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SCLS Reference Committee Agenda

Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 9:30 a.m.

SCLS Administration and Portage County Public Library (via videoconference)


  1. Assign notes-taker (alphabetically) & timekeeper (2 minutes)

  2. Changes to agenda (2 minutes)

  3. Minutes of March meeting (5 minutes)

  4. News and Updates (12 minutes)

    1. Report on discussion of database pricing model at PLAC (5 minutes)
    2. Online Readers' Advisory (Book Alikes) project (5 minutes)

    3. COW Project put "out to pasture" (2 minutes)

  5. Review of database trial process and form (25 minutes)

    1. Simplification of evaluation form? (10 minutes)
    2. Revision of process? (15 minutes)

  6. Review of existing databases (25 minutes)

    1. Review comments (in Word) on HeritageQuest and Ancestry Library (15 minutes) (Keep these in mind for #7b, also)
    2. Both RefUSA and Literature Resource Center (LRC) are up for review in 2008.  Do we want to do postpone one until 2009?  (10 minutes)

  7. Database trials (75 minutes)

    1. Review input (in Excel) on Rosetta Stone (15 minutes)
    2. Review input (in Excel) on genealogy databases.  Note: Look at both ratings and comments worksheets (tabs) (15 minutes)
    3. Make final recommendations for purchase from trials done since June 2006—Gale Virtual Reference Library (PDF) , test preparation (Excel) (look at both ratings and comments worksheets), Rosetta Stone, genealogy (30 minutes)
    4. Review trials (in Excel) suggested by vendors and libraries during the last quarter (15 minutes)
    5. Reminder:  full year of homework help databases coming up. 

Next meeting:  September 18, 2007.

For more information about the Reference Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.