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ILS Committee Agenda

October 5, 2011
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am


    1. Call to Order
        1. Introduction of guests/visitors.
        2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda.
        3. Requests to address the Committee.

    2. Approval of previous meeting minutes:  September 7, 2011 minutes

    3. Action Items
        1. Reschedule November ILS Meeting?
        2. Approve Circulation Policies
        3. Approve LINKcat Policies
        4. Approval of the Cataloging Contract
        5. GetIt Acquisitions Development
        6. Review Development Projects
        7. SCLS Member Cooperation Policy (link)

    1. Reports
        1. ILS Report
        2. Circulation Services Subcommittee (8/31/2011 and 9/28/2011 – minutes coming soon)
        3. Collection Maintenance Subcommittee (9/14/2011)
        4. PAC Subcommittee (9/21/2011)
        5. Resource Sharing Work Group (8/23/2011)

    2. Items from clusters
        1. Exploring Our ILS Options (Cluster 11)
          1. From P. Westby: The intention behind this memo is to encourage the ILS Committee and all SCLS committees involved in the development, improvement and planning for Koha to explore and consider all possible options that could possible improve the level of functionality and efficiency of our current ILS, in order to provide a top quality product to the LINK membership.  I want to make sure that all options are on the table and given fair consideration."
            • Handout from A. Barnett (link)
            • Handout from P. Westby (link)
        1. Sense of urgency regarding limiting and relevancy (Cluster 11)
        2. Customer suggestions (Cluster 11)

    3. Other Discussion
        1. Item Type Limits
        2. Time frame for Last Borrower Info to be in place
        3. Lack of Last Patron Borrower Info work around for Parts Missing Issues (handout)
        4. Review proxy procedure (from AC)
          1. The AC proposed it would be appropriate for the cluster representative to designate someone from within their cluster to attend the meeting as a proxy if the appointed representative could not attend.  If it is an AC representative, it can be the director’s designee or a director from another library within the cluster.  Proxies for ILS, Technology and Delivery Committees do not have to be directors but must come from the same cluster as the representative they are replacing.
        5. Reviewing ILS minutes
        6. Treats sign-up

    1. Plan for Next meeting:  November 2, 2011

    2. Meeting evaluation and summary

    3. Adjournment

      *Referred from ILS Committee
      **Referred from Administrative Council


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.