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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

January 26, 2005

Present: Jennifer Endres (PDS), Heidi Oliversen (SCLS Automation), Brinnan Shaffer (SCLS Delivery), Bruce Smith (SCLS Delivery), Diane Jaroch (MOO), Susan Lee (MAD), Bob Blitzke (SCLS Delivery), Linda Overbey (NEK), Elizabeth I. Bauer (MID)

Absent: Vicki Teal Lovely (SCLS Automation), Bob Stack (POR), Julie
Chase (DCL)

Jennifer called the meeting to order. Elizabeth volunteered to take minutes. Additions to agenda: length of terms for current members.

Changes to October's minutes: Heidi's last name was spelled wrong; it is Oliversen. In section B. please add the word "green" before routing slips. The minutes from the October 27, 2004 meeting were then approved after a motion from Jennifer and a second by Elizabeth.

A. Monthly Basket Volume: Bruce reported that volume was up 4% in November. The December and holiday stats are not in yet.
B. Expired holds: MTH asked that the committee discuss what to do about patrons who place holds and don't pick them up. After discussion, suggestions are the "holds management" bookmark, a memo from Operations on how to handle, put it up as a topic of discussion on SCLS Announce, and patron instruction. It is a local library policy issue. Bruce and Bob said that it is not a big increase for Delivery because it is a small number of patrons who do this. Delivery will respond to MTH and make sure they have some of the bookmarks.
C. Delivery Survey Results: Bruce handed out the results from the Delivery Survey. The post-it notes are a success and will continue.

Misc. Feedback
-Libraries like the Pick lists going to the 1st available copy from home library.
-Patron can't use the computer! Heidi will address this.

-Comments of sorting problems at Delivery. Bruce and Brinnan will address this.
-Comments on items lost in Delivery. (This came from an unchained library, which is a non-LINK library.) Bruce reported that the State Delivery service is formulating a policy on this. A brief discussion emphasized that we have an open system that is hard to track and that lost items are the cost of doing business. The SCLS policy is that the responsibility for the item rests with the borrowing library or the patron who had that item. Suggestion made that the patron or library might want to secure items in a brown paper bag or take them to a LINK library to be checked in immediately. The main items of concern are CDs and DVDs.
-One library requested a red basket just for mail. Bruce responded that Delivery can't do that and high volume libraries already get a green basket.
-Bruce was asked to visit each library site to explain their procedures. Delivery requests that each library come visit Delivery.
-Post-it notes on CDs: One library asked for them to be placed on the back of the CD. After a spirited discussion, it was decided to leave things the way they are!
-There were questions about receiving baskets that were mixed holds and regular returns. Delivery has to consolidate baskets, otherwise Delivery would be up 20% with partial baskets.
-Delivery carts: Delivery will work with each individual library on the type of carts they use. Delivery is strongly suggesting that each library have their red baskets on carts as close to their back door as possible. Any library with a new building or remodeling project will work closely with Deb Hafner (building planner), Delivery, and Administration to design most effective check in and delivery areas.
-There was a request to add New Year's Eve to the delivery service. Delivery says no - only three libraries were open on that day, and it is a cost factor.
-Request for new building planning assistance: see notes under delivery carts.
-There was a request for a brochure about the value of Delivery services. Delivery did one in 2004 and there was a bizarre backlash where Columbia County almost withdrew from LINK, so not at this time.
-MAD wants to continue a discussion of "floating collections". Bob had read a good article about it (website: A floating collection is when items returned at one branch, stay there. Bob said it had never been done by a consortium, it would need a manager specifically to manage it, that SCLS was already doing some small floating collections with SCIDS and SCILLS, and that the topic had already been discussed twice in this committee.

D. Future of the Delivery Advisory Committee: the committee feels that the issues that brought this committee into existence have been addressed, with most of the changes coming from Best Practices Committee. It was decided that the committee should be kept as an open forum, meet every 6 months, have the committees be ad hoc and meet as needed. Susan moved that we go to two meetings a year with ad hoc sub committee meeting when needed, and Elizabeth seconded. Phyllis will take the recommendations to PLAC.
E. Vacant Positions on Delivery Committee: The committee shall consist of nine members: DCL (permanent), MAD (permanent), Large LINK libraries (3 representatives), small LINK libraries (2 representatives), and unchained libraries (2 representatives).
F. The chair will ask for volunteers and the committee would approve appointment. If there are no volunteers, the chair can appoint members. The chair (Jennifer) will send a request out to the SCLS Announce and to the Director list. The terms: the chair would have a limit, and would check once a year with the representatives to see if they want to continue. Lists are a good way to keep people informed. The committee website page will have an input form. Both Delivery and Automation have a contact at each library. Bruce will start a Delivery List. The other decision is to keep the three main as ad hoc committees: Best Practices, LINK Issues, and Patron and User Committee.

6. Committee Reports:
A. Best Practices: There was a request for different colored post-it notes. Bruce had contacted 3M but has not heard back from them. There was also a request for dispensers; those can be bought by the libraries at Office Depot.
B. LINK issues - no report
C. Patron/User - no report

The next Delivery Advisory Committee is set for July 20, 2005 at 9:30 a.m. at SCLS. The committee will meet two times a year in January and July.

Evaluation of the meeting: Productive and fun!

Respectfully submitted by Elizabeth I. Bauer, Middleton Public Library, Circulation Services Librarian