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December 11, 2008

Present: Adams County – Calef; Black Earth – Shaffer; Cambridge – Behm; Columbus – Kindschi; Deerfield – Fry; DeForest – Berg; Lodi – Priewe; Madison – Lee; Mazomanie – Johnson; McFarland – Selle; Monona – Gerber; Monroe – Guralski; New Glarus – Anton Wright; Oregon – Cothroll; Pardeeville – Yurgil; Prairie du Sac – Endres;
Portage – Jensen; Reedsburg – Steiner, Mobley; Spring Green – Anderson; Stoughton – Vache; Sun Prairie – Herold; Waunakee – Hedrick; Wisconsin Rapids – Barnett.

Absent: Baraboo, Belleville, Brodhead, Cambria, Cross Plains, LaValle, Marshall, Middleton, Mt. Horeb, North Freedom, Plain, Poynette, Rock Springs, Sauk City, Verona, Wisconsin Dells, Wyocena.

Also Present: Morrill, Blough, Teal Lovely, Barniskis, Oliversen, Gannaway, Dries.

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:09 am.

Quorum: J. Endres reported that there was a quorum.

Changes or Additions to the Agenda: The Nominating Committee was added to the Committee Reports under 8j.

Approval of Minutes from the October 2008 Meeting: D. Gerber moved approval. P. Kindschi seconded. Vote: motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: None.

Project Manager’s Report: The Contract Committee is amalgamating separate LibLime contracts to better represent the SCLS/LINK system model. LibLime doesn’t currently have a customer exactly like SCLS. The committee is referring to the SirsiDynix contract, but the LibLime version will be somewhat different because of the nature of an open source support agreement. We will send reports as we get more information.

Computer Systems Integrator’s Report: The rolling out of I.E. 7 was in progress, but has stalled because staff have discovered it causes some problems. P. Dolan is working on the problems associated with this. Automation has received calls about turning patron
PCs off at night in order for libraries to conserve energy costs. Automation currently does software updates in middle of the night, which saves staff time. Currently, the PCs need to be left on to do this. We are aware that energy costs are an issue and are looking
at advanced power management (including the ability to turn the PCs on and off remotely in order to do necessary updates yet still conserve power).

Long Range Planning: The committee met on Dec. 4th. L. Blough reported on the progress with Koha/Lib Lime Development. P. Davis brought the committee up-to-date with the Technology Planning Process. LINK Governance and SCLS Governance and the possibility for change were also discussed. LINK planning and budget and the roles
of the respective committees will be part of the next level of investigation. The first area is to work on is LINK governance and Phyllis is envisioning a Task Force that would be comprised of a subset of the Long Range Planning Committee and Technology Planning Committee members as well as representatives of LINK Directors. The committee will review the LINK Agreement and Bylaws and look at the consortial models Tech Planning Workgroup 2 recorded. P. Davis will post general information about this process and expects to get it going in January.

CSC Two reminders; the barcode order deadline is tomorrow and please inform Heidi if your library wants to withdraw from the Floating Collection project. No one has reported negative responses from patrons regarding the pre-overdue notices. Heidi reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. The Circulation Services Committee recommends that
internet email notices be allowed for the remaining PTYPEs: HM, HO, HP, and LU.
Vote: motion passed. The committee had another recommendation, but it has been tabled until the SCLS ILL committee has an opportunity to discuss the issue..

BSCC – Vicki reviewed the minutes from the last meeting. The committee recommended to LINK that the instructions for juvenile coding be put in the Linking Manual, making it a policy. A survey was done and the responses were overwhelmingly in favor of continuing the project. SUN isn’t in favor of making this a policy because the juvenile coding process requires them to make a judgment call before the item is in hand. SUN doesn’t promote use of the juvenile Don’t Miss lists to their patrons. They are developing their own booklists for Reader’s Advisory, especially in the children’s area. Other libraries noted that they don’t always have a children’s librarian available, and that
the Don’t Miss Lists are simply a guide that can be useful to patrons, especially when there are no children’s librarians available. S. Hedrick appreciates the juvenile Don’t Miss Lists from a parent perspective. It increases the odds of success for finding materials at your child’s reading level. Some of the coding does come from OCLC Records, but LINK would get the most out of this if all libraries participated. Does the
coding decision have to be made on the Acquisitions record? MAD catalogs these materials right away and it wouldn’t be inefficient for libraries to have to remember to go back and request a change to the coding after they receive the item. Book reviews often have ages/grade level suggestions that can be used to make a judgment when the item is not in hand. The code can’t be added by the library later. In order to change the code in a record that has already been cataloged, you must fill out a Problem BIB form or contact Amy. Vote: motion passed. Opposed: SUN.

UEPR – Did not meet.

JTC – Did not meet.

Budget – Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory – The committee did meet and the minutes are posted on the SCLS web site. The committee discussed changes with the delivery service, communication about future changes, and how many changes are allowed.

Migration – Defer to ILS Selection.

ILS Selection – There have been meetings with the various migration committees. The Implementation Committee reviewed the functionality checklists and the core functionality will be added to the contract. The Hosting Committee is working on the decision to host Koha with LibLime or to install the software on hardware in house. The Contract Committee is reviewing the different pieces of the contract. All three elements
will eventually come together as part of the contract negotiation process. By the way, LibLime has a demo web site where you can look at the software (use the public library version).

Nominating committee: S. Hedrick reported for this committee. J. Berg and P. Westby were also a part of this committee. They recommended that Denise Anton Wright be appointed Chair, Lysianne Unruh be appointed Chair-Elect, Tracy Herold should remain the Treasurer, and Jennifer Endres should remain the Secretary. Vote: motion carried.


1. TEACH Funding: T. Herold was wondering about the email that TEACH recently sent to the libraries. Does the broader bandwidth access affect us? L. Blough responded that it affects us in that we won’t have to pay extra. There are other grades and when we move to the 5 MB level we will have to pay more money for some libraries. We are waiting to find out how the new system will handle this. We will have to increase bandwidth eventually as we plan for the new system. TEACH has provided 1.5 T bandwidth to every library when we upgraded to Badgernet 2. There is budgeted money that goes into a Telecommunication “pot”. That amount fluctuates depending on activity in other areas. There may be extra money to put toward this upgrade or there may not be.

2. ILLiad – SUN found out that some libraries are doing ILL differently than the majority of LINK Libraries. She asked if anyone was using ILLiad. ILLiad is a separate project for MAD right now. Cheryl Becker can be contacted for more information regarding changes to the ILL process.

3. Receipts for Open Holds – MID is wondering what other libraries are doing with Open Holds in regards to patron privacy. Currently, libraries can have a patron’s name, full patron barcode or the Dynix ID (or any combination of the 3) on Dynix receipts. The receipt format is hard-coded so we cannot make any changes. MAD handwrites a truncated version of the patron’s name on their holds slips. MCM does the same. Can the title be removed in case the slip is found later with patron’s name and title? Heidi doesn’t think it’s possible, the receipt is to remind
the patron of the titles they checked out.. Pamela Westby of MID wondered if we can pay for programming to change this? No, Sirsi/Dynix will no longer do custom programming work on Dynix Classic. Perhaps this can be implemented in the new system.

4. Vicki Cothroll retires at the end of the month. LINK wishes her well and a book was passed around for everyone to sign.

5. Trish Priewe from LDI thanked everyone for their support during Peg’s illness and passing. It was much appreciated. Last night the board discussed starting the process of filling her position.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:12 am.