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June 8, 2006
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Adams County – Calef; Baraboo – Allen; Belleville – Christensen; Brodhead – Rosa; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Lodi – Hilliker; Madison – Grogan, Lee, DiIorio; Mazomanie – Johnson; McFarland – Stuckey; Middleton – Nelson; Mount Horeb – Unruh; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Poynette – Yurgil; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Rock Springs – LeMoine; Spring Green – Anderson; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Mosier, Zindars; Verona – Hedrick; Waunakee – Bauer; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett.

Absent:  Black Earth, Cambria, Cross Plains, DeForest, LaValle, Marshall, Monona, Monroe, North Freedom, Sauk City, Wisconsin Dells, Wyocena.

Also Present:  Davis, Blough, Teal Lovely, Oliversen, Rattunde, Dries.

LINK Minutes April 2006
LINK Budget and Personnel Committee May Minutes
2006 Revised/2007 Budget

LINK Long Range Planning Committee May Minutes
LINK Circulation Services Committee (CSC) May Minutes
LINK BSCC May Minutes LINK UEPR May Minutes LINK Collection Development Committee May Minutes
LINK Circulation Standards Committee May Minutes

CALL TO AGENDA:  The meeting was called to order at 9:39 a.m. by M. Palmer, Vice-Chair.

REPORT OF QUORUM:  D. Anton Wright reported that there was a quorum.

CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA:  N. LeMoine asked to move the Circulation Standards Committee discussion to the top of the Committee Reports section to allow enough time to complete the discussion regarding standardization of ITYPE loan periods.

APPROVAL OF THE APRIL MINUTES:  P. Nelson moved. P. Chevis seconded.  Vote: Motion passed.


The Budget and Personnel Committee recommended the adoption of the 2006 Budget Revisions.  There were some changes to highlight.  The $30,000 designated Contingency fund will be used to purchase the new Sun server.  $12,000 from Contingency will be used to cover additional telephone line charges.  CenturyTel is unwilling to negotiate the early termination penalty from our KMC contract for datalines that were moved to the TEACH/BadgerNet Converged Network.  There were two decision items.  The first was the creation of a temporary position(s) to assist Automation staff with the Horizon migration.  The requested start time for this new position is September 2006.  The second decision item was how to deal with undesignated carry forward of $107,713.  It was proposed that $57,713 be allocated as designated contingency for the purpose of covering unforeseen costs or desired enhancements for the Horizon upgrade.  The remaining $50,000 would be reserved in two accounts for the next generation system.  The committee recommended adoption of the 2006 budget revision.  Vote: motion passed. 

The committee also recommended the adoption of the 2007 budget proposal.  Looking at the expenditures, the hardware maintenance went down because the new server is under warranty.  This will increase next year.  The 3-year Cataloging contract is still in effect.  The budget includes a 3% COLA increase in salaries and some staff have step increases as well. The staff benefits are an estimate.  The average increase in member shares for the Cost to Continue budget is 2.15%.  The decision items increase the percentage. The committee recommended the adoption of the 2007 budget proposal.  Vote: motion passed. 

The Cataloging contract expires at the end of 2007.  In order for the relevant changes to be incorporated into the 2008 budget in a timely way, a new contract should be signed by this time next year (June 2007).  Should an ad-hoc committee be created to negotiate the contract?  M. Palmer will talk to S. Hartman and begin soliciting volunteers for this ad-hoc committee.  The shares document was included with the budget handouts.  Libraries have until June 30th to let Julie know if there are any mistakes or changes in collection, circulation or workstation counts. 


The staff who handle the Help Desk calls have asked libraries to call and report problems as soon as they occur.  Don’t wait hoping the situation will improve on its own.  In some cases the fix takes a minute or two and doesn’t require follow up.  In other cases the warranty on a piece of equipment may expire while the problem is being tolerated.  Another thing to note is that library staff should never handle LINK equipment at the direction of non-LINK staff.  For instance, don’t shut off LINK telecommunications equipment if it’s a vendor like Charter giving those instructions. 

The Sun V240 server replacement for the HP K210 has arrived and is being installed by SirsiDynix staff at this very moment.  No downtime will be required today.  There will be a full day of downtime on Wednesday, June 14th.  After the files and data are migrated from the old to the new server, Automation staff will have to follow up with testing, processing and backup(s).  We expect to have the system up and available to all by 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 15th.  Michelle posted the modified schedule and Lauren sent email on June 6th to direct library staffs to Memo 2006-05. 

Included in the May Long Range Planning Committee minutes and also posted on the LINK Support “Migration Information” web page, is the Horizon Migration Plan.  It’s not a timeline; we will supply a schedule with dates when the General Release of Horizon 8.x is announced. We’ve been given the names of the SirsiDynix representatives who will review our hardware specifications and help us revise the hardware configuration for Horizon.  We also contacted the SirsiDynix Data Services staff who is in the process of reviewing the LINK database.  She will follow up with reports and advice on cleanup tasks. Migration Committees is a topic that will be presented later in the Agenda.

