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February 8, 2007
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Adams County – Calef; Baraboo – MacDonald; Black Earth – Schmitt; Brodhead – Rosa; Cambridge – Behm; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Madison – Dimick, Grogan, Lee; Marshall – Skalitzsky; Middleton – Nelson; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Mosier, Bird; Verona – Hedrick; Waunakee – Bauer; Wisconsin Rapids - Barnett.

Absent: Belleville, Cambria, Columbus, Cross Plains, DeForest, LaValle, Lodi, McFarland, Monona, Monroe, Mt. Horeb, New Glarus, North Freedom, Oregon, Poynette, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Sauk City, Wisconsin Dells, Wyocena.

Also Present: Davis, Morrill, Blough, Teal Lovely, Oliversen, Dries.

Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 10:09 am.

Establishment of Quorum:  J.Endres reported that we have a quorum.

Changes/Additions:  Thank-you note from Sharon Zindars was passed around.

Approval of December 2006 Minutes:  P. Chevis moved approval of the December minutes.  MacDonald seconded.  Vote: Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  No report.

Project Manager’s Report:  The LINK Growth/2006 Annual report will be posted to the Automation web site.  Lauren noted some of the accomplishments.  After continued staff review of the Dynix report production there was a significant reduction in distribution of paper copies saving time and materials.  The new Dynix (Sun) server’s superior performance also contributed to increased efficiency by completing some processes 15 times faster than the old HP server.  The Migration Committees were established and Applications staff are thoroughly examining the Horizon 8.x functionality with the members.  The Circulation Standards Committee evaluated the Dynix settings and the adopted recommendations for standardization will benefit both current activities and database preparation for the Horizon migration.  Other committees streamlined cataloging as well as searching, linking and packaging guidelines and assessing the organization and updating of Don’t Miss Lists in the PAC.  The Serials and Acquisition Specialist position has been reclassified as the Cataloging and PAC Support Specialist.  The new hire will start soon.  Vicki co-presented a session on migration for consortia at the annual CODI Conference.  The BadgerNet network upgrade was so well planned that Operations staff had the routers installed in LINK libraries 2 months before the last BadgerNet conversion.  Automation staff handled many renovations and new library construction projects including: VER, CSP, COL, LUD, BAR, DEE, WAU, and MAD.  Ten new ITG Self Checks were installed in 6 libraries.  BAR joined the list of libraries using Debt Collect.  The Windows project progressed.  SpamAssassin was introduced to contain the proliferation of unwanted email.  Staff worked diligently to improve communication and keep library staffs up-to-date with email lists, LINK News & Tips Newsletters, and publishing committee minutes, offering workshops and visits to new directors.  There were 6,691 total requests logged in 2006 and 196 visits were made to libraries by the PC technicians.  Andrew handled 146 equipment orders.  TeleCirc saved over $250,000 in postage fees.  The total number of notices increased. 

Greg isn’t at the meeting today because he is currently working on the configuration of the new email server.  The web server migration went well and has greatly enhanced system security.  The increased security caused some conflicts with existing programs but all issues have been addressed at this point.  The earlier problem with Charter email accounts treating LINK email notices as spam has been fixed.  The email server upgrade is scheduled for Monday, February 12th.  Libraries should plan for one hour of downtime.  SpamAssassin will be reactivated on Monday and there may be a short time during which it will be unavailable while configurations are optimized to best utilize the new features.  Progress is being made but the Windows XP patron image is still in the testing phase.  Kerri keeps uncovering problems and has done marvelous detective work.  Operations staff want to be sure the problems are addressed before it’s released.  We are closer to the point where the image will go out for pilot testing in selected libraries.  Heidi attended the ALA Mid-winter conference at which Sirsi/Dynix discussed the delay with Horizon and said they are trying to release a product with 0 bugs.  Automation staff are focusing on ensuring that the LINK contract requirements are met.  The Migration Committees are working on prioritizing functionality to determine which 8.x version of Horizon we should migrate to.  BRD is expected to go live at the end of March or beginning of April.


