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Joint Technology Committee (JTC) Minutes

April 26, 2007

Present: Mary Adler (MFD), Andy Barnett (MCM), Lauren Blough (SCLS), Phyllis Davis (SCLS), Tana Elias (MAD), Nichole Fromm (SCLS), Marilyn Granrud (STO), Sarah Hartman (MID), Beth Huwe (Herzing College), Dan Jacobson (SCLS), Rob Mader (MFD), Deb McCabe (STP), Stef Morrill (SCLS), Trish Priewe (LDI)


Next meeting date: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 1 PM. Beth Huwe volunteered to take notes.


Recorder: Nichole Fromm -- South Central Library System

For more information about the Joint Technology Committee, contact Stef Morrill.