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Delivery Committee Agenda

Monday, March 1 2010, 1:30-3:30
SCLS Headquarters

  1. Call to Order
    1. Introduction of committee members
    2. Introduction of guests/visitors
    3. Changes/Addition to the Agenda
    4. Requests to address the Committee

  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes: no minutes to approve for this meeting

  3. Delivery staff report and delivery-related information sharing from committee members

  4. Reports of action of DC workgroups: no workgroups at this time

  5. Action items
    1. Division of one and two-year term seats.
    2. Develop and adopt rules to address committee.
    3. Develop list of committee goals for 2011 to submit to Administrative Council
    4. Identify any potential DC work groups for any particular delivery related area. If any are identified, determine work group participants, goals and time lines.

  6. Other discussion
    1. Meeting ground rules, facilitation and discussion
    2. Discussion of representative obligations and expectations
    3. Discussion of educational needs/training for representatives

  7. Next meeting: April 19, 2010 at SCLS Headquarters – Chester Room at 1:30-3:30
    1. Review 2011 delivery budget and make recommendations to Administrative Council

  8. Meeting Evaluation


For more information about the Delivery Committee, contact Corey Baumann.