ITG Self Checks are scheduled for installation at Verona, Middleton, DeForest and Sun Prairie on June 19, 20 & 21. 

My calls to the libraries who expressed an interest in RFID revealed that none of them are planning to start tagging their collections or expending funds in 2006.

On Thursday June 29th we will install the Dynix software hotfix which will enhance the system with the ability to support 13 digit ISBN numbers.  The system will be down during the upgrade which we expect to be completed by late morning.  Access will be unavailable for the Dynix system only, including LINKcat and TeleCirc.  It will not affect Internet and email services.  We hope the new Sun server is used to South Central by then and that the installation proceeds very quickly and without incident.

The BadgerNet conversions resume on June 12th and extend through early August.  The Operations staff have worked very diligently to get the telecommunications equipment swapped out.  They’re almost done - 2 months in advance of the remaining BadgerNet visits.



At the October 2005 LINK Meeting, the Circulation Standards Committee recommended that LINK adopt the proposed ITYPE loan-period standardization.  N. LeMoine sent an email to link-directors asking for concerns/questions regarding the proposal.  She did receive 13 email responses which focused on the question of two versus three loan periods.  However, everyone who responded felt they could live with the committee’s proposal.  One email asked for statistics, but the requested ITYPE statistics could not be extracted from system.  V. Teal Lovely was able to get comparable bibliographic information.  However, the committee did not feel able to draw any conclusions from these numbers.  S. Zindars mentioned that SUN changed their loan periods to the proposed standards and in one month’s time, has not seen a radical increase or decrease in statistics, including their magazine circulation.  SUN patrons overall were appreciative of the explanations of the changes and gave positive reactions.  C. Anderson believes that compromise is important for the greater good of patrons.  This change is in the best interest for the Horizon migration also as every difference will be treated as an exception and we don’t yet know what the ramifications will be.  A. Barnett moved an amendment to the proposal for I and IDVD ITYPES to have 28 day loan periods instead of 14 days.  P. Nelson seconded.  Vote: motion passed.  At the last Dane County librarians meeting, librarians discussed a variety of scenarios, including having one overall loan period for simplicity for the patron.  V. Cothroll called the question to end debate.  K. Fry seconded.  Vote: motion passed, ending debate.  The walk-in collection’s 7 day loan period might be problematic.  MTH pointed out that it is difficult to get through a book in 7 days and patrons weren’t checking out these items because of the shorter loan period.  SUN has 7 day loan periods and doesn’t get complaints.  SGR thinks free rentals (walk-in collections) should be a 7 day loan period.  P. Chevis called the question to end debate.  J. Chase seconded.  Vote: motion passed, debate ended.  L. Unruh moved an amendment to the proposal for T and TWI ITYPES to have 14 day loan periods instead of 7 days.  P. Kindschi seconded.  Vote: motion defeated.  P. Nelson moved an amendment to the proposal for W and WDVD ITYPEs to have 7 day loan periods instead of 14 days.  J. Chase seconded.  Vote: motion defeated.  A. Barnett moved an amendment to the proposal for O and P ITYPEs to have 7 day loan periods instead of 14 days.  J. Chase seconded.  Vote: motion defeated.  P. Chevis called the question to end debate.  A. Johnson seconded.  Vote: motion passed, debate ended.  P. Chevis called the question on the proposal as amended.  P. Nelson seconded.  Vote: motion defeated.  V. Cothroll suggested using only two loan periods.  Adult VHS and high demand could go to 28 days.  L. Bauer suggested two loan periods of 14 days and 28 days, and moved to amend the proposal so that all 7 day loan periods would be 14 days, excluding ITYPES with 0 or 1 day loan periods.  V. Cothroll seconded.  J. Chase moved to amend L. Bauer’s amendment to reinstate 7 day loan periods for Z, T, TWI, V and VWI.  P. Nelson seconded.   Vote on Chase’s amendment: motion defeated.  Vote on L. Bauer’s amendment: motion defeated.  The Committee recommended approval of the original proposal, with A. Barnett’s amendment for I and IDVD.  Vote: motion passed.  N. LeMoine moved that this change will go into effect September 1st, 2006.  S. Hedrick seconded.  Vote: motion passed.  The committee will begin working on standardizing renewals next. Information will be posted on the committee web page.


The committee met via email and reviewed the Automation request for creating a temporary position to assist their staff with the Horizon migration.  The committee approved this proposal and it was passed on to the Budget Committee.


