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October 13, 2005
SCLS Administration

Present: Adams - Calef; Baraboo - Allen, MacDonald; Belleville - Christensen; Cambridge - Behm; Columbus - Kindschi; Cross Plains - Bosben; Dane County - Chase; Lodi - Hilliker; Madison - Dimick, Grogan, Lee, Benno, Anderson; Marshall - Skalitzky; Mazomanie - Johnson; McFarland - Hartman; Middleton - Nelson, Bauer; Monroe - Brewer; Mount Horeb - Unruh; New Glarus - Anton Wright; Oregon - Cothroll; Pardeeville - Selje; Portage - Jensen; Poynette - Yurgil; Prairie du Sac - Endres; Reedsburg - Mobley; Rock Springs - LeMoine; Sauk City - Heidenreich; Stoughton - Chevis; Sun Prairie - Zindars, Bird, Mosier; Waunakee - Bauer; Wisconsin Rapids - Barnett; Wyocena - Canepa

Absent: Black Earth, Cambria, Deerfield, DeForest, LaValle, Monona, North Freedom, Plain, Spring Green, Verona, Wisconsin Dells.

Also Present: Hamon, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Rattunde, Dries.

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Proposed standardization of ITYPE Loan Periods handout
Revision to LINK Bylaws handout
Draft Project Submission Form

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order at 10:01 am.

ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM: J. Behm reported that there was a quorum.

CHANGES AND ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: V. Cothroll : Election of officers at the December LINK Meeting. S. Hartman: Appointment of a new member to the Circulation Services Committee. R. MacDonald: Improving public service in Baraboo. P. Hamon: Review of formula for determining LINK Budget shares.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: P. Chevis moved approval of the August 2005 Minutes. L. Unruh seconded. Motion carried.

TREASURER'S REPORT: No report. A get well card for Phyllis Davis was passed around.

INTRODUCTIONS: Gary Yurgil is the new Director at the Poynette Public Library. Richard MacDonald is the new Director at the Baraboo Public Library. Sue Ann Mobley is the new Assistant Director at the Reedsburg Public Library.

PROJECT MANAGER'S REPORT: An iPAC patch was installed by Dynix and should help prevent future server crashes and to process searches more efficiently. Changes have been made to the Automation LINK Support web page in an effort to make information easily accessible. A few new links have also been added. The new Night Operator, Brian Hahn, started on October 3rd. He's being trained and is doing well so far. Automation staff maintain a log that tracks rogue connections to the LINK network. Most of them are a result of patrons connecting their devices to the network at a public workstation. Lauren reminded library staff to keep an eye out for patrons who use PAC stations to plug their laptops in to the LINK network. This is a serious security breach that poses a threat to the entire LINKcat system and the patrons must be told to disconnect their devices immediately. Library staff were also reminded to log out of Dynix by 9 p.m. We have noticed that some staff are still logged in after 9:30 p.m. when Day End processing starts. This can result in locked records that have caused Day End to abort in the past. Operations staff are preparing for the BadgerNet migration. Some libraries have received emails from Pat Dolan regarding cabling upgrades and we ask that you respond to her. Lauren, Vicki, Greg, Heidi and Karen will be going to the CODI/Dynix User's Group Meeting in Minneapolis from November 7-9th. Seven SCLS libraries were picked to participate in the statewide shared ILS survey. If you have questions that require statistical data that Lauren might provide, you'll have to call right away because she will be on vacation on Friday and the surveys are due October 17th.


LONG RANGE PLANNING: A. Barnett, the facilitator, reported that the committee has drafted a project submission form. The intention is to adopt a more efficient planning process by having new project proposals submitted on this form to the committee for review before they are recommended to the Directors Council. Instead of calling Automation staff with individual requests that would interrupt or delay current projects, the library staff would be directing the proposal to the committee members who would gather data to measure its effect on plans in progress. The committee is looking for input and expect to recommend this form (distributed at the meeting) to LINK at the December meeting.

