SCLS All Directors Meeting

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DeForest Area Public Library


CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m.

Introduction of new Directors: Erin Foley, Rio; Suzann Holland, Monroe; Jeffrey Harrison, Plain; Wendy Rawson, Fitchburg; Ben Miller, Sauk City; Erick Plumb, Monona; Lee Schauer, LaValle; Amy Eichsteadt, Arpin; Meg Allen, Baraboo; Alyssa Cleland, Pardeeville; Jeff Wavrunek, Adams; Brendan Faherty, Mount Horeb; Jennifer Tallman, Cambria; Kara Blue, Albany, Laura Headrick, Vesper


Update and Presentation of service goals and fees for 2012:Attached is the slide presentation and notes from Bruce Smithís presentation.


Integrated Library System

Update and Presentation of service goals and fees for 2012:Attached is the slide presentation from Vicki Teal Lovely.



Update and Presentation of service goals and fees for 2012:Attached is the slide presentation from Jon Mark Bolthouse.


General Overview of SCLS 2012 budget: Marty Van Pelt discussed the following:

As we are all aware, 2012 is shaping up to be a difficult year financially for Wisconsin libraries.  We are all taking multiple hits on the money front and we are all preparing to make sacrifices.  This morning I want to focus more on what services you need SCLS to provide rather than the dollar amounts.   Budgets first of all should reflect the priorities and mission of an organization. Our mission is to help our 53 member libraries provide the best possible service to the public.

Some of the known financial challenges for SCLS include:

A reduction of $ 228,593 for system aid in 2012.  We have been notified that the same reduction will occur in 2013.
The state pool fund interest rate continues to fall.
Rent Increase of 3%             
Intersystem delivery is a question mark but the estimated cash cost for SCLS is
$ 493,092.



Some of the changes SCLS has implemented already to prepare for 2012 are the:

Elimination of the Associate Director position
Layoff of the morning and Saturday computer operators at HQ, with the hole being filled by rotating the schedules of all ILS and Technology personnel into Saturday.
Cancellation of this yearís system celebration
In 2012 there will be no cost of living increases for staff and SCLS will not be adjusting staff salaries to compensate for mandated employee pension and health contributions.

 SCLS staff has been reviewing and researching all parts of our budget to see what changes can be made to reduce the dollars with the least impact upon our members.  We are reviewing contracts and talking with vendors like Madison Public Library, our two landlords, the printing services vendors, OCLC, WiLS, WPLC, and WLA. 

As a part of this process please indicate the priorities for your library by completing the 2012 Budget Priorities Poll.  It is a list of services that SCLS provides. The answers will be compiled and common trends will be identified to help shape the 2012 SCLS budget.   A link to an online version of the poll will be sent to all directors for members who are not present today or if you prefer to use an electronic version.  One poll per library please.  The deadline for the poll is Thursday, August 4.


Action Items

  1. Vote to Approve Delivery Fees for 2012:Brian Simons moved approval of the 2012 delivery fees.Lori Belongia seconded.Motion carried.

  2. Vote to approve Technology and ILS fees for 2012: Pam Bosben moved approval of the 2012 Technology and ILS fees for 2012.Mary Friesen seconded.Motion carried.

  3. Vote to approve Library Online Fees:Lori Belongia moved approval of the Library Online Fees.Pam Bosben seconded.Motion carried.



Jan Berg moved adjournment.Pam Bosben seconded.Adjourned at 11:54 a.m.