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Joint Technology Committee


The SCLS Joint Technology Committee (JTC), a subcommittee of PLAC, focuses on project planning related to technology. Specific roles for JTC include:

  1. Assist SCLS staff in planning and evaluating projects related to new library technologies by recommending products and service to investigate, assisting in test projects, and making recommendation for purchase.

  2. Assist in the education of SCLS member libraries regarding new technologies and new material formats by recommending topics and forums for educational opportunities, and reporting on new technology projects and discoveries.

  3. Suggest and evaluate projects for the annual LSTA non-competitive “Library System Technology Projects” grant.

  4. Consider SCLS participation in cooperative projects beyond system boundaries, including statewide projects and other regional consortia.

  5. Assist in preparing and revising the SCLS long-range technology plan.

  6. Advise SCLS staff on cost-sharing models for technology-related services.

Membership in JTC is open to any interested SCLS member libraries.

The committee will have 11-15 members, representing LINK and “automation independent” libraries, small and large public libraries, and different geographic areas of SCLS. The committee will always include at least one SCLS Multitype member, and a representative from the following libraries: Madison PL, Marshfield PL, McMillan PL, and Portage County PL. Members will serve for a two-year term, with the option to renew at the end of the term. A chair will be elected annually. The SCLS Library Development Coordinator will serve as the primary staff liaison to this committee. Other staff liaisons will include an SCLS Automation staff member and other relevant staff.

Meetings will be held quarterly (January, April, July, October) with additional meetings scheduled when required.

For more information about the Joint Technology Committee, contact Stef Morrill.