CIRCULATION SERVICES (CSC): E. Bauer reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. The committee reviewed the discussion at the August LINK Meeting and the motions from the Circulation Standards Committee. Heidi sent out email with a survey to LINK libraries regarding out of system patrons. Please complete the survey and return it to Heidi by November 16th. The committee recommends that Damaged/Parts Missing charges must be collected and sent to the home agency. Fines, miscellaneous fees, and charges under $10 can be kept or waived by the collecting agency. Fines under $10 collected always stay with the checkout agency, and the committee is proposing to add miscellaneous fees and charges to this rule as well. The committee is attempting to clarify the language in the Circulation Manual. J. Chase moved to amend the motion to replace the word "fines" with the word "charges." P. Hamon seconded. MAR opposed. Amendment carried. Vote on motion: MAR opposed. Motion carried.

BSCC: Did not meet. An issue originated in March where new DVDs were distributed with bonus materials on a separate DVD. Currently, linking rules stipulate that a new BIB record has to be created in cases where the number of DVDs do not match between the item in hand and the record in LINK. The committee agreed that a new BIB Record wasn't necessary in cases where the number of items differ due to the addition of bonus materials. The issue then went to LINK CSC who were also in agreement. However, following these two meetings, there was some disagreement from individual libraries. It was suggested that a patron survey should be conducted to determine if patrons were placing holds for bonus materials. The committee then sent this issue to UEPR to have a patron survey written and distributed. UEPR never conducted a survey because it wasn't clear what questions to ask patrons. At the September UEPR meeting it was determined that a patron survey wouldn't be useful. Therefore, the BSC committee recommends that libraries may link to existing BIB records even if the number of DVDs in hand do not match the number on the BIB record (as in when the bonus material is on a separate disk or on the back of a disk). Motion carried.


UEPR: The committee discussed the limit of "My List" and determined that 100 titles is sufficient. The "My List" brochure was completed and will be available very soon.

NETWORK INTEGRATION: Did not meet. There is an update regarding the BadgerNet network conversion. Pat and Greg have completed equipment testing and have ordered new routers and switches. They will be preparing and sending these out to libraries. Automation staff will come out to libraries to install the equipment. Greg asked if anyone had been contacted by their phone company for an inspection of their library set-up before conversion? The phone companies should be contacting libraries but only one library has reported that phone company personnel were onsite to do a preliminary inspection. The phone company will install their new equipment for the conversion in addition to the LINK telecommunications equipment installed by Automation. After your library is inspected, they will let you know if any preparation is required. Unfortunately they will most likely only give libraries a 30 day turnaround time to complete the work. It may be difficult to accomplish within 30 days if your library needs board approval before starting the job. Automation expects to be communicating with libraries frequently during the conversion. A LINK memo will go out soon to provide detailed information and instructions. The preparation may include installation of conduit or new electrical outlets, but may also require more extensive work like a hole in the wall. Some costs may be covered by the phone company, but others will be the library's responsibility. S. Hartman asked for the conversion timeframe. Greg was surprised libraries hadn't been contacted by the phone companies because the conversions are supposed to start on January 3rd. P. Chevis wondered if the phone companies would contact the city instead? Greg noted that they would have to come on site so the library should be contacted directly. Lauren mentioned that Automation included individual library staff contacts when supplying the data for this project. If a library would like to contact the phone company directly, specify that you need a site review for circuit installation for the BadgerNet Converged Network (BCN). Also, please keep in mind that there will be service impacts affecting Dynix ftp and network printing. Please call Automation staff with any questions.

JTC: The committee is meeting at 1 pm today.


DELIVERY ADVISORY: The next meeting is scheduled in November.

POLICIES: The committee members are still working on organizing the policies that they have identified. They began with a list of 60 items culled from a review of 10 years of LINK minutes, memos and manuals. Further review resulted in separating procedures that are already included in the LINK Manuals from policies. A format has been adopted for presentation on a new "Policies" page on the LINK Support web site. Committee members will forward the policies to Pat as they summarize their contents and provide links to background resources on the form. Pat will review these and eventually send them to Michelle Dries for posting on the web page. There is only one posted at this time, but as the others are added they will be organized under 5 headings: LINK Agreement and Bylaws, Cataloging, Operations/Circulation, Collection Development, and Technology and Network Security. As they are posted, please let Pat know if you have identified additional policies that have not been included. The Committee expects to finish by February, 2006. Lauren is compiling a LINK manual for use in orienting new directors that grew out of the Policies Committee work and that will be presented to LINK when completed.

COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT: Did not meet. Their charge is to review the results from the Reduced Transportation Holds pilot project. They will meet to review statistics.

