SCLS Administrative Council

Thursday, June 17, 2010

SCLS Headquarters


Present: J. Berg (5), P. Bosben (11), J. Chase (6), M. Friesen (3), C. Froistad (8-10), T. Herold (5), S. Lee (8-10), R. MacDonald (4), B. Stack (2)

(The number following each individual indicates the cluster they represent)

Also Present:
J.M. Bolthouse, H. Moe, S. Morrill, M. Ibach
TO ORDER:  T. Herold called the meeting to order at 10:08 p.m. 

a.                  Introduction of guests/visitors: None

b.                  Changes/additions to the agenda: Add to other discussion - Group Memorial for Demita Gerber

c.                   Requests to address the Council: None

Approval of previous meeting minute:  B. Stack moved approval of the May 27, 2010 minutes.  P. Bosben seconded.  Motion carried.

Reports of action of committees/workgroups:

a.      Delivery Committee:  No report

b.      Technology Committee: J. M. Bolthouse noted that SCLS has signed the Microsoft agreement for Office.  Once that agreement is returned to us, we can purchase copies of Office 2010, but Office 2007 will be installed at this time.  Libraries will be informed about pricing and how it will be rolled out.
The fiber project has been stalled.  DOA has not signed the contract with AT&T and nothing can happen until that is done. 
The Tech committee agreed to purchase a SCLS WAN Core Router.   Each member library on Badgernet connects to one core router and when the fiber project is finished, the router we currently have will be too small, so the new router needs to be purchased to handle the increased load.  The upfront cost will be around $13,200, which will come from the LINK reserves, then $1,000 annually. 
The Committee also discussed and brainstormed ideas for the 2011 LSTA Technology categories as well as SCLS e-mail.

c.       ILS Committee: S. Morrill noted the committee addressed several action items including purging patron records, purging problem item records, and changing library calendars prior to the migration. (The 6/10/10 ILS minutes give more detail).  The committee also discussed passwording on the new ILS website, circulation of Board Books, and single items with a lot of holds.

d.      Libraries Change Lives Work Group:  Mark Ibach noted the May 15th minutes are available on the web.  The committee met to wrap up the Libraries for Real Life prize drawing that was held during National Library week.  About 50 stories were collected and posted and now there needs to be discussion of how those stories may be used to promote libraries.

e.      Patron PR Work Group:  Will meet June 30th.

f.        Materials Handling Work Group:  Will meet July 19th.



Action Items

a.      Representation for Fitchburg in 2011
Fitchburg’s library will be opening mid-year 2011.  They are not currently part of a cluster, and therefore will not have representation when they open in 2011 unless something is changed.  Two options for this issue are to adjust all of the clusters before the 2011 elections or allow Fitchburg to be represented by Dane County Library Service’s clusters for the half year of 2011, and then adjust the clusters before the 2012 elections. 

B. Stack moved approval to allow Fitchburg to be represented by the DCLS’s clusters for the half year of 2011 and adjust the cluster prior to the 2012 elections.  J. Chase seconded.  Motion carried.


b.      Review and adopt 2010 SCLS Technology Plan
As mentioned at the May AC meeting, the SCLS Technology Plan was discussed and approved at this meeting.  AC representatives were asked to return changes to the plan to Jon Mark Bolthouse prior to this agenda being sent, so the final plan for approval can be found here:


J. Chase moved adoption of the 2010 SCLS Technology Plan as presented.  J. Berg seconded.  Motion carried.


Issues from clusters to be referred for future discussion: 

a.      Staff Schedules online – a library has asked that SCLS staff schedules (vacations, personal time, etc.) be posted somewhere to the SCLS website.  After some discussion, the Administrative Council did not feel it was necessary to post SCLS staff schedules online.  It was suggested that internal guidelines be reviewed to continue improving customer service.


Other Discussion       


a.      Debrief from Annual Meeting:  what worked, what didn’t, what to do differently for 2011:  Feedback from the Administrative Council members in attendance included comments that the length of the meeting was appropriate, the content was good, and the table talks were popular but those who attended would have appreciated more time for table talk discussions.  Having cluster representatives contact their libraries seemed effective in getting good attendance.

b.      Getting feedback from clusters: how to make sure that clusters are getting feedback on similar issues and how to encourage feedback.  It was suggested that a summary of the Administrative Council meeting decisions and/or action points be highlighted and included in the SCLS Top 5 email that is sent by Mark Ibach. 

c.       2010-2011 Advocacy efforts: Mark Ibach discussed the goals of the 2010-2011 advocacy efforts.  A one page form has been created highlighting talking points which can be customized for each public library.  The idea is to make things as simple as possible so advocates can target a specific audience.  Each library will be asked to consider holding an advocacy training session for their board, which will take about a half an hour.  This is designed to help board members feel comfortable advocating for their library.  To date, Lodi, Middleton, Columbus, and Baraboo have decided to present the advocacy training to their board members.  Sun Prairie has held the training for their board and will hold another for their friends group and foundation members.  The group discussed other ideas for advocacy, and M. Ibach will be working on additional advocacy efforts.

d.      Group Memorial for Demita Gerber:  The Administrative Council felt individual donations versus a collective donation to the Monona Library Foundation, on behalf of Demita Gerber, would be appropriate.

Next meeting:  July 15, 2010 10 a.m.  

Meeting adjourned at 11:18 p.m.


Recorder, Heidi Moe