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ILS Committee Agenda

June 10, 2010
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am


    1. Call to Order (5 minutes)
      1. Introduction of guests/visitors
      2. Changes/Addition to the Agenda
      3. Requests to address the Committee

    2. Approval of previous meeting minutes:   April 8, 2010 (5 minutes)

    3. Announcements
      1. PR and Patron Education Work Groups have been formed
      2. Update on Reviewing Policies from the Subcommittees
      3. Migration Questions Form and FAQ
      4. Revised migration timeline, library “to do” list and training schedule

    1. Action items (60 minutes)
      1. Review and act on recommendation from Collection Maintenance Subcommittee (CMC)  to assign the review of LINK Member Purchasing Responsibility  to the workgroup that will be established to review the SCIDS guidelines (AC Workgroup).

      2. Review and act on recommendation from the Circulation Services Subcommittee (CSC) to purge patron records.

      Patrons with cards expired for a year or more, owing less than $10 and who have not used their card in two years are purged each year in December.
      The Committee recommends that prior to migration, two [additional] patron purges take place. The first purge will delete patrons with a last use prior to Dec. 31, 2000, and expiration date prior to same and owing less than $50 in fines and lost items. The second purge will delete patrons with a last use date and expiration date prior to Dec. 31, 2003 with a dollar amount of less than $30 in fines and lost items owed.  The committee is unwilling to go to any date nearer to 2005 for fear of interference with any UMS collection.

      1. Review and act on recommendation from the CSC to purge problem item records.

      Items with problem statuses are automatically purged once a year in July for items that have had the status for more than one year. The Committee would like items to be purged 6 months after the date has been set.  The Committee recommends the purge if status was set prior to January 1, 2010 for Lost and Paid, Lost and not Paid, Lost in Transit, Missing, Trace, Damaged and Missing Inventory Items. [Note this would be done in August and one other time prior to the migration for items marked 6 months prior].

      1. Review and act on recommendation from the CSC to change library calendars prior to the migration.

      The committee proposed that due dates be extended at the time of the migration to decrease the number of items returned to the library during the down time.  The Committee recommends that SCLS staff change all ILS Calendars to include a closed migration period from Saturday, September 4 through Monday, September 13.  Libraries may modify these closed days as they choose.  This will extend loan periods and hold shelf periods, and items will not accrue overdue fines during these “closed” days. [Note: the dates will need to be modified as appropriate to adjust for the actual migration date.]

      1. Review and act on recommendation from CSC to accept the revised Staff Privileges Policy.

      The Committee recommends that the revisions to the former Staff Privileges Policy be accepted.

      1. **Review and act on referral from Administrative Council: “Express Library Collections” (browse collections on generic records)

      This issue came from a cluster to the Administrative Council at its April meeting. Browse collections are currently placed on generic records and there is no title access in the catalog. This library would like that policy reviewed as they would like to add titles from browse collections to the title records instead of creating generic records. Should this issue be referred to the Collection Maintenance Committee now? [Note this policy was reviewed by the former LINK Bibliographic Standards & Control and Circulation Services Committees in March, 2009

    1. Discussion (30 minutes)
      1. Passwording on the new ILS web site. 

      We have three options: 1) no password at all, 2) password entire web site and 3) password certain areas of the web site.  Prior to the meeting, please take a look at the existing LINK web site (link below) and see if you think there is anything that should be passworded.  Feel free to ask other staff in your library if you would like additional input.

      1. Report from Collection Maintenance Subcommittee  (5/12/2010)
        1. *Review recommendation from CMC to continue circulating Board Books.  Original: Libraries are required to add their board books to LINKcat and circulate them. Some libraries do not want to circulate board books.  Recommendation: The committee was not in favor of discontinuing the cataloging of board books because providing title access to board books in the catalog and providing board books for holds is a service to patrons. Patrons are placing holds on board books so we know that board books are something that patrons want. The committee acknowledged that it is a difficult to find board books that are on the pick list, but all libraries are in same situation
        2.  *Review recommendation from CMC regarding  Single Items With a Lot of Holds

        Original: Occasionally a single item on a bibliographic record with a lot of holds will go out of the library for a long period of time. Why are no additional copies purchased? Recommendation: Sometimes this happens when the title is an older edition that appears first in the catalog (for example A People’s History of the United States). From now on Madison may transfer holds from the older edition to newer editions; this will be done on a case by case basis.  There may be other reasons that an additional copy is not purchased when a single title generates a lot of  holds. Madison will review these other situations as well.  ILS staff will run a report of single items with a lot of holds to assist with this review.

      2. Report from Circulation Services Subcommittee (5/5/2010)
      3. Report from PAC Subcommittee (did not meet in May)
      4. LibLime update
      5.  Meeting Evaluation

    2. Next meeting:  Thursday, August 12 (SCLS)


*Referred from ILS Committee
**Referred from Administrative Council


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.