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ILS Committee Agenda

August 3, 2011
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am


    1. Call to Order (5 minutes)
      1. Introduction of guests/visitors
      2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda
      3. Requests to address the Committee

    2. Approval of previous meeting minutes:  July 21, 2011 (5 minutes)

    3. Announcements

    4. Action items (60 minutes)
      1. The CMC will review and approve requests for new Collection Codes and Shelving Locations (except as noted). If a library requests a new collection code, and there are at least 20 items in the system, then the CMC may add a new Collection Code. The committee could consider requests for new Collection Codes even if there are less than 20 items system-wide if a strong case was made. New Shelving Locations should be approved by the CMC, although changes to unique Special Collections or changes to floors (e.g. adding a "1st floor" or "2nd floor" code if necessary) may be made by SCLS staff without committee approval if library staff request a change (minutes).

    1. Discussion (30 minutes)
      1. Community Koha
      2. Report from Circulation Services Subcommittee (8/2/2011)
      3. Report from the Collection Maintenance Subcommittee (7/13/2011 minutes)
      4. Report from PAC Subcommittee (7/20/2011 minutes)
    1. Plan for the Next meeting: September 1, 2011

      *Referred from ILS Committee
      **Referred from Administrative Council


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.