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August 12, 2010
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am


    1. Call to Order (5 minutes)
      1. Introduction of guests/visitors
      2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda
      3. Requests to address the Committee

    2. Approval of previous meeting minutes:   June 10, 2010 (5 minutes)

    3. Announcements
      1. Migration update

    4. Action items (60 minutes)
      1. Take action on revisions to MPL Cataloging Contract (handout)
        The Cataloging Contract needed to be adjusted to reflect the change in SCLS/ILS governance. The formula used to calculate the next year’s cataloging cost was also adjusted to better average the CPU.
      2. Discuss and potentially approve PR budget
        Does the IC wish to allocate a budget for the PR Committee? The PR Committee is looking into magnets to promote
      1. Take action on substitution of Automated Materials Handling and ITG DiscXpress development projects for dropped projects
        There are a number of projects that we dropped from our list of projects required for Go Live because either they existed in Koha already or there was a comparable work-around.  Several libraries have expressed an interest in adding Automated Materials handling and development is required to make the sorters work with Koha.  The DiscXpress is a product from ITG and the development would be very similar.  We are working with PTFS/LibLime to exchange the projects we dropped for these new projects.
      1. Take action on suspending all IC meetings until after migration? (February 10, 2010)
        We anticipate that from now until the Koha Go Live we will be very busy with testing software and training, and we are hoping to eliminate as many meetings as possible, including the ILS committee meeting. If matters come up that need to be handled by the IC, we may be able to handle them via email or call a special meeting.

    5. Discussion (30 minutes)
      1. 2011 budget
        1. Development projects
          In the beginning of 2011 we will begin work on phase 4 development projects. These projects are already included in the existing contract with PTFS/LibLime and will be at no additional cost. However, there are projects that have been identified for future development. If possible, development funds will be worked into the 2011 ILS budget. In early 2011, projects could be prioritized by the ILS module subcommittees and the ILS Committee.
        1. Inventory kits for RFID ; additional RFID conversion kits
          In 2010 there are 5 libraries either already working on RFID tagging or about to begin tagging. We have 3 conversion kits (purchased with LSTA funds) that are all out on loan. Should another kit be purchased (around $3000)? Conversion kits can also be used for inventory projects when not in use for tagging.
        1. Library Thing
          The PAC Subcommittee has expressed an interest in purchasing subscriptions to the various Library Thing features that work with Koha.  Library Thing features are marketed by Bowker, the same company from which  we purchase the cover art and other catalog enrichments projects (from Syndetics Solutions). The contract with Syndetics Solutions expires on Feb. 28, 2011. It may make sense to review the Syndetics features to which we subscribe and potentially substitute Library Thing features in their place.   In early 2011 the PAC Committee should review the Syndetics and Library Thing catalog enrichment feature. If possible, Library Thing features will be incorporated into the 2011 budget.
      1. Report from Collection Maintenance Subcommittee  (7/14/2010)
      2. Report from Circulation Services Subcommittee (did not meet in July)
      3. Report from PAC Subcommittee (7/28/2010)
      4. Meeting Evaluation
    1. Next meeting: 

      *Referred from ILS Committee
      **Referred from Administrative Council


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.