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Thursday, April 14, 2005 – 10 am
SCLS Administration

Present: Adams – Calef; Baraboo –Allen; Belleville – Christensen; Black Earth – Stenman; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Deerfield – Fritsche; Lodi – Hilliker; Madison – Dimick, Grogan, Benno, Lee; McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Seery; Monroe – Brewer; Mount Horeb – Unruh; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Selje; Portage – Jensen; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Reedsburg – Lukes, Steiner; Rock Springs – LeMoine; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Zindars; Waunakee – Bauer; Wisconsin Dells – Borck, Wisconsin Rapids - Barnett.

Absent: Cambria, Cross Plains, DCLS, DeForest, LaValle, Mazomanie, New Glarus, North Freedom, Plain, Poynette, Spring Green, Verona.

Also present: Hamon, Davis, Teal Lovely, Oliversen, Rattunde, Dolan, Blitzke, Smith, Dries.

Also absent: Blough.

LINK Operations Committee Minutes
LINK BSCC Committee Minutes

CALL TO ORDER: V. Cothroll called the meeting to order at 10:02 am.

INTRODUCTIONS: Barbara Brewer is the new director at Monroe Public Library. Mark Benno is the Library Administration Services Manager at Madison Public Library. John Seery is the new director at Monona Public Library.

CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: No changes or additions.

MINUTES: P. Hamon moved approval of the February 2005 Minutes. P. Chevis seconded. Motion carried.


Dynix staff have offered to schedule a demo of Horizon 8.0 for LINK staff at ALA. Although 8.0 is still in development this would be a good opportunity to get a guided tour to the Windows-based Horizon environment. There may be features that haven’t been fully incorporated by June, but this would give staff the opportunity to get the look and feel of the new product. Dynix will reserve a room on Sunday, June 26th when DEMCO has offered to send busload(s) to ALA if that is the most convenient day for LINK staff to assemble. April 22nd is the deadline for registering for the bus trip. "To register for the trip, send an e-mail to Brian Shea at and include the name of each passenger, the name of the library, and your e-mail address and telephone number. All registrations must be received by Friday, April 22. If you have questions, contact Brian at (800) 695-0267." (from Online Update)

Lauren will send an email to LINK Directors in early May to get an idea of how many people would be interested in the Dynix presentation so that they can reserve an appropriately sized room.

Dynix is offering free online courses in Horizon. Although the 8.0 software version is not available at this time, Karen and Heidi have found the classes to be a useful introduction. We’ll continue to take advantage of these opportunities as we approach preparation for 8.0.

In order to resolve problems more efficiently, we’ve begun to use a new tracking system that Greg developed. It requires that we ask for more details from callers and that all calls that have been going to the PC Technicians be directed to the Help Desk at 266-6394.

In addition, there has been a significant change in the online presentation of the Automation contact information. From the "Welcome to LINK Support" page, there is a button with a link to the "Reporting Problems" page which provides general guidelines for determining whether to call the Help Desk or the Applications staff. For help in matching a specific problem to the appropriate staff support person, select the "Who Should I Contact?" link.

This is another reminder to have staff log off all workstations at closing. Make sure they are logging out of Dynix before logging out of Windows. X-ing out or just closing the window(s) is not logging off.

Craig Ellefson from Automation was here to demonstrate the new scanners before the start of the meeting. Some benefits of these scanners include the ability to scan ISBNs and the ability to plug them directly into USB ports.



Please refer to the online Minutes regarding the following:

February 9, 2005 Meeting
New Parts Missing Procedure
Procedure for items missing from Hold Shelf
Discussion of proposal to require PINs for all LINK patrons
Problem Item Statuses not on any reports
Review Problem Item Reports
Changing the name of the LINK Operations Committee
Text on HOLD EXPIRATION notices

March 2, 2005 Meeting
Report from last LINK Meeting
Changing the name of the LINK Operations Committee
Processing Fees: application and collection
Report of Circulation User’s Group meeting and discussion items for Operations
Windows training classes
Staff training for Horizon
Library HOLD SHELF cards
Requesting more members of LINK Operations Committee

Report Summary:

The Circulation Manual is currently being revised. Revised sections will be printed and distributed to libraries in delivery when they are complete.

1. Recommendation to adopt New Parts Missing Procedure. Vote: passed.
2. Recommendation to adopt Procedure for Items Missing from Hold Shelf: In October 2004 LINK approved a policy of checking out item lost on a library's hold shelf to a patron record for each library. However, had no uniform procedure for libraries to follow. S. Zindars had a question about number 4 on the procedure. It was her understanding from discussion at the last LINK Meeting that not all libraries are checking the physical status of items for parts that may be missing. Are all libraries agreeing to do this now? H. Oliversen explained that it is recommended, but there isn’t a way to enforce this. P. Chevis added that the new procedure gives libraries incentive to implement this practice as libraries would be responsible for missing parts of items placed in “Transit.” Vote: passed.
3. Recommendation to make Changes to Holds Expired and Holds Cancelled The wording on notices is confusing and needs to be clarified. The proposed wording change is located on the February Minutes for LINK Operations Committee. Vote: passed.
4. Recommendation that the name of the LINK Operations Committee be changed to LINK Circulation Services Committee: V. Teal Lovely mentioned that the procedure for changing the name of a committee is in the bylaws and it is believed that this must be addressed in two meetings. The committee will be recognized as this for now, but the bylaws will be examined to determine how to officially change the name. Vote: consensus to change this name. P. Nelson thought that a review of the bylaws would be beneficial and it was decided that an ad hoc committee will be created to do this. V. Cothroll will contact LINK directors for volunteers.
5. Recommendation that an ad hoc committee be formed to standardize circulation parameters and setup throughout LINK prior to move to Horizon. This topic arose over the difficulty of explaining overdue fines to patrons if more then one SCLS library is involved with that item. S. Zindards agrees with standardizing circulation parameters and setup. L. Bauer asked that all topics be discussed thoroughly and she mentioned that her patrons would be upset with larger fines. P. Nelson mentioned that individual library boards make final decisions involving fines, loan periods, etc. A new committee is needed because Operations has too many topics to work on and this would also allow other libraries to participate. Vote: passed. If you’re interested in joining LINK Operations or the new ad hoc committee, please contact Heidi Oliversen. She will also send email to link-directors.

