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February 14, 2008

Present: Black Earth – Shaffer; Belleville – Christensen; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; DCLS – Chase; Deerfield – Fry; Monroe – Guralski; Madison – Grogan; Middleton – Nelson; Monona – Gerber; Mt. Horeb – Unruh; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Kennedy; Portage – Jensen; Stoughton – Chevis; Sun Prairie – Herold; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett.

Absent: Adams, Baraboo, Brodhead, Cambria, Cross Plains, DeForest, LaValle, Lodi, Marshall, Mazomanie, McFarland, North Freedom, Prairie du Sac, Plain, Poynette, Reedsburg, Rock Springs, Spring Green, Sauk City, Verona, Waunakee, Wisconsin Dells, Wyocena.

Also Present: Davis, Morrill, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Gannaway,

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:24 am.

Establishment of Quorum: Jane Grogan reported that we did not have a quorum. No action was taken. Reports were presented by the Project Manager and the Committee representatives. Due to an emergency situation that involves the limited availability of state funds and the pending retirement of the person administering the project, the LINK Executive Committee will convene after the LINK meeting to vote on the following proposal. Their decision will be brought back to this body for ratification at the next meeting. The recommendation to authorize Automation to order increased bandwidth from TEACH. The Executive Committee will also vote on the committee appointments for the Budget Committee.

Additions/Changes to Agenda: Phyllis added an announcement under Communication.
Agenda item 10.a, the TEACH BadgerNet bandwidth increase proposal was moved to the Project Manager’s Report.

Approval of December 2007 Meeting Minutes: Approval of the December Minutes
will be tabled until the next meeting since we don’t have a quorum.

Treasurer’s Report - Nothing to report.

Project Manager’s Report:
The LINK Growth spreadsheet posted on the Automation Support web page has been updated to include 2007 data. We know that the Dynix ILS replacement is overdue, but this 15 year old system is a workhorse. It has evolved from the initial installation that circulated 5.8 million items and processed 236,000 holds from 19 libraries using 7 modules in 1994 to a system that circulated 11.2 million items, processed 3,262,000 holds from 50 libraries using 21 modules in 2007. But the days of Dynix are numbered and, after Vicki’s and Julie’s rigorous ALA investigation of selected ILS products on the market in June 2007, LINK approved the following recommendation “…to schedule further investigation of selected ILS products to replace Dynix Classic for spring 2008 when SirsiDynix Symphony and Evergreen's Serials & Acquisitions modules are due for release. In the interim, pursue the selection and purchase of a modern PAC, and explore open source as a potential alternative to turnkey ILS software. The intent is to compare products that are working in libraries to avoid making choices based on promised rather than operating functionality." It’s almost Spring and ILS vendor demos are scheduled in April. Vicki has contacted the migration committees and they will work with the vendors to evaluate Innovative Interface’s Millennium, Polaris, and SirsiDynix’s Symphony 3.2. We are in contact with Open Source vendors and have been following various lists to keep apprised especially of the
development of their Acquisitions and Serials modules. There will be meetings and follow up after the demos. We have more opportunities to ask questions at conferences scheduled in the next few months. Site visits may be arranged. Once a recommendation is proposed to LINK and a decision is made, the Contract Committee will begin negotiations with the selected vendor. The migration to Horizon was initially expected to take 18 months, but shortened to 12 months when much of the functionality had been demonstrated during its long gestation. Training and documentation will take time. Workflow issues will have to be addressed. Once we begin to chart the migration with the vendor we’ll have a better idea of how long this will take. Looking back to other accomplishments in 2007, Automation Operations staff planned and implemented the domain migration which will be completed by the end of February after 2 years of arduous design, testing and installation. All of the Patron PCs and about
a third of the Staff PCs have been converted to XP. After the painful experience with floods of unwanted email, Greg made all of us happy by stopping more than 90% of the spam at the server before it could be distributed to our mailboxes. All Automation staff are involved in bringing new libraries online or handling different aspects of getting new buildings ready for opening. Brodhead began circulating on LINK in April 2007. Pat Dolan has been working very closely with the library staffs on the Sequoya and North Freedom projects. Amy Gannaway, part-time database assistants and a part-time operator were welcomed as new staff while Andrew Hoks and Brian Hahn were promoted to Computer Technician II and Help Desk Technician respectively. Amy has been very busy investigating PAC interfaces. Heidi worked with library staffs new to Debt Collect and to the Inventory process and she and the Circulation Standards Committee completed the much appreciated standardization of circulation rules. She set up the new Falcon inventory equipment purchased through an LSTA Grant. Michelle and Amy set up the blog replacing LINK News and Tips with an interactive forum for
library staff. Maintaining the database is an intense time-consuming project but Vicki and the Applications staff are diligently supervising the part-time employees while producing custom reports, supporting the Dynix modules and preparing for the migration to a new ILS. Vicki worked with Madison Cataloging staff to organize the databasemanagement aspect of the influx of titles purchased through the Madison Community Foundation Grant. The grant was awarded to Dane County libraries but will benefit patrons throughout the system. Cindy has produced voluminous documentation for the operators and has been working on a Captivate session to assist patrons using LINK PCs. ITG Self Checks are scheduled to be installed at Reedsburg, Mt Horeb, McFarland and
DeForest on March 4th, 5th and 6th. Badger Net bandwidth provisioned through the DOA TEACH program became a LINK issue this year. As noted at the December LINK meeting, Automation staff have communicated our concerns to DPI and TEACH as problems developed. As LINK bandwidth-intensive features and services have increased, the network load has exceeded capacity during peak times at some sites. To guarantee adequate bandwidth for Dynix
functions, Greg Barniskis and Pat Dolan worked with A E Business Solutions to plan and implement “traffic shaping” which gives priority to staff Dynix traffic and allocates the remainder to Internet services which is not sufficient at peak times. Greg monitors the network activity and the statistics gathered were sent to TEACH to prove LINK’s current need for increased bandwidth. During a follow up conversation on Friday with the TEACH IT Management Consultant (who is retiring in 4 weeks), I learned that our request was approved and that the order could be placed immediately. With the state subsidy currently available, the LINK cost would be approximately $11,500 for the remainder of 2008. The annual cost for this increase is $13,800. Contingency funds could be used; there would be no assessment for libraries. This would address the first phase of a bandwidth upgrade that could possibly be stretched over a 2 to 3 year period. Automation is requesting authorization to order the bandwidth increases immediately and, after periodic review, to order additional bandwidth as the need arises for LINK libraries. Greg is on the BadgerNet Advisory Council so he will be contributing valuable information for consideration in the development of BadgerNet 3. Further information is posted in LINK Memo 2008-03 at:

