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Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 9:00 a.m.
SCLS Administration
Room A

In attendance: Jane Grogan, Chair (MAD), Margie Navarre-Saaf (MPL-MEA),
Elizabeth I. Bauer (MID), Heidi Oliversen (LINK), Brinnan Shaffer (Delivery), Bruce Smith (Delivery), Brad Guenther (Delivery), Jenny Endres (PDS)

  1. Review of Reduced Transportation Holds

There have been comments from LINK Committees about making changes to the RTH. What can be done? Currently the holds threshold is 5 holds with a date differential of 60 days. Delivery initially had some relief with the reduced transportation, but are now back up to typical growth patterns. Some suggestions were: no limits on RTH; raise the holds numbers, change the date differential from 60 to 120 days; set up a cluster system or a geographic boundary, so the holds queue would look at the branches first or the county libraries first (Bruce and Heidi will suggest the cluster idea to the LINK Long Range Planning Committee). After some discussion, the Delivery Advisory Committee will recommend to the LINK Directors that the holds threshold be raised from 5 holds to 10 holds.

  1. Review of A-M, N-Z Sorting Implementation Process

Currently, seven libraries are using the split sorting at their library. The sorting is going well – in a time study, Delivery has determined that with the split baskets, they are able to sort 16 baskets per hour as opposed to 12 baskets per hour with all SCLS items mixed together, thus increasing their sorting rates by 33% an hour. Delivery would like to have the MAD branches start separating the baskets next, but the MAD branches have space issues, and Delivery believes that “any Delivery gains of efficiency should not increase the inefficiencies at the libraries”.

  1. Cart Delivery Implementation Process

The new Delivery carts have been implemented on the metro routes (MAD, MPL branches, MID) and now needs to be implemented on the Dane North and Dane South routes (North includes DFT, WAU, SUN; South includes VER, ORE, STO, MTH, MCF). Discussion for the Dane North routes is to have two deliveries on Monday and one delivery on Tuesday through Friday. This would start in August and would affect  how fast holds arrive at their destination (we should tell patrons that holds will come within the next few days – make no promises). There have been no delivery injuries since the delivery cart implementation and the new “lift back” trucks, and there has been a cost savings of $23,000.

Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes (2.)

Delivery anticipates starting the cart implementation program in Sauk and Columbia counties, next year: their delivery rate is growing at 6 to 7%.

The long range plan for Delivery is to continue the cart implementation in the next several years and to continue to investigate automated sorting solutions including the RFID sorting process.

  1. Standardization of Ownership labels and Placement of Labels

Delivery is requesting that all materials have the three letter code of the library or the city name of the library on the barcode, on the front of the item, not the LINK library name (ex. Kraemer which is Plain; Monroe whose code is LUD). Statewide Delivery is also asking for this. The Delivery Advisory Committee is recommending that “all new materials, starting September 1, 2007 have the three letter code for their library on the front of the item.  Delivery will investigate the possibility of  providing stickers for some of the smaller libraries.

  1. Automated Sorting Solutions Assessment

Bruce has checked out Seattle Public Library and King County Library System’s automated sorting systems. (Bruce has report on these visits.

  1. LINK  Floating Collection Pilot Project

The LINK Long Range Planning Committee is making a recommendation in June to the LINK Directors that this pilot project be tried. Participating libraries would label their VHS tapes and books on cassette as floating items and they would remain where they are checked in. This would create browsing collections, but brings up the following:

Delivery Advisory will wait to see what the LINK Long Range Planning Committee comes up with and what libraries want to participate in it.

Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes (3.)

7.  Delivery: Operations, Budget, and Volume Updates
Operations: Delivery is fully staffed--at the moment. Some Delivery trucks are using bio-diesel, and Delivery now has an internal mechanic to deal with truck maint. issues.

Budget/Volume: Delivery will have a 5% increase in costs in 2008. As of April 2007, Delivery was processing 200,00 items a week –this works out to 200 more baskets a week since November 2006 (VER has had a 20% volume increase). Insurance costs are down, fuel costs are ok thanks to the use of the bio-diesel, and staff costs have increased.

8. Goldrod Delivery Slip Revision

Brinnan will revise the slip, send them out, and libraries can request more from Delivery.

9. Committee Review

The website needs to be updated with correct committee members.

Jane Grogan will look at the charge and terms of the Delivery Advisory Committee and contact the current members to see if they wish  remain on the committee.

Next Meeting:           Tuesday, December 4, 2007
                                    SCLS Administration
                                    9:30 to 12:00