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February 9, 2006
SCLS Administration

Present: Adams – Calef; Baraboo – Allen; Belleville – Christensen; Brodhead – Rosa; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Cross Plains – Bosben; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Lodi – Hilliker; Madison – Dimick, Grogan, Lee; Mazomanie – Johnson; McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Seery; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Rock Springs – LeMoine; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Zindars; Verona – Hedrick; Waunakee – Bauer; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett; Wyocena – Canepa.

Absent: Black Earth, Cambria, DeForest, LaValle, Marshall, Monroe, Mount Horeb, North Freedom, Poynette, Spring Green, Wisconsin Dells.

Also Present: Davis, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Rattunde, Dries.

LINK Circulation Services Committee Minutes
LINK Delivery Advisory Committee Minutes
Cataloging Websites Selection Policy Draft
Acquisitions Order Cancellation Policy Draft
Linking Manual Policy Draft
Circulation Manual Policy Draft
Network Access Policy Draft
Software Licensing Responsibility Policy Draft

CALL TO ORDER: S. Hartman called the meeting to order at 10:08 am.

ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM: D. Anton Wright reported that there was a quorum.

CHANGES OR ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: S. Hartman added the appointment of LINK Committees to the agenda. V. Teal Lovely added the Applications Report to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: D. Anton Wright’s name should be added to the list of those Present at the December 8th meeting. P. Nelson moved approval of the minutes. P. Chevis seconded. Motion passed.



Brodhead is the 2006 New LINK Library. Automation will be working with Gloria and her staff during the next year to assist them with preparation for going live. New directors are Bev Kennedy at Pardeeville and Raina Roloff at North Freedom.

Vicki, Applications staff and Cindy did a thorough review of the Dynix reports that libraries were receiving regularly. Vicki sent surveys to each site and asked for confirmation of the ones that were needed. The resulting reduction has helped streamline the report production in Automation. With one exception, the February reports were distributed in one evening. With some more adjustments we hope to get that down to one evening’s work. Vicki noted that there will be 1,816 fewer reports produced annually saving at least 2 cases of paper.

HP Replacement – There have been several emails, conference calls and meetings to discuss the most timely, cost-efficient process for replacing the HP K210 server that reaches EOL on June 30, 2006. We recently received a quote from AE Business Solutions for the server hardware and are waiting for the one from SirsiDynix. If AEBS were to supply the server, we would still have to pay Dynix for staging, installation, and possibly for the migration of data. We would also have to contract for maintenance locally. Brad Whittle, the VP of North American Sales at SD, has said in writing that he will review the soon-to-be issued SD quote and will “work to bring the price down as much as possible.” He noted that they will not charge us for data migration and that he will look into eliminating or reducing the increased charge for IBM UniVerse license maintenance that appeared on this year’s audit as he understands how long we’ve been waiting to move to Horizon. We expect to deploy this server as a test box in the new system configuration. Without the quote, Lauren can’t predict the cost but Automation would like to move forward as quickly as possible when we the figures are received. Instead of planning an emergency LINK meeting to get approval for the expenditure, Barb Dimick moved that LINK authorize Automation to spend up to $30,000 to purchase the HP replacement. Susan Hedrick seconded. Motion passed.

BadgerNet – Because of the Operations staff’s thorough planning and constant review of the BCN project as it applies to LINK, the telecommunications equipment required for the BadgerNet implementation came as no surprise. There was an emergency conference call last week for the other systems in the State that had not budgeted for router replacements and who, as a result, were facing difficulties with their conversions. Lauren has been working with KMC-now-CenturyTel for 9 months on the disconnects for the data circuits that will be replaced with BadgerNet/TEACH lines, but we still don’t have a resolution on whether or not, and how much, we will be charged for early contract termination. When KMC was purchased by CenturyTel, it derailed the discussions she had started with the KMC Madison personnel. When a new Sales Rep was assigned Lauren started again. When the Sales Rep was unresponsive, she wrote to the CenturyTel Sales Manager who was reportedly working on the request to waive the termination charges. When follow-up calls were placed, Lauren was told he had been sick. Calls were made again this week.

The ITG demonstration at Sun Prairie is scheduled for Friday, February 17h. One of the reasons for the onsite visit is to discuss the selection of Self Check models for the libraries that want to place orders soon. Lauren expects to have quotes from SirsiDynix for those models. The cost will include an installation fee.

Building & remodeling/cabling projects are in progress or have been started at: LUD, VER, CSP, COL, DEE, BRD,WAU…


LONG RANGE PLANNING: Did not meet. There was one proposal submitted, but it was retracted because more information was needed.

CSC: The minutes from January meeting are posted online. There are no recommendations from the committee at this time. There is a new LINK form coming out soon. It is a version of an MPL form that will accompany fines that go back to original library. Jane Grogan talked about MPL patron payment plans. MAD and SUN talked about Debt Collect. Some libraries are not using their hold shelf cards to checkout missing items from their holds shelf. Heidi included a note about the procedure in last LINK News & Tips issue. The committee talked about the PIN conversion. Heidi also reminded libraries who have not designated a Circulation Problem Items Contact to do so. The committee is working on revising the Orange form and the related chapter in the Circulation manual again. The revised form will go back to the committee for final approval.

