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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

November 29, 2005

Present: Jenny Endres, Chair (PDS), Elizabeth Bauer (MID), Bob Blitzke, Phyllis Davis, Peter Hamon, Heidi Oliverson, Bruce Smith, Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS), Jane Grogan, Susan Lee (recorder) (MPL), Bob Stack (STP)

1. No changes or additions to the agenda.

2. Minutes from July 28, 2005 meeting approved (E. Bauer moved, P. Hamon seconded).

3. Business

A. Monthly Basket Volume Report: Bruce Smith reported on the latest sampling of Material Volume statistics gathered during the Nov. 14th to 19th sample week. The Material Volume sample is the total count of the materials contained within the SCLS delivery containers delivered and picked up at its library customers. Preliminary figures show a decrease since the July 2005 sample, and only a slight increase over the November 2004 sample.
(November 2004 = 178,097; July 2005 = 191,952; November 2005 = 179,420).

B. Sun Prairie’s Strategy for Streamlining Workflow: improvements have been made in reducing the backlog at the Circ Desk and at checking-in holds.

C. Review Reduced Transportation Holds (RTH) Results:
Heidi distributed two spreadsheets: “Holds comparison only” and “Check-in and holds comparison.” Test libraries included BAR, CSP, MAD, MID, SEQ, SGR and SUN. In all cases, the libraries saw an increase in items staying to fill local holds.
Further discussion focused on how RTH might affect a small, non-busy library and also the impact on book clubs and teachers who need multiple copies of a title. It was decided to recommend to LINK at the December meeting that RTH remain as it is for now with further study to coincide with the schedule for the Delivery volumes samples: March, July and November.

D. Appoint New Committe Chair for 2006: candidates include Louise Bauer and Diane Jaroch.

4. Committee Reports

A. Best Practices: Bruce reported that we need some equipment solutions to be able to continue the same route structure and not have to split routes. He demonstrated a prototype of a “wheelie” with tall handles, which can be coupled to carry up to 12 red buckets.

B. LINK Issues: no report.

C. Patron and User Education: no report.

5. Next meeting will be April 2006.