The committee reviewed the April LINK Minutes.  They also discussed the “Items Not in Computer” policy, which was tabled from the March meeting.  Libraries are seeing an increase in items being returned that have been deleted from the system.  One reason this is happening is because of the use of Debt Collect and Unique Management Services by some LINK Libraries.  Library and Automation staffs spend a lot of time trying to figure out which patron owes money on the item.  The committee has proposed a policy to resolve this.  If an item that is returned in book drop is not in the system, no effort will be made to locate the patron record.  If an item is returned in person, the owning library can choose to keep the item, waive fines, and/or charge the maximum fines allowed for overdue items.  The owning library can re-link the item, but they may not use the original barcode for that item.  J. Chase is wondering if there could be a form used for patrons who return the item in person, instead of having the patron call the owning library to resolve it.  The item should then be forwarded to owning library.  J. Chase moved to amend the original recommendation to state that the library staff who receives the item should forward it on to the owning library (instead of the patron contacting library directly themselves).  S. Hedrick seconded.  P. Chevis wondered if a note could be added to an item that would be re-linked.  J. Chase and S. Hedrick agreed to withdraw the amendment and send it back to CSC for revision.  Recommendation from the committee to create a new PTYPE of WEB that would allow patrons to use the internet only.  This PTYPE would not allow these patrons to place holds or to check out items.  Vote: motion passed. 

Migration Committee vote:  BSCC, UEPR and CSC recommended that migration committees be created for Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, Serials, PAC, and PR (see handout for committee roles and make-up).  Vote: Motion passed.


A Hot fix will be installed to address the ISBN-13 problem.  LINK staff will be sending out information on the changes related to the Hot fix.  Libraries are purchasing Play-away (digital audio books) and more guidelines will be coming for that.  The Committee to Review Multi-part DVDs and Fiction Matching Guidelines will meet on June 19th.  The morning session will deal with multi-part DVDs and the afternoon session will deal with fiction matching guidelines.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Please let Vicki know ahead of time. 

NEXT GENERATION – Did not meet.


The committee made changes to the Don’t Miss lists.  Thank you to MID for updating the NY Times Bestsellers lists and to DCL for updating the Publishers Weekly lists for many years.  Due to staffing changes and their availability online, the PM Operator will be taking over updating those lists.  New requests to the proxy server were reviewed.  We are aware of the problem with the comments box that pops up when placing a hold in DialPAC.  The problem has been reported to Dynix and we’re not sure when it will be fixed.  V. Teal Lovely would like to commend the Circulation Standards Committee and LINK Directors for their hard work regarding ITYPE loan period standardization.  This is a momentous day for LINK.  GREAT JOB!!!



Mark and Cheryl are working on language for a document to be distributed to library staff for handling criminal activity at their libraries.  JTC was evaluating/recommending databases for purchase but the Reference committee will handle this now.  NetLibrary will only sell titles to a consortium if a lot of copies for each title are purchased.  WPLC and SCLS have decided not to buy from them until this policy changes.  The committee did some brainstorming for 2007 LSTA projects.  Some ideas mentioned were: patron technology training, digitization of an Adams County local history title, Tumble Books, host a consumer technology boot camp in order to try new gadgets.  There was discussion about forming a citizen technology board.  Stef is working on Spanish language authentication for databases.  South Central is reviewing OPAL, which is an online meeting program that uses voice over IP for up to 20 people.  It is inexpensive and only requires a commitment to two trainings sessions per year.  A lot of libraries have gone to public access wireless.  Phyllis updated the committee on SB 273.  Be sure to use proper PSTAT codes for patrons to ensure the correct reimbursement for cross-border borrowing patrons (only rural areas).  Cheryl has a web site up that references this topic and it is very helpful.

BUDGET AND PERSONNEL – Was reported under the Treasurer’s report.


The committee reviewed RTH.  Delivery keeps growing and they are continually working on making things more efficient.


There was a revision to the Cataloging Web sites Selection Policy.  There is a trend in government documents becoming available only online.  We will continue to catalog these forms as well as local documents available online following the guidelines for cataloging local materials.  The committee recommends discontinuing cataloging other types of web sites.  The committee suggested that libraries may create records for local organizations with web sites in the Clubs and Organizations database instead.  The committee also recommends that records for new electronic databases be looked at in terms of quality of cataloging before purchasing and loading.  The original policy was officially adopted in February 2006.  Vote: motion passed.  The committee looked at recommending a purchase requirement for audio books, but decided not to move forward at this time.  Madison Public Library will be reviewing records for NetLibrary titles and purging the older version of duplicate titles.  The committee is also recommending that the Purchase Alert report be provided once per month.  If your library prefers to still receive this twice a month, please contact Vicki.  Vote: motion passed.  The committee reviewed RTH and had no recommendation for changes to the parameters at this time. 



Location of August Meeting:  Those in attendance were asked if they would prefer to hold the August LINK Meeting in Wisconsin Dells.  The question was posed in June so that WID would have time for planning activities and lunch.  People were asked to vote yes only if they were planning on attending the meeting as there is the issue of having a quorum.  D. Calef moved to hold the August LINK Meeting in Wisconsin Dells.  A. Barnett seconded.  Vote: motion passed.

P. Nelson moved to adjourn the meeting.  N. LeMoine seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 12:10 pm.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.