Please refer to the online Minutes regarding the following:

Follow up to Annual Serials BSE Records (former "clones")
Uncorrected Proof Copies
New SCID Purchasing Guidelines for Videos & DVDs
“Bonus” Discs with DVD Features
Review ISTATs with Less than 100 items
Guidelines for MP3 CDs

The committee reviewed the change in procedure for annual titles. Individual libraries are now creating BSEs themselves and Madison is fine with the new process. PLAC passed new SCID purchasing guidelines for Videos and DVDs. These guidelines were reviewed. ISTATs with less than 100 items are being reviewed and listed as "Endangered." The committee will review these ISTATs again at end of year and if they still have less than 100 items, the committee will recommend deletion. New MP3 guidelines have been created and this information will be added in the LINK manuals.

1. Recommendation for a new committee: New standards need to be established for adding DVDs to the database as a result of accompanying DVDs with bonus features for some titles. These standards will encompass both LINK Operations and LINK BSCC topics. The committee recommends that a new ad hoc committee be formed. Vote: passed







POLICIES COMMITTEE: The meeting was held today before LINK. The committee is making progress with reviewing LINK memos and minutes from 1994 to the present. They are trying to pull out policies or topics where policies need to be created. The committee’s goal is to create a LINK Policies manual for all LINK libraries. The manual will be divided into the following sections: Bylaws and LINK agreement information; Collection Development and resource sharing; Cataloging; Circulation; and Technology and Network security.


1. Spare light pens, scanners, PCs: Automation staff has spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing replacements for the Percon light pens and other obsolete barcode readers currently in LINK Libraries. A final decision has yet to be made on the replacement product but Craig was demonstrating the front runner here, a Metrologic scanner. Evaluation is in progress in LINK libraries with different lighting and different PCs to test a variety of environmental and technical conditions.

Once a scanner is selected there will be other issues to discuss such as maintaining a spares pool. Cost implications for the LINK Peripheral Maintenance account will be presented to the Budget Committee. More information will be distributed via a LINK memo as the process develops.

2. BadgerNet2 implementation requirements: The BadgerNet2 Implementation Team representatives from the telephone companies and from TEACH and DOA met two weeks ago with library systems’ staff from around the State. It became clear during the meeting that those in attendance have diverse network designs and that upgrading to BadgerNet2 will be a challenge for all concerned.

We did hear that South Central may be one of the first conversion sites. Monona Public Library has a video connection and is a beta tester so they are scheduled for conversion maybe as early as August. TEACH and DPI are working on forms that will be sent to library systems this week. When they are received we will pass on more information, but here is some advance warning.

3. RFID Exploration: P. Hamon mentioned that SCLS held a program recently on RFID. Three vendors provided demonstrations. The technology offers a lot of possibilities that would reduce internal procedures. SCLS would like LINK libraries to choose one vendor/direction because it will require a lot of staff support. P. Hamon thought that the Joint Technology Committee (JTC) could take on this project in the interest of not creating a fourth committee today. P. Nelson asked if the Delivery Advisory Committee should take part in this project, since the technology would cause a lot of changes to delivery procedure. P. Chevis thinks JTC has enough topics to work on and would like a new ad hoc committee to be formed to focus on RFID. The committee will be charged with giving LINK recommendations. P. Davis wants cross communication between Committees, including JTC and the Delivery Advisory Committee. P. Hamon moves for the formation of such a task force. A. Barnett seconds. Motion passed. Library staff interested in participating should contact V. Cothroll.

4. Followup to new tab sets in LINKcat: All tab sets are now done. V. Teal Lovely is hopeful that everything is working smoothly. Please let her know if you find any searches that aren’t working.

5. Report from PIN Committee: The committee looked into custom programming with Dynix to automatically assign PINs to patron records. This customization will cost $1000. Dynix recommends using the last 4 digits of patron phone number, which is what most library systems have done. This change will not affect PINs already in place. Patrons will be able to change it, and they will be given information on how to change it. P. Chevis thought month and year of the patron’s birth would be better. However, not every patron record has a birth date listed. H. Oliversen reported that around 10% of patrons currently have a PIN. V. Teal Lovely mentioned that either choice would cause problems. P. Chevis suggests birthdates be used because they wouldn’t change, whereas phone numbers can. A. Barnett said that using the patron’s phone number as a PIN is a good way to check that their phone numbers are accurate. V. Cothroll asked the committee to continue to work on these issues. B. Brewer volunteered for the committee.

Meeting adjourned at 11:13 am.


For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.