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December 13 , 2007
SCLS Administration Building

Present: Brodhead – Rosa; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Cross Plains –
Bosben; Deerfield – Fry; Madison – Dimick, Grogan, Lee; McFarland – Selle; Middleton
– Nelson; Monona – Gerber; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Prairie du
sac – Endres; Plain – Palmer; Portage – Jensen; Poynette – Yurgil; Reedsburg – Steiner,
Mobley; Sauk City – Heidenreich; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Herold; Verona –
Hedrick; Wisconsin Dells – Borck; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett, Wyocena - Friesen.
Absent: Adams County, Baraboo, Black Earth, Belleville, Cambria, Dane County,
DeForest, LaValle, Lodi, Marshall, Mazomanie, Monroe, Mt. Horeb, North Freedom,
Pardeeville, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Waunakee.

Also Present: Blough, Teal Lovely, Oliversen, Gannaway, Dries.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:16 am.

Changes or Additions to the Agenda: The Nominating Committee was added under

Approval of Minutes from the October 2007 Meeting: P. Kindschi moved approval of
the October 2007 Minutes. H. Jensen seconded. Vote: Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: No report.

Project Manager’s Report:
For the most part LINK libraries have not been affected by bandwidth limitations since
the BadgerNet dataline conversions. Problems were reported by a few agencies, one of
which involved utilization of the wireless lab for training sessions. However, as more
bandwidth-intensive features and services are offered the unused capacity shrinks. Greg
and Pat worked with AE Business Solutions consultants to implement traffic shaping
which gives priority to staff activity on the network, but patrons could begin to
experience slow response time if the bandwidth reserves become inadequate. Greg
regularly monitors LINK network activity logs and has documented the increased load.
We’ve responded to DPI requests for updates on bandwidth needs and have contacted
TEACH directly. TEACH has to consider hundreds of requests from 9 categories of
users with libraries and schools comprising only two of the groups. There are reports of
some funds that could be allocated to help those with the most pressing needs, but we
have no idea of the amount that may be made available. We can’t be sure that the
provision of increased capacity will come without cost. Automation will remain in
contact with DPT & TEACH and will supply data to support LINK’s requests. Thank you for sending in the LINK Letters of Agency to comply with E-rate requirements. This is a reminder to fax the TEACH Letters of Agency by the December 21st deadline.
The Year-End Schedule will be posted online tomorrow, December 14th. There will be
downtime to allow for a system resize. The Dynix resizes are required to maintain
optimal performance levels. It is expected to take 26 hours to complete so the system
will be unavailable from midnight (12:01 AM) on Christmas morning, December 25th
until approximately 4 AM on Wednesday, December 26th. As usual, the system will also
be unavailable while the annual Dynix account rollover and other year-end tasks are
performed. From 10:35 p.m. Monday, December 31st until approximately 2:00 p.m. on
Tuesday, January 1st, 2008 Dynix, TeleCirc and iPAC functions will be inaccessible.
The RFID session was held at Sun Prairie on Wednesday, December 12th.
Representatives from both SirsiDynix and ITG provided the group with practical timely
If your library would like to order a receipt printer and you haven’t already installed one,
you will need to contact Automation for the printer and to have the software activated in
your Dynix account.
An increasing number of libraries’ RHA reports (Pick Lists) have been sent to the system
printer recently. In some cases they interrupted notice printing which is disruptive for the
operator and it’s also a waste of paper. Please remind your staff that when they are
printing a Dynix report, they should pay attention to the printer they’re selecting.

Computer Systems Integrator’s Report: No report.

Long Range Planning: Wisconsin Dells submitted a proposal for a remote circulation
project to the Long Range Planning Committee. They are planning on taking a laptop to
locations without libraries such as Lake Delton. The details regarding the use of laptops
and PC Reliance software are being discussed. Other libraries have expressed interest in
doing remote circulation at nursing homes and community events. Long Range Planning
is also working on devising a survey to gather information on provision of services on
staff and patron PCs. Lauren sent the revised version to the Committee and is waiting for
their responses. It would also be helpful to have a few volunteers to test-drive the survey.
Maureen Palmer volunteered. Lauren will contact some more people and ask them to

Circulation Services: Heidi reviewed the minutes from the last meeting; reported that
she had run Purge Inactive Patrons on Monday and Tuesday and reminded the directors
to update their Dynix calendars and that the barcode order deadline is December 14th.
She has the requested reports for libraries of patrons deleted and this year ran a report for
everyone of all patrons not deleted because they have a balance of more than $10. The Committee made a recommendation that the ADDRESS CHECK parameter be changed
from 365 days to 540 days for the PTYPEs AD, JV, SR and STF. Vote: motion passed.
This will be implemented on December 14th. Heidi will also implement the changes to
the FFO PTYPE and the ORG PTYPE on the 14th (these changes were approved at the
October LINK meeting). The Committee also recommended approval of the LINK
Labeling Multi-part Items policy. Vote: motion passed. How has the floating collection
pilot been going for the past few weeks? MCF has been adding float stickers to items
that are not theirs. Also having to add shelving labels if libraries use a different
numbering systems.

BSCC: Vicki reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. Amy will send out guidelines
to the selectors at LINK Libraries regarding the coding of juvenile materials by
intellectual levels.

UEPR – Did not meet.

JTC: The committee met in October. The minutes should be posted soon.

Budget and Personnel – Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory – Did not meet.

Nominating committee: Paul Nelson, Vicki Cothroll, and Susan Hedrick, the
committee members, proposed the following slate of candidates for the LINK offices:
Vice Chair/Chair Elect – Denise Anton Wright, Secretary – Jennifer Endres, Treasurer –
Tracy Herold. A. Barnett moved to close the nominations. D. Gerber seconded. Motion
passed. Vote: motion passed. Tracy will work with Julie Chase on the 2008 LINK
Budget to gain experience from the Master.

Communication: None.

Other Business:
1. New wrinkle on DVD switching: Patrons are now switching widescreen for full
screen discs. Please watch for this at checkin. The DVDs won’t have libraries
2. Planning for increased BadgerNet bandwidth: This was already discussed
under the Project Manager’s report. Another thing to note is that the Dynix textbased
ILS uses minimal bandwidth compared to modern web-based automated
systems. The Dynix replacement is expected to have a significant impact on the
3. Spam reduction measures: Greg has devised a method for radically reducing
the amount of spam delivered to staff Junk mailboxes by stopping it at the
server. The process entails rating the emails and deleting messages with a score
greater than 20. He will send more details prior to the expected implementation in mid-January. There will be an opportunity to opt out for anyone who does not
want to participate in the spam reduction program.

The meeting adjourned at 10:59 am.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.