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ILS Committee Agenda

August 1, 2012
SCLS Headquarters at 10 am

  1. Call to Order
    1. Introduction of guests/visitors.
    2. Changes/Additions to the Agenda.
    3. Requests to address the Committee.

  2. Approval of previous meeting minutes: June 6, 2012 Minutes

  3. Action Items
    1. Approval of Cataloging Agreement draft (full version)
    2. E-commerce vendor recommendation
    3. The CMC Committee recommended deleting the following Collection Codes and Shelving Locations with less than 20 items:
      1. Collection Codes: CAAID, SOJID, SOJWL, PAYNF, VRARN
      2. Shelving Locations: NO, NR1F, RB, RFML, MR, NT1F, NY1F, CCB, FR2F
    4. CSC Committee members recommend the following amended motion:  
      1. Overdue fines can be kept or waived written off by the receiving library unless otherwise noted in the patron record. 
        Payments for lost items, part missing charges, damaged item charges and the Collection agency administrative charge must be sent to the owning agency. These charges may not be written off by any library other than the owning library.

  4. Reports
    1. ILS Report
    2. Collection Maintenance Subcommittee (7/11/12 Minutes).
    3. PACC Subcommittee (7/18/12 Minutes).

  5. Items from clusters

  6. Other Discussion
    1. 2013 LSTA grant suggestions
      Committee members should ask their clusters for ideas for the 2013 LSTA technology grant. 
    2. Plan for encouraging members to follow the Member Cooperation Policy.
      Step 1: Create awareness  Step 2: Point out lapses in following individual policies.
    3. Report on Sky River cataloging servie
    4. Balancing net lenders / net borrowers
    5. Koha Evaluation
    6. Patron Survey

  7. Plan for Next meeting: September 5, 2012 

  8. Meeting evaluation and summary

  9. Adjournment

    *Referred from ILS Committee
    **Referred from Administrative Council


For more information about the ILS Committee, contact Vicki Teal Lovely.