RFID: The deadline for signing up for the bus trip is today. Stef said 40 people are currently signed up. The committee members have had disappointing results from their contact with libraries currently using RFID. As a result, the committee determined selection of SelfCheck vendor to be a more immediate and realistic goal at this time. RFID will be looked at further in the future.

PIN: Committee disbanded, no longer needed.

CIRCULATION STANDARDS: N. LeMoine said the committee has five recommendations for LINK to vote on today.

1. Recommendation that all Hold Shelf Periods for all ITYPEs should be seven days. The seven days only applies to days when the library is open. Motion carries.

2. Recommendation that all LINK Libraries eliminate processing fee in all of their Item Loan Types. The fee should be built into the cost of the item. R. MacDonald asked if there is a particular limit and is wondering the background of this topic. The fee will not be applied by the collecting agent. The processing fee is applied to an item if it is lost. When the item is returned, the lost charge will be waived, but not the processing fee for the patron. P. Chevis is voting against this recommendation because listing the fee separately gives a clearer picture for patron and should be left to up to the individual library. STO charges $2 cost for processing, but someone else may charge $4. It would be difficult to explain the difference in cost to patron. This is a problem with Dynix not eliminating both fees when the item is returned. J. Endres mentioned that patrons don't understand why they charge more for an item when they can purchase it at a store for cheaper. S. Hartman thinks even if you charge retail cost for item, the patron still will have difficult understanding because they can always find the item cheaper elsewhere. The patron will still need an explanation. J. Chase is concerned about items already in the system. MCF charges the retail price for lost items even though they get it at a discounted price, so there is a fee built into the price already. Motion: STO, MTH, BAR, MID, ACL, MAD, MCM, SKC, MAZ, NGL, WYO, MCF, RKS, LDI, CBR, WAU, POY opposed. Motion carried.

3. Recommendation to change the Agency record parameter, HOLD BLOCK LIMIT, for all LINK Libraries to $10. The current range for LINK libraries is between $2 and $15. Hold block limit for remote users is $50. This will only affect patrons using a computer within the library and it will match the Max Unpaid fine amount. Motion passed.

4. Recommendation that the Patron Loan Type parameter MAX UNPAID FIND be increased to $9.99. This motion was passed at the last LINK meeting.

5. Recommendation to standardize ITYPE loan periods. The committee circulated a handout showing what libraries currently have for loan periods. A. Barnett asked if the motion was to establish guidelines or requirements. The proposal would be a requirement for all LINK libraries. MCM does not have the power to tell their library board how long an item can be checked out. P. Nelson commended the committee for their reasonable proposals today. The Middleton Library Board is prepared to go along with these requirements if it is recommended by LINK. He believes that we should vote here and then take the issue back to the library boards for final approval. G. Yurgil asked if reference materials can be checked out? J. Chase thinks that anything with an ITYPE of R will check out for the specified amount of time. Libraries do have leeway about which ITYPE an item can have. P. Hamon mentioned there were only two previous issues taken to SCLS board. Once instance was when Madison Public Library wanted to keep old fines on file from UW students. The other was related to MCM checkout length for magazines. The SCLS Board's response then was that these issues were a prerogative of the local library. P. Hamon agrees with P. Nelson's suggestion. V. Teal Lovely mentioned the automation system is more flexible in Dynix. In Horizon, it will be more difficult to customize parameters and it will take considerable staff time to set up customization in new system. This is something to keep in mind. The charge of the Circulation Standards committee is to make things easier for patrons and the primary way to go about this is to establish system standardization. There are consortium that exist where parameters are standardized and members have to follow these rules in order to join. We've had the luxury of all flexibility. WAU concern with board as well, concern with fines standardization. J. Chase says that even if it's passed today, anyone with a library board who opposes can take it to the SCLS board and have it thrown out. P. Chevis made a motion to adopt the recommended guidelines for standardized loan type periods to those suggested and ask each library director to consider within the next two months of taking this to their board for final approval. A Barnett seconded. Motion: POY opposed. Motion carried.

DVD STANDARDS: Did not meet.

BYLAWS: P. Nelson reviewed the changes listed on the handout. The LINK voting shares were updated to reflect the total of 1000. References to Sections of the LINK Agreement were corrected. The distinction between SCLS and LINK was clarified. In addition, it is now stated that committees other than the standing committees shall be created with a "stated purpose and a time certain in which to accomplish said purpose." The committee recommended that the revisions to the Bylaws be implemented. Motion carried.



