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Meeting Minutes—March 20, 2007


Present:  Mary Adler (MFD), Meg Allen (BAR), Tana Elias (MAD), Bev Kennedy (PAR), Amy Sabo (NGL), Jaime Vaché (STO), Jim Jonas (UW-Madison CIMC), Jean Anderson, Cheryl Becker, Nichole Fromm (SCLS)

  1. December Minutes:  Approved

  2. Committee changes: 

Jean Anderson has joined the SCLS staff as CE Coordinator, so will no longer be representing SUN on the committee, but will now be an SCLS liaison.  Jaime Vaché was selected as the committee's new chair. 

  1. News and Updates:

    1. Promotion of Databases. Mark Ibach is creating publicity for database geared toward various audiences: readers, genealogists, homework help. He is working off the "databases by subject" categories.   Please send more “real life” reference questions to Cheryl.

    2. Online Reader’s Advisory Project.  New name: Book-Alikes.  Online form can be promoted to customers.  Form (and paper version) allows customers to indicate criteria that will help librarians choose titles for them to read.  Project graphic and link to online form available from Nichole. Cheryl and Jane Jorgenson (MAD) will present a program on the project at WAPL.

    3. IM Reference Service.    Reedsburg, Plain, and Stoughton are piloting the project. Deerfield and Cambridge are playing with it.   McMillan has had IM reference for some time.   Jamie at Stoughton hasn’t gotten a lot of questions but also hasn’t publicized the service yet.   Mark Ibach created business cards, table tents, press release, and posters.   Stoughton staffs Monday-Thursday from 6-8, plus other times based on staff availability.  Nichole indicated there is a SCLS email list for IM reference.

  2. Database trials:

    1. Test Preparation Databases:   Reviewed features and comments from testers. Pretty evenly split, but slightly more interest in Learning Express.  We'll revisit in June.

    2. Review of trials suggested by vendors and libraries during the last quarter:  Before June, we may look at Rosetta Stone (which offers three packages: 1) nine languages, condensed, for traveling; 2) five language package of full version; and 3) individual languages in their full version) or Morningstar/ValueLine. 

    3. Discuss review of owned genealogy databases and other possibilities:  We need to re-evaluate the genealogy databases and may evaluate additional genealogy/history products.

    4. Discuss homework help trials:  Spend whole next year (June 2007 – May 2008) on homework help info, trialing databases by subject (encyclopedias together, biography products together, etc.)  We are also scheduled to evaluate ReferenceUSA next year. 

  3. Next meeting:  June 12, 2007

    Tana Elias, Notetaker

For more information about the Reference Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.


For more information about the Reference Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.