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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Committee

Committee Charge

The SCLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Committee, a subcommittee of PLAC, focuses on activities which contribute to an efficient and effective ILL system between SCLS member public libraries, as well as between member libraries and other libraries in the state and country.

Examples of specific tasks and roles include, but are not limited to:

  1. Regularly review and recommend revisions to the resource sharing portion of the SCLS Technology Plan.
  2. Review and recommend revisions of system-wide ILL policies and procedures.
  3. Share ILL tips and “best practices” within the SCLS member public libraries.
  4. Actively seek input of SCLS member public libraries regarding ILL issues.
  5. Identify training needs for SCLS member public libraries regarding ILL practices.
  6. Recommend ILL-related continuing education programs (including identifying speakers, etc.) to SCLS CE Coordinator and Committee.
  7. Evaluate, as necessary, alternative methods, software, etc., for the provision of ILL resources for SCLS member libraries.
  8. Plan and implement annual ILL User Group meeting for SCLS member public libraries.
  9. Explore any other such ILL related matters as the committee deems necessary.

Membership: Membership is open to staff with ILL responsibilities in SCLS member public libraries. The committee will have 7-11 members, selected in the following manner:

The following members will serve two year terms, and be selected in the following manner:

Each county will select one library to represent them on the committee. In counties where there are both LINK and nonLINK libraries, the county may select both a LINK and a nonLINK library. A county which declines to select a representative to the committee will remain unrepresented; however, committee members will still actively seek input from the libraries in that county.

In addition, a representative from the Madison ILL staff, as the System’s Resource Library, will be a standing member.

A chair will be elected annually, and responsibility for taking notes or minutes of meetings will be rotated among the committee members. The SCLS Public Library Consultant will serve as the primary staff liaison to this committee. Other staff liaisons will be one representative each from LINK staff, and Delivery staff. ILL practitioners in all SCLS member public libraries are welcome to attend any ILL committee meeting, as well as contribute topics to be addressed by the Committee.

Meetings: The committee will meet quarterly (in January, April, July, and October), with additional meetings scheduled as required.

For more information about the ILL Committee, contact Cheryl Becker at (608) 246-7973 or