BSCC – Did not meet.


UEPR – Did not meet.

NETWORK INTEGRATION: BadgerNet activities are divided into two parts. The first being the local network upgrade. The second aspect is the actual BadgerNet wide area network cutover. Pat, Craig and Kerri have been working very hard and are halfway through the Cisco upgrades. Overall, it has been going well. There are problems with Minolta color printers being not compatible with the new network print equipment. Operations staff is still looking at this, but they may not be able to fix it. Cisco upgrade includes using new surge suppressing power strips. At a few locations the power strips have been blown out because of local circuits. Automation is recommending calling an electrician to get these problems fixed. The BadgerNet cutovers are going to start next week. MAD, DFT, MAZ, ACL and PIN are scheduled. LAV and MTH were delayed until April. A few sites are going to be rescheduled because the local telephone company did not have their act together. Automation sent out a site preparation checklist for BadgerNet, but installers for local telephone companies have discretion about the environmental specs, which range from complete strict adherence to no adherence at all. DOA has instructed telephone companies to conduct an advanced site survey and they should tell you what you need to do.

JTC - Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for April.

BUDGET AND PERSONNEL – Did not meet, but will be meeting soon.

DELIVERY ADVISORY – Did not meet. The November meeting minutes are available online.

POLICIES: LINK policies have been divided into five sections on Automation’s web site. There are six policy drafts to vote on today. Some are new and some have no record of formal vote. In the future, LINK committees or individuals proposing a policy change will need to fill out an online form. The policy will then be posted on the LINK Agenda and brought to LINK for a formal vote (procedures within a manual are not subject to this requirement). The Policy Committee will disband after today. Any new policies should go through a regular LINK committee.
• Cataloging Web Sites Selection: This will be referred back to BSCC because it needs to be updated. BSCC can choose whether to revise this and bring any revisions to LINK.
• Acquisitions Orders Cancellation: S. Hartman asked if there was a certain time of year in which order cancellation should be done? Automation recommends doing this once per month to review orders over six months old and cancel them if appropriate. Library staff should review their order cancellations at least every six months at a minimum. This policy will also be reviewed and updated by BSCC.
• Network Access Policy: S. Hartman was wondering what the “…” refers to. This is just to indicate that more information is available in the LINK Minutes and the LINK Memo associated with this. Greg noted that a lot of this should change because of CISCO and this policy will be revisited soon. “Fire wire” refers to what outlets are in back of pc and mostly deals with digital video. The referral to the software limits indicates that Automation won’t give administrator privileges to make certain software work. This may change in the new windows domain.
• Software Licensing Responsibility: A part of the policy was missing. It will be corrected by incorporating the missing information found in the associated memo.
The committee moved to adopt the six policies as presented. Vote: motion passed.


RFID - Did not meet.

CIRCULATION STANDARDS: Did not meet. The next meeting is scheduled for February 28th.



1. The Appointment of Committees: The Executive Committee was elected at the December 2005 Meeting. The appointment terms for the Organizational Standing Committees (appointed by the Chair) and Operations Standing Committees (appointed by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect) run from March to March and must be ratified by the Directors Council according to the Bylaws. The Budget and Personnel Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee memberships were reviewed. S. Hartman and M. Palmer distributed a handout listing the members. The Budget and Personnel Committee should have one representative from a library with ten or fewer votes. Kerri Canepa at WYO will replace Jan Berg of DFT. The Chair moved to appoint K. Canepa and to reappoint the other committee members. Vote: motion passed. The Long Range Planning Committee agreed to serve another term and the Chair moved to ratify their reappointment. Vote: motion passed. The members of the Operational Committees were reappointed with one exception. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect moved to ratify the reappointment of the Circulation Services Committee members. Vote: motion passed. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect moved to ratify the reappointment of the Bibliographic Standards and Control Committee members with the exception of Nichole Fromm because she is no longer a MAD employee. Vote: motion passed. The Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect moved to ratify the reappointment of the User Education & Public Relations Committee member with the notation that the SCLS Administration representative may change. Vote: motion passed.
2. Applications report for 2005: The report will be posted online sometime next week. The support calls have increased from around 2000 in 2004 to nearly 3000 in 2005. This could be due to better tracking and the offering of new services. Some new services offered in 2005 were the implementation of required PINs in patron records, RFID investigation, Reduced Transportation holds, Debt Collect/Unique Management, Serials Solutions project pilot with OCLC, online forms for policies and Long range planning committee, increased serials maintenance, and the development of six new web workshops. Thanks to everyone who reduced their reports. It will help Automation to get monthly reports out more quickly. Automation will be developing a new web form for standardized reports.

Meeting adjourned at 11:03 am.

The next meeting is schedule for April 13th and will be held at the Sun Prairie Public Library.


For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.