Long Range – Did not meet.

Circ. Services – Met on January 3rd.  The committee discussed the results of the LINK Uniform Refund Policy.  The last question on the survey was hard to collate because there were many individual answers.  The committee will come up with a recommendation for the April LINK Meeting.  The committee also reviewed the LINK downtime procedures and changed the procedures to be more consistent for both PC Reliance users and non-PC Reliance users.  The revised procedures will be posted on the web site.  The Self Check User’s Group met in January.  During the meeting some of the libraries raised issues with ITG units.  Heidi was able to get information related to these issues at ALA.  She will incorporate the information into the minutes and post them on the Circulation Support web site.

BSCC – Did not meet.  Amy Gannaway will start on Monday, February 12 as the new Cataloging and PAC Support Specialist.  She was formerly employed with the DOT, cataloging digital resources.  Before that, she worked for a law library.  Automation was looking for someone who was comfortable with web development and cataloging digital resources.  We are looking forward to her joining our department. 

Next Generation - Did not meet.

UEPR – Met on January 24th.  They reviewed the Don’t Miss Lists survey results.  Nichole Fromm set up the survey and sent it to the SCLS Citizens Technology Advisory Group.  The survey was posted on the LINK web site and also on Madison’s blog.  There were 223 responses.  The most common complaint was that there are too many pages to go through (not too many lists).  Nothing can be done about this in Dynix.  Hopefully more can be done in Horizon.  As a temporary solution, the committee will work on a web page to organize and consolidate the lists.  They also talked about weeding the lists and renaming some of them.  A side benefit to the web page is that we would get sort and limit options with the Best Seller lists.  It may be difficult to incorporate the new page into the catalog, but we will work on it.  This will be one of Amy Gannaway’s first projects.

Network Integration – Did not meet.

JTC – Discussed ongoing projects, minutes posted on website.

Budget and Personnel - Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory – Did not meet.

Circ. Standards – Did not meet.

Cataloging Contract committee – Scheduled to meet March 6th.



  1. Ratify appointments to Organizational & Operational Committees:

Budget and Personnel – The committee needs replacements for John Seery and Kerri Canepa, who have left the system.  Pat Chevis of STO will replace John Seery.  Linda Schmitt of BER will replace Kerri Canepa.  

Long Range Planning – Andy Barnett will remain Chair.  Pat Chevis would like to step down.  Sue Steiner from REE will replace her.

Circulation Services – Judy Collison from ORE will be added. 

UEPR – Jean Anderson will stay on but will now represent SCLS. Enough libraries are currently represented, so no new members will be added. 

BSCC – Members will remain the same.

B. Kennedy moved to ratify the committees as listed.  P. Chevis seconded.  Vote: Motion passed.

  1. Software Applications report:  The report is posted online, but there are some highlights worth mentioning.  PIN conversion was completed.  The standardization of loan periods for ITYPEs was completed.  ITG Self Check units were introduced.  UEPR reorganized and renamed New Titles Don’t Miss Lists.  We hosted a serial vendor fair.  Cleanup of Overdrive records was completed and they have been loaded into the system.  The ISBN 13 conversion was completed.  Staff is working toward getting ready for the Horizon migration.  Jim Wilson from SirsiDynix gave a demonstration of the Horizon Circulation module for migration committee members.  The migration committees have been working on reviewing the lists of functionality and are coming up with questions for SirsiDynix.  The committees will help decide if we need to wait for the 8.1 version of Horizon or if we can move forward with 8.0.  There were 3678 support calls related to software (an 11% increase from last year).  There were 513 requests for custom reports (a 36% increase from last year). 


  1. Disbanding committees that have completed their Charge:  Should the Next Generation Planning committee and Network Integration Committee disband?  Greg can be given his own space to report on the LINK Agenda instead.  The Circulation Standards Committee is also finished.   

P. Chevis moved to sunset all three committees.  J. Endres seconded.  Vote: Motion passed. 

P. Davis motioned to adjourn the meeting.  P. Nelson seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 10:53 a.m.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.