SCLS Administrative Council
Thursday, September 20, 2012
SCLS Headquarters

Present:  Cluster 1 – R. McCabe (MCM), Cluster 2 – B. Stack (Portage County), Cluster 3 – M. Friesen (WYO), Cluster 4 – B. Miller (SKC), Cluster 5 – T. Herold (SUN), Cluster 6 & 7 – J. Chase (DCL), Cluster 8 – S. Lee (MAD), Cluster 9/10 – C. Froistad (MAD), Cluster 11 – P. Bosben (CSP), Cluster 12 – J. Christensen (BLV), Cluster 14 – J. Berg (DFT)

Absent: Cluster 13 - S. Schultz (POR), Cluster 15S. Selle, retired (MCF)

SCLS Staff Present: M. Van Pelt, M. Ibach, V. Teal Lovely, B. Smith, M. Karls.

1.      Call to Order at 10:01 am.

a.      Introduction of guests/visitors. 

b.      Changes/Additions to the Agenda.  None.

c.       Requests to address the Council.  None.

2.      Approval of previous meeting minutes.  J. Berg moved to approve the previous meeting minutes.  B. Stack seconded.  Vote: motion carried. 

3.      Action Items.

a.      Teacher School Registration Form.  There is a 3rd bullet point with no information, so it can be deleted.  This recommendation came from the CSC Subcommittee because these can be used by any SCLS library.  C. Froistad moved to approve the Teacher School Registration Form.  P. Bosben seconded.  Vote: motion carried.

b.      Organization Registration and Patron Forms.  J. Christensen moved to accept Organization and Patron Registration Forms.  T. Herold seconded.  Vote: motion carried.   

c.       Vote of Governance Review Work Group recommendations.  The possible changes to the clusters makes the election process that’s coming up confusing since the clusters make up could be changed. The committee decided it was okay to postpone the election until early next year.   All Directors 2 meeting will be discussing governance revisions.  Can the AC vote on the new governance structure since they are a representative group?  Can we ask at the all directors meeting how they want this voted on?  B. Miller moved approval to accept the recommendations for further investigations with a new governance work group and sunset this work group. A new group will move forward with researching these recommendations. .  J. Christensen seconded.   Vote: motion carried.  Volunteers for the new work group: J. Christensen, C. Froistad, B. Stack, and J. Wavrunek will stay on from the former work group.  J. Berg volunteered to be on the committee also.  Marty will contact the other members to see if they would like to stay on as well.  She will also work on getting more representations from the Technology and ILS Committees.  Marty will send out cluster information, so members can review it before the new governance work group meeting.   

d.      Disband Cost Formula Work Group and non-ILS Lending Work Group.    J. Chase moves to disband Cost Formula and Non-ILS lending Work Groups.  C. Froistad seconded.  Vote: motion carried.  It was suggested that in the future, when work groups present their final report, they include a recommendation to sunset their committee.

e.       Vote of 2013 System Plan.  Marty reviewed the 2013 System Plan.  It will go to the SCLS board for approval next Thursday, and then it will go on to DPI.  New activities include: implement RDH changes, incorporate Overdrive with LINKcat via APIs and explore link data opportunities.  “Library Help” replaced “AskAway.”   Pre-populating LINKcat statistics for the Annual Reports was also added.  J. Chase moved to recommend that the 2013 System Plan be sent on the SCLS Board for approval.  S. Lee seconded.  Vote: motion carried. 

4.      Reports of action of committee/workgroups.

a.      Delivery Committee.  Bruce reviewed the topics; cost sharing, LINKcat hold sequence change will start on October 1st, and distribution information will go on the web site to help reduce emails.  The minutes may be found here:

b.      ILS Committee.  Vicki reviewed the minutes.  The meeting was mainly to discuss the Koha evaluation and Laura Page helped facilitate the meeting.  The voting will take place from Nov 2nd – Dec 14th.  The same formula for voting on fees at All Directors will be used.  Survey monkey will be used and abstentions will not count.  The committee is working on the two paths and what they will involve.  After ballots are made available, any questions can come to SCLS.  We will share the questions/answers with all libraries.   The future development plan and what’s been done will be included in the information sent out to libraries. The minutes may be found here:     

c.       Technology Committee.  They did not meet.  The latest meeting minutes may be found here:

d.      E-commerce Work Group.   VTL submitted a purchase request to the vendor.  The minutes may be found here:

e.       Non-ILS Library Lending Work Group.  This group was disbanded earlier in the meeting.    

f.       Cost Formula Work Group.  This group was disbanded earlier in the meeting.   

g.      Governance.  This group was disbanded earlier in the meeting.   

5.      Items from Clusters.  None.

6.      Other Discussion. 

a.      SUN won a self–check unit from Biblioteca by liking a facebook page.  It is a stand-alone.  It doesn’t come with reporting software and has a different kind of operational software. 

b.      Bob Bocher was hired back by DPI as a LTE until next year.  He will deal with broadband and Erate issue and work 8-10 hours/week.

c.       WLA Conference early bird registration date is through September 24th.  It will be a good Conference and the programming space is in La Crosse.

d.      SKC’s 3-D printer.  Ben will be bringing it up to the Dells for the October Googlicious presentation or interested people can stop by the library.

e.       WYO Library.  They are gearing up for a referendum to see if the library can continue to be funded.    

7.      Next meeting.  October 18, 2012.

8.      Meeting evaluation.  Fine.

9.      Adjournment at 10:48 am.  T. Herold moved adjourning the meeting.  P. Bosben seconded.  Vote: motion carried.

Michelle Karls, Recorder