Applications Report: Vicki reviewed the Software Applications report that was posted
yesterday on the web site.

Computer Systems Integrator’s Report: Lauren mentioned the improvements in Spam control. 95% of spam is trashed before it’s delivered. The kind of spam that leaks through is the kind that will always be hard to filter (scams). Greg has been working more with PC update automation through the system management server. In the next month or so a Firefox update will be going out on all machines automatically. This will be the first of many automated updates. The Windows domain migration is almost complete. SCLS Delivery is the last location and will be done by end of February. Greg is also working on remainder of core network migration. There is obsolete infrastructure that has to be taken down and disposed of. He is also working on improving the backup process.

*With the exception of the Budget and Personnel Committee, we will postpone approval of new and renewed appointments until the April meeting and expect current members to continue to serve on the committees until then. In light of the fact that the Budget and Personnel Committee will need to plan their first session prior to the next LINK meeting, the Executive Committee will vote on approval of those committee members today in the emergency session.

Long Range Planning: The committee did not meet. Lauren sent out email about
ongoing projects and reviewed it. This document is posted on the committee web page.

Circulation Services: Heidi reviewed the minutes from the January meeting.

BSCC: Vicki reviewed the minutes from the January meeting.

UEPR: Amy reviewed the minutes from the January meeting.

JTC - Did not meet.

Budget and Personnel – Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory – Did not meet.

COMMUNICATION: The state is conducting an economic impact study on libraries by forming focus groups. They want focus groups between 6 -15 people. One will be hosted in Madison. Are there any libraries here interested in participating in a focus group? MTH, MOO, SUN are interested. Phyllis will have someone get in touch with these libraries.

Other Business – None.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:23 am.

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.