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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

November 20, 2003

Present: Elizabeth Bauer, Bob Blitzke, Pam Bosben, Vicki Cothroll, Peter Hamon, Susan Lee, Heidi Oliverson, Linda Overbey, Brinnan Shaffer, Bruce Smith, Bob Stack, Vicki Teal Lovely

The minutes of the August 27, 2003 meeting were approved.

Election report: Cross Plains Public Library, Pam Bosben will represent the small LINK libraries; Monona Public Library, Diane Jaroch will represent the larger LINK libraries and Bob Stack will represent the non-LINK libraries for another year. John Thompson was elected Chair.

LINK Issues Subcommittee: discussion of the Reduced Transportation Holds function.
The hope was that with this function turned on, the number of holds leaving a library would be reduced. This function was tested in Fall 2003 with the parameters set at zero holds and a 2-day period between holds. The Committee decided that we should test this function again using zero holds and a 5-day gap between holds placement. Lee moved and Bosben seconded that we set up the test again with these parameters. This will be taken to LINK for a vote at the December meeting.
(Approved by LINK 12/11/03)

Discussion about increase of Copy Specific Holds since iPAC came up. Copy Specific Holds may actually reduce service and cause problems in LINKcat Even if the option is removed, it will still function for serial titles. Book clubs, schools, etc. will need staff intervention to place multiple holds on the same title. The group decided to recommend that LINK remove this option from iPAC. (Approved by LINK 12/11/03)

Best Practices Subcommittee: Bruce reported that sorting changes have been implemented and seem to be successful for both libraries and Delivery. Time has been saved everywhere - up to 8 - 10 hours/day at Delivery. Delivery is also experimenting with new carts for use in libraries. The Subcommittee has visited all the LINK libraries, and attended PLAC and the County Librarians' meetings. The next meeting of the Subcommittee will be in January to develop follow-up questions for the libraries.

Other Consortia Subcommittee: we are being contacted by other library consortia for tips on how to handle delivery.

Patron Education Subcommittee: Where to do from here? The Best Practices Subcommittee has already done staff education. Vicki TL will facilitate this now as a spin-off of the LINK UEPR Committee. Need some new members with circulation experience. Email your suggested members to Vicki.

Contracts: Peter had pulled together all the pricing information for the various contracts both outside and inside the System. The UW contract must be re-bid in 2004. Non-SCLS libraries' situations vary; it is a very fluid situation statewide right now. A possible new project may be to provide storage for 2 million volumes belonging to UW-Madison and to make them accessible.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 26 at 9:30 a.m.
SCLS Admin, Room C

Recorder: Susan Lee