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Thursday, December 10, 2009, 10 am
Sun Prairie Public Library

There will be a potluck lunch following the meeting.

  1. Call to order

  2. Establishment of Quorum

  3. Changes or Additions to the Agenda

  4. Approval of Minutes from the October 2009 meeting

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. Project Manager's Report

  7. Computer Systems Integrator's Report

  8. Migration Report

  9. Committee Reports

    1. Governance Task Force

    2. Circulation Services (formerly Operations) -- Minutes from the November Meeting

      • Recommendation to LINK that procedural language for Parts Missing Items be added to the Circulation manual and be made policy (see minutes for details) .

    3. BSCC (Bibliographic Standards and Controls Committee) - Minutes from the November Meeting.

    4. UEPR (User Education and Public Relations)

    5. JTC (Joint Technology Committee)

    1. Budget and Personnel Committee

    1. Delivery Advisory Committee

    2. ILS Oversight Committee

      Recommendation to standardize collection codes.
10. Communication

11. Other Business

For more information about LINK, contact LINK staff at (608) 266-6394.