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October 11, 2007
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Adams – Calef; Baraboo – MacDonald; Black Earth – Shaffer; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Cross Plains – Bosben; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; DeForest – Berg; Madison – Dimick, Lee, Grogan; Mazomanie – Johnson; McFarland – Hartman; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Gerber; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Prairie du Sac – Endres; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Verona – Hedrick; Wisconsin Dells – Borck; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett; Wyocena – Friesen.

Absent: Belleville, Brodhead, Cambria, LaValle, Monroe, Marshall, Mt. Horeb, North Freedom, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Sun Prairie, and Waunakee.

Also Present:  Davis, Morrill, Blough, Teal Lovely, Gannaway, Dries.

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 10:16 am.

Establishment of Quorum:  J. Endres reported that we do have a quorum.

Changes or Additions to the Agenda:  Under the Other Business section please add establishing a nominating committee to solicit volunteers to be LINK officers for 2008.  There is also an appointment to the BSCC Committee that should be added in this section.  S. Hartman added DVD theft.

Approval of Minutes from the August 2007 Meeting:  J. Chase moved approval.  D. Gerber seconded.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report – No report

Project Manager’s Report:  The REE and MCF ITG Self Check order is ready.  We’ll place another order for Madison when the new SEQ building is ready.  Due to repeated problems with desensitization, ITG staff made a trip to Madison in September to replace the Self Check rails and magnets.  They also adjusted a timing feature in the software and switched out barcode readers.  Reports from staff and patrons indicate that the machines are working better now. ITG has scheduled an October visit to install the same upgrades at MOO, MID and SUN where the EM Security model Self Checks are installed.  The Long Range Planning Committee approved the PAC migration project proposal submitted by Vicki Teal Lovely and Julie Chase after their visit to vendors at ALA.   Amy Gannaway is currently doing product investigation.  She will send the information she gathers to the PAC migration committee.  Cottage Grove has a new site confirmed.  Monticello and Rio requested and received LINK membership information.

Computer Systems Integrator’s Report:  Greg and Pat along with Jan from SUN did a network quality of service policy test.  They were checking to see if traffic shaping was working as expected.  Traffic shaping gives network priority to Dynix functions.  The test went well as it did preserve bandwidth prioritization for Dynix traffic.  The test will be applied to all BadgerNet Wan links at LINK libraries next week.  Please report any slow response time in Dynix to the Help Desk.  The SCLS Internet feed from WiscNet will be increased to 20 Mbps in the next few weeks.  Windows domain migration will be completed by the end of October except in Madison Central and some SCLS offices.  All sites have been visited twice for staff and patron migration upgrades with the exception of Madison which requires a much more complicated preparation for conversion.  Patron PC tutorials are being worked on and will be available soon.  Lab equipment upgrades over the next several months will make the testing environment more efficient and able to support a wider range of software configurations.


Long Range Planning:  The committee met yesterday to review submitted projects and to begin an investigation of possible LINK funding models.   There are  5 projects: PAC replacement, Remote Circulation, Pre-overdue notices, E-commerce, and Floating collections.  The PAC migration has been approved and is in the product exploration stage.  Remote circulation was proposed by Cathy at WID and discussed at the Long Range Planning meeting yesterday.  More information will be gathered and it will be submitted for inclusion on the next LINK Agenda.  WID formed a joint library with Lake Delton and the staff would like to use a laptop and PC Reliance to check out library material at remote locations.  They would have to purchase LINK and Dynix licenses.  LINK support for the laptops needs clarification.  The main issue with pre-overdue notices is the concern about the proliferation of unwanted messages if email recipients can’t opt out of this feature.  They might switch to TeleCirc or paper notices and this would have impact the LINK budget.  E-commerce will be referred to JTC as its varied components may interest LINK and nonLINK libraries.  There is no product that addresses the financial aspects involved with sharing collections in a consortium right now.  The models we’ve seen are configured to handle a single fiscal entity rather than autonomous libraries organized in a consortium.  The Floating collections project is underway.   The 6 month pilot is being implemented in several Dane County libraries.  Madison may follow with an independent project post-pilot.  LINK funding models were discussed, but the committee is not yet ready to make a proposal to the Budget Committee.  If, after review, the Budget Committee selects a new model they will propose the formulation.  Lauren drafted a survey to gather information from LINK directors and staff about added features wanted on staff and patron PCs.  This data will be used to help draft the funding models.

