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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

July 28, 2005

Present: Jenny Endres, Chair (PDS), Louise Bauer (WAU), Heidi Oliversen, Vicki Teal Lovely, Bob Blitzke (SCLS), Mark Benno, Jane Grogan (recorder), Susan Lee (MPL), Bob Stack (STP), Linda Overbey (NEK)
Also Present: Pearl Mosier (SUN), Joe Toney, Brinnan Shaffer (ZZZ)

1. Minutes from January 26, 2005 meeting approved (J Grogan moved, J Endres seconded) a year

2. MONTHLY BASKET VOLUME REPORT by B Blitzke A count of baskets is done every third week and the report is available on the Delivery website. The Delivery volume count which is done three times/year (April, July, November) is more accurate. The July count this year was up over 5 percent over the April count and traditionally July activity is lower than April. The increase this year translates to over 266 baskets/16 flatbeds per week. Over the years, Delivery staff has revised routes and made organizational changes to deal with the volume. But the increasing volume is creating driver fatigue and wear and tear that needs to be addressed. Delivery staff presently is looking at alternatives to the red baskets (introduced in 1983). Bruce Smith has been working with a manufacturer to come up with a cart that has racks for 5 drawer/baskets (holding the equiv. of 4 red baskets) that will reduce the loading and unloading of the baskets from wheelies to dollies to the truck and back again. The goal is to find something that would easy to maneuver in and of the library and in and out of the truck. This proposed cart will also impact the vehicles that Delivery uses. The carts will take about two years to phase-in. Delivery will start with 1-2 test libraries to identify issues and recommended changes. J Toney brought one of the prototypes carts as a demonstration.

3. STREAMLINING WORK FLOW. P Mosier reported on changes at SUN that helped them address backlogged delivery baskets. Prior to the change, incoming holds were backed up five days and incoming returns backed up 3 days. Staff was scheduled to come in earlier and to give priority to delivery. Some other changes were made for general circ processing as well (now working out of bins rather than from carts), adding self check pc’s to the front desk, moving a pc and desensitize to the back area. Staff usually has all incoming am holds on the shelf between 9-10 am. Their delivery volume is approximately 16-20 baskets/day of which about 6 are holds. SUN is planning to start open holds the week of August 22.

4. UPCOMING DELIVERY CHANGES: Delivery will make some changes in August. They plan to contract with Dunham to make the Wausau, UW Marathon, WVLS connections. Dunham has been used successfully since 2000. Delivery will move to a larger truck and make fewer stops to add to the route efficiency.

5. RFID in Delivery. B Smith prepared a report that there are few advantages for use at the Delivery HQ (space and cost). H Oliversen reported on the RFID Cmte meeting from July 25: There is a lot of interest from member libraries. A survey of vendors and customers will be conducted; the feasibility of a site visit to Hennepin Co is being explored. The next meeting of this cmte will be in September.

6. SELF CHECK at McMillan . A Barnett submitted a report on the self check experience at MCM. They have 3 self checks installed, which are doing 75-80% of all checkouts. They now have more staff out on the floor AND staff freed up for delivery processing. They also have open hold shelves (using two letters of the last name and one letter of the first name). Their customers seem satisfied.

7. REPORT of HOLDS. V Teal Lovely prepared a summary of Holds Received/ Sent for DEE, MCM and VER (just as samples) in response to information about hold activity at MID that P Nelson handed out at LINK in June. It appears that hold activity is increasing in double digits. It had been hoped that Rel 191 would reduce some delivery activity since the hold request would go to the picklist of the library listed as pickup location. Currently 75% of all holds are placed remotely and that growth has been happening automatically with no PR! The Collection Development Group had a parallel discussion about the growth of holds and resurrected the reduced transportation hold option which they will propose to LINK. There was some discussion about this option: public response (especially on front line staff), impact on SCIDs, impact on MPL owned items (treat as a group or each indiv branch),etc. This discussion then branched out to discussions of the numbers of customers with over 40 holds (ie, should number of holds be reduced), the concept of active vs inactive hold limits, handling customers with continual lapsed holds, customer education (workshops or tips in newsletters), reduced loan period on in demand titles.

8. Meeting adjourned to the parking lot to have a tour of the new SCLS Spartan delivery vehicle (diesel engine). One of its advantages is good fuel economy and the fact that staff can stand up inside the vehicle for more efficient loading.

9. NEXT MEETING: scheduled for January 26, 2006.