SCLS All Directors Meeting

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sun Prairie Public Library


All information discussed was included in the handout.

D. Allen, C. Anderson, G. Barniskis, H. Bauman, J. Behm, J. Berg, JM Bolthouse, P. Bosben, D. Calef, J. Chase, J. Christensen, K. Daugherty, P. Davis, B. Dimick, J. Endres, M. Friesen, K. Fry, S. Hedrick, P. Heidenreich, T. Herold, A. Johnson, D. Johnson, P. Kindscki, NJ LeMoine, R. MacDonald, R. McCabe, K. Millard, S. Morrill, M. Palmer, E. Plumb, L. Ponshock, T. Priewe, J. Radke, R. Roloff, S. Santner, S. Selle, C. Shaffer, B. Simons, D. Skalitzky, B. Smith, B. Snortheim, B. Stack, S. Steiner, S. Stiller, V. Teal Lovely, L. Unruh, J. Vache, P. Westby, D. Anton Wright

CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting was called to order at 10:06 a.m.

Introduction of guests/visitors: Shannon Stiller, Director at Portage Public Library, and Brenda Snortheim, Director at Lester Public Library of Vesper were introduced.

General Overview of SCLS Budget and Plan:  Stef Morrill gave an overview of the budget and plan.  Discussion and questions followed.  The budget and plan are available on the website.  The Administrative Council will vote on the budget and plan at their September meeting.

Delivery -

Presentation of service goals and fees for 2011:  Bruce Smith discussed the four major goals for delivery, which include meeting or exceeding the quality of service of the prior year, seeking improvements in efficiency, long range fleet planning, and creating the best environment for staff to be happy and motivated.  Bruce also discussed the delivery fees and budget for 2011.  The main cost factors impacting the delivery budget include health insurance, staff salaries and wages, the delivery facility, and fleet expenses.

P. Bosben moved approval of the 2011 delivery budget as presented.  Norma Jean LeMoine seconded.  Motion carried.

Technology & ILS

Phyllis discussed the 2010 Cost proposal for technology and ILS Services.  A workgroup will be formed to address the cost formula issue in early 2011.  If projects are presented to SCLS that would involve one library or a few libraries, SCLS will negotiate costs for these projects separately with the libraries involved.  Costs for new ILS libraries will be based on the cost paid by libraries with similar population.  For libraries currently participating in the ILS, 2011 fees will remain the same as the amount paid at the beginning of 2011.  There will be no percentage increase for 2011.  For libraries currently participating in the ILS, fees for adding computers to the SCLS network will be discontinued in 2011.  For libraries that do not participate in the ILS, there will still be no charge for PC support in 2011.  However, there will be a charge for PC support beginning in 2012.  This charge will be determined as part of the cost formula workgroup’s work in 2011.

Phyllis also discussed the services included under the ILS Agreement in 2011 as well as the 2011 ILS/Technology fees votes. 

Jan Berg moved approval of the technology and ILS 2011 fees as presented.  Norma Jean LeMoine seconded.  Motion carried.


Presentation by Stef Morril: New Directions  

Jon Mark Bolthouse discussed the future direction for technology/ILS fees and services.  The new organizational and governance structure at SCLS will allow for a shift in how we provide services. The intention is to separate the ILS services from network and PC support services, and to maintain existing services while improving how service is provided. Libraries will be able to choose to use the ILS and network/PC support services, or just the network/PC support services. Libraries will also have the option to maintain computers with in-house technical support, but to include those computers on the SCLS network, with more flexibility and control than the standard patron and staff computer model. The separation of computer support will go away, which means libraries will be able to call one number for help with all of their technology needs. Staff will be cross-trained to provide support for all computers on the network. Libraries that are not ILS participants will be able to use SCLS as their internet service provider, giving them the opportunity to have very high-speed, high-quality access.

Staff will also be able to provide remote support for all computers, which means that travel to the library will not be necessary for many support calls, resulting in better response times and better service for all computers.

To achieve this vision of service, some changes will have to be made. SCLS will no longer be able to support computers that receive internet access through secondary ISPs (Charter, TDS, etc.). Libraries that are already part of the SCLS network (former “LINK” members) will be expected to move all computers to the SCLS network if they want SCLS to continue to support their PCs. Libraries that have been getting internet access only through secondary providers will be expected to pay to participate in the SCLS network to continue to receive support from SCLS staff. For libraries with specific and complicated network needs, SCLS and the library will work together to find a mutually satisfactory solution.

Vicki Teal Lovely discussed the goals for the shared ILS in 2011.  The first emphasis will be on supporting the Koha Go Live during the first quarter.  This will include on-site support and the help desk to handle triage of problems in Koha.  (Chocolate will also be available).  Once we are past the migration, the focus will be on tier 2 Koha development projects,  which are things that were identified as “nice to have” but not required for Go Live.  The ILS Committee will establish workgroups to begin investigating options for “keeping new materials in the library” and for reviewing the ILS library purchasing agreement policy.  Finally, the “pie in the sky” goals for 2011 are to look at services that will improve the patron experience with LINKcat.  These may include e-commerce, mobile library catalog, increased access to digital content in LINKcat, and next generation catalog search features.


Library Online
Stef discussed the 2011 Library Online fees/votes as presented.  In 2011, the cost for Library Online maintenance will be 25% of the total amount spent on licenses.  The maximum 2011 maintenance cost per license will be $27.65 for workstation time management and $36.50 for print management.

J. Christensen moved approval of the Library Online fees as presented.  Susan Hedrick seconded.  Motion carried.


Richard MacDonald moved adjournment.  Trish Priewe seconded.  Adjourned at 12:13 p.m.