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April 8, 2010
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am

  1. Call to Order (5 minutes)
  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes:   February 11, 2010 (5 minutes)

  3. Action items (60 minutes)

    1. Resource Sharing Issues (30 min.)
      The following topics are all tied to resource sharing. One option is to form a Resource Sharing Work Group to handle all issues like this. Or, each topic can be handled separately.

      1. LINK Member Purchasing Responsibility (already referred to Collection Maintenance Subcommittee)

      2. Circulating Board Books
        Libraries are required to add their board books to LINKcat and circulate them. Some libraries do not want to circulate board books. This is a cataloging issue and currently board books are cataloged (per Appendix G in the Linking Manual). Recommendation: Refer to Collection Maintenance Subcommittee for review.

      3. Circulating New Materials in Owning Library
        Some libraries have asked to discuss the possibility of holding new materials in the local library and not sending them to other libraries for certain periods of time.  This issue should be addressed, however it will require in-depth discussion and study of data which will require ILS staff time. ILS staff are currently focused on the ILS migration for the remainder of 2010. Recommendation: form a work group to address this issue at the beginning of 2011. Optionally, SCLS staff could run some reports on Dynix prior to the migration.

      4. Single Items With a Lot of Holds
        Occasionally a single item on a bibliographic record with a lot of holds will go out of the library for a long period of time. Why are no additional copies purchased? Recommendation: Assign this to the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee to review along with Member Purchasing Responsibility.

    2. Replacement for Telecirc
      Telecirc, the automated system that makes and receives calls for holds, renewals, etc., will need to be replaced as part of the migration to Koha.  A committee reviewed options for replacing Telecirc and there is only one product that is specific to libraries which is the Talkingtech i-tiva product (link).  They have submitted a proposal. Recommendation: Use $20,000 from the ILS contingency fund for startup (including purchase of a server) and first year maintenance costs. Annual maintenance is $2,223.

    3. Reading History—opt in or opt out
      A new feature slated for Koha is a reading history where patrons can choose to opt in or out.  We need to determine the default setting that all patrons will begin with. The PAC Subcommittee discussed this and is in favor of the “opt in” setting. Recommendation: proceed with development for Reading History and the “opt in” option for Go Live on Koha.

    4. Change default resolution on patron PCs from 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768 or higher
      The default resolution for patron PCs is currently set to 800 x 600. This low resolution will make the Koha PAC difficult to use. Recommendation: The PAC Subcommittee recommends that the ILS committee send this item to the Technology Committee for review (link).

    5. 2011 budget items from PAC Subcommittee
      The PAC Subcommittee has discussed 2011 budget recommendations for additional enriched content in the Koha PAC and for a mobile catalog for Koha. The committee is still evaluating features available for LibraryThing. See the PAC Committee minutes for details (link).  Recommendations:
      • Continue with Syndetics solutions for cover art and other enriched content
      • Pursue the Library Anywhere mobile catalog option which would allow patrons to access LINKcat on their iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phones.
    6. Promoting LINKcat in Facebook and Twitter
      As we approach the migration date, using Facebook and Twitter may be a good way to promote upcoming changes and to inform patrons of downtime.  Recommendation: set these up as soon as possible so that we can begin to gather followers.

    7. Patron Education Needs Work Group
      Should we establish a work group to handle user education needs such as brochures, online help and online tutorials?

    8. SCLS PR Work Group
      The Administrative Council has appointed a work group to handle PR and communication pertaining to the Koha migration. Mark Ibach will head this committee. We need volunteers.

    9. Review SCLS Escalation Procedure
      We will review the draft escalation procedure (link).
  1. Discussion (30 minutes)

    1. Report from Collection Maintenance Subcommittee on Koha Collection Code meeting (3/10/2010)
    2. Report from Circulation Services Subcommittee (3/3/2010)
    3. Report from PAC Subcommittee (3/24/2010)
    4. LibLime update
    5. Meeting Review (notes incorporated into agenda or separate).

  2. Next meeting:  Tuesday, May 4 (SCLS).


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.