse storage for "floating" collections, in demand items and last copy item; patron initiated ILL; fees for service; national library delivery service.  The group will be setting up a collaborative web site where they can share best practices, papers from the conference and identify library courier web sites. 
    5. Charge to committee revisited: the existing charge to the committee can stand.  Jane Grogan volunteered to be the new chair since Diane Jaroch is no longer at SCLS.  The committee will meet every 6 months instead of every 4.  Rob Klecker is the new representative from MOO.
  6. Set Next Meeting Date – The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 24 following the delivery count.
  7. The meeting was adjourned.