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SCLS Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Committee

Minutes of the July 29, 2009 meeting


Present:  Katie Alexander (BAR), Amy Bedessem (POR), Linda Borquin (LUD), Rollene Marslender (STP), Pearl Mosier (SUN), Heidi Oliversen (SCL), Patty Steele (MFD), Beth Price (MAD), Cheryl Becker (SCA), Tim Drexler (ZZZ).

July minutes:  Accepted. 


Borrowing/lending computer games:

We will no longer be borrowing or lending computer games via OLL. Most libraries will not lend them, and even if they will, we often need a “key code” that we don’t have access to.  

OLL survey:

Good responses and suggestions have been submitted so far. There is no deadline. Beth will send out a reminder for those who have not yet responded.

Postage costs: 

Katie had an ILL item that was $32 to send back to California and inquired about limits to postage. MAD limits to $150 per year per customer. Each library can set their own limits.

Limit on number of requests:

MAD will keep track of your limit of requests per patron. POR and MAD limit to 50 per patron. SUN limits to 100. MAD will not process beyond 100 per patron, but each library can set their own limit at 100 or lower.

Charges from libraries that don't charge:

BAR has experienced receiving some charges from LVIS (Libraries Very Interested in Sharing) libraries. Libraries that borrow direct will have to watch for this. If a library is charging and shouldn’t be, call them. 

Rosetta Stone software:

In 2008 Rosetta Stone stopped providing libraries with their CD ROM product that patrons could check out. Because of this, and because it would be hard to replace lost or damaged software, we will no longer lend or borrow Rosetta Stone software.

SCLS patrons in LINK hold queue after loans to libraries out of state:

A BAR patron had an item for 2 weeks and couldn’t renew it because it was checked out to fill an ILL request, and wasn't due back for 6 weeks. Patron was upset. LINK libraries can try to check the hold list and put our patron before the ILL patron, although consensus was that this doesn’t usually work. This is one of those things that may happen and we can explain to our patron that we, in turn, borrow items for him from other libraries also.

Updates, concerns, etc. from members:

Next meeting:  October 28

(Compiled by Linda Borquin, LUD )


For more information about the ILL Committee, contact Cheryl Becker.