Circulation Services:  Jane reported on the minutes from the last meeting.  The first recommendation is a policy for multi-part items.  These had previously been guidelines, but the committee wants to make it an official policy.  P. Chevis moved to postpone this recommendation until the next meeting, so the appropriate policy form can be submitted.  J. Chase seconded.  Motion passed.  The second recommendation is modifying the PTYPE for Fine Free Organizations to match the ORG PTYPE except for fines.  DCL opposed.  Vote: Motion passed.  The third recommendation establishes guidelines for circulating Playaway units.  BSCC recommends using ITYPE X instead of QCD.  The CSC committee agreed to the alternate recommendation via email.  This will make it easier to get statistics on Playaway circulation.  These units would circulate without ear buds or batteries.  VER is not ready for these units to go out system-wide.  BSCC created a policy that a new format with 50 new titles will be cataloged and therefore, circulated in the system.  Motion passed.  The guidelines are done and Amy will email them to the link-cat email list. 

BSCC:  Jamie Birkett and Deena Brazy started working for SCLS as part-time database maintenance assistants.  The email survey went out and we received 194 responses.  From the responses, SCLS staff has identified actions to be taken.  Please contact the Help Desk if you have questions or need help with your email.  Some indicated that they would like the ability to check their email on the web.  There is no solution at this time, but SCLS staff will investigate.  Andrew will be doing follow-up to those who requested it.  Vicki reviewed the minutes from the last BSCC meeting.  The committee recommends making revisions the following revisions to the existing Website cataloging policy.   Recommendation to LINK that we add a 5th category to the Cataloging Web Sites Selection Policy: Databases owned by an individual library that are available for use outside the library for only that library’s patrons.  Libraries must confirm with SCLS Administration that it is possible to provide authentication.  Libraries who wish to purchase web resources not specified in 1-5 should contact the BSCC.  Motion passed.

UEPR:  Amy reviewed the minutes from the last meeting.  There are no recommendations from the committee at this time. 

JTC – Did not meet.

Budget and Personnel – Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory – Did not meet.

Communication – None

Other Business:

  1. Grant materials on the Don’t Miss Lists – revisited.  S. Hartman doesn’t think everyone understood what they voted on regarding the Don’t Miss Lists for grants recommendation.  The vote was to create a list that would be made available for inclusion on libraries’ individual web pages, but would not appear on the Don’t Miss Lists web page that is accessible via LINKcat.  She would like the Madison Community Foundation lists put on the Don’t Miss List page to show appreciation to the Madison Community Foundation for this grant.  S. Hedrick moved to make an exception to the policy for the Don’t Miss Lists grants list for the Madison Community Foundation, so the Madison Community Foundation grant list will be available on the Don’t Miss Lists web page. P. Nelson seconded.  Vote: Motion passed. 
  2. 2008 LINK Officer Nomination Committee: P. Nelson, S. Hedrick and V. Cothroll volunteered to be on the nomination committee. 
  3. Appointment to the BSCC Committee: Linda Erickson from VER has volunteered to serve on BSCC.  A. Barnett recommended her appointment.  Vote: Motion passed. 
  4. Samples of DVD Theft: S Hartman passed around 2 discs that were returned at McFarland to illustrate the DVD simulation of library material.  Staff should be on the alert for discs with copied labels.  One obvious difference was the disc that had no raised surface normally present when security strips are applied.    
  5. New Director:  Please welcome Carolyn Shaffer.  She is the new director at BER.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:22 a.m

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.