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SCLS Board of Trustees

April 11, 2005 - 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Administration

Present: T. Brown, R. Curtis, L. Davis-Brown, E. DeSmidt, J. Hanson, M. Howe, A. Iwata, N. Nelson, H. O’Donnell, T. Peterson, G. Poulson, J. Pugh, J. Taft, P. Westby, J. Wheeler, K. Williams, W. Zimdars

Also Present: P. Hamon, P. Davis, H. Moe, Troy Bauman, Bob Blitzke, Char Paglini
Excused: F. Cherney, R. Keen, C. McGuire, T. Patton, P. Townsend, J. Kreten,

Call to Order: President J. Taft called the meeting to order at 12:17 p.m.
a. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: Pat Westby was introduced as a newly appointed SCLS Trustee representing Columbia County. Nancy Nelson was introduced as a newly appointed SCLS Trustee representing Sauk County.
b. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
c. Requests to address the board: None

Minutes: M. Howe moved approval of the March 14, 2005 minutes. J. Hanson seconded. Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: T. Peterson reviewed the bills for payment and moved approval. M. Howe seconded. Motion carried.

President's Report: J. Taft noted the Alicia Ashman Branch hosted a tour and presentation for the Friends of WI Libraries with Mike Cross as speaker. Some items discussed were system aids, