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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

October 27, 2004

Present: Jennifer Endres (PDS), Heidi Oliverson (SCL), Brinnan Shaffer (ZZZ),
Peter Hamon (SCA), Diane Jaroch (MOO), Susan Lee & Bruce Smith (ZZZ)

Jennifer called the meeting to order. Bruce volunteered as recorder. There were no additions to the agenda.

The minutes from the August 26, 2004 were approved after a motion by Susan and Diane.

A. Bruce handed out statistics of total number of baskets dropped off and picked up at each LINK library. These statistics indicate that the total number of delivery baskets has dropped off the last 2 months. There could be many reasons for this, but it may be an indication that the automation change that has the system check the pick up location for an available copy first may have helped reduce delivery volume. Peter noted that system ILL's will increase in 2004 to about 2 million, up from 1.8 million in 2003.
B. The use of Post It notes as routing slips was discussed. Most feedback that delivery has received has been very positive. The committee recommended that Post It notes become a permanent replacement for routing slips. Susan and Diane motioned the recommendation.
C. In order to provide future direction to this committee and delivery the idea of a survey was discussed. The committee recommended that delivery do a survey. Susan and Diane motioned the recommendation.
D. Bob Blitzke forwarded an article to the committee about Floating Collections. There was discussion about the pros and cons of this idea in a system like ours. It was discussed that SCIDS and SCILLS already fit the concept for in-demand items. MPL is discussing this idea further and will bring any ideas they have about it to the committee in the future.

Committee Reports: There were no reports from the committees.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 at 9:30 a.m. at SCA and STP.

Meeting Evaluation: It was a fine meeting. Attendance was low. We will need new members for next year and will check with current members to measure their ability to serve on this committee.

Meeting adjourned after a motion by Susan and Diane.