1. Recommendation that the hold limit for PTYPE Interlibrary Loan be changed from 200 to 300 to match the Internal PTYPE. J. Grogan made the motion. J. Chase seconded. Motion carried.

2. Barcode Placement: S. Zindars asked for clarification of what LINK agreed to in terms of barcode placement. SUN recently went to open hold shelves and, they have been duplicating barcodes so patrons can use SelfCheck machines. However, they were questioned about this by another LINK library. V. Teal Lovely did some research and the LINK Minutes only mention duplicating VHS barcodes. SUN thought that this extended to other materials. The root of the problem is that some libraries are not following the requirements for placement on new items and that older items have barcodes in different locations. S. Mobley mentioned that duplicate barcodes are being placed over some local library identification/ownership labels. REE noticed them on DVDs where the barcodes could have been placed slightly lower and still meet the guidelines. A. Barnett asked if the ownership labels are in places where LINK barcodes are supposed to be placed. J. Chase made a motion to let any LINK library duplicate barcodes for any item in order to facilitate patron use of SelfCheck machines. S. Zindars seconded. J. Chase amended the motion to say that duplicate barcodes cannot cover the library ownership labels. S. Zindars seconded. A. Barnett asked libraries not to put ownership labels on new items where barcodes are supposed to go. Motion: ACL opposed. Motion Carried. This policy should be sent to P. Chevis for inclusion in the Policies Manual.

3. Appointment of a new member to LINK CSC: S. Hartman said there is a vacancy on the CSC Committee and she would like to recommend Melanie Wichern. Melanie works in Circulation for MCF and MAR. Motion carried.

4. Improving public service at BAR: In reviewing their patron services and in an attempt to respond to patron requests, BAR has determined that they need to upgrade to Windows XP and to offer wireless access to modernize technology at their library. The library is constrained by LINK agreements from accomplishing these goals now. Without the ability to decrease their LINK Budget shares in 2005 and/or 2006, they are unable to absorb the additional $90 monthly fee that they would have to pay a local vendor for a cable modem. R. MacDonald asked for advice from those present on how to move forward without waiting for LINK to offer these services. He would like to find a way to reduce BAR's number of public access license. J. Chase mentioned that if BAR were to get rid of some of their LINK patron licenses, the other LINK members would have to absorb the additional cost with an increase in their budget shares. B. Brewer mentioned that LUD is in the same position. LUD is going to add DSL and add wireless for an additional expense. G. Barniskis reiterated that Operations staff is busy deploying an infrastructure that will accommodate future technologies. The BadgerNet conversion will help address security concerns with rogue connections. Windows XP is coming soon. There is a backlog of things libraries would like to do and Automation is trying to work in that direction, but it's a matter of priority and costs. LINK libraries will see a number of technology innovations available to them in 2006, but wireless access may take a little longer. B. Dimick suggested that BAR check to see if a vendor would give them a discounted cost for wireless access independent of the LINK network. She also suggested approaching local businesses and to ask for community support in order to implement this. Wireless products are being developed with the new Horizon system so we will probably wait to implement wireless access until we migrate to Horizon. BCN will put in architecture that will allow libraries to do things on their own. L. Blough said that because SCLS is a large system with 51 sites, it makes it more difficult to make changes quickly. We're also dependent on the State's schedule for the BadgerNet conversion. P. Hamon suggested that the methodology for determining the budget shares is somewhat obsolete and should be reviewed by the Budget Committee. J. Chase said that they can't make changes without approval from all individual library boards because there is a contract. The Budget committee can look at the contract. Public workstations have very little weight in the budget formula now, so it's doubtful that it will make a big difference to decrease patron PCs. The point was made that non-LINK workstations don't get the same level of support as LINK stations, because there is only one technician to handle all of the SCLS sites. Adding more PCs to his load would compound the problem. P. Nelson stated that having your own building support staff is necessary to implement additional technology. MID dropped several patron licenses and installed their own local area network. They have more control, but the difference in cost was not significant.

5. December elections: The election of officers will take place in December. V. Cothroll asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee. P. Nelson MID and D. Calef ACL will have candidates for the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer for the next LINK Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 12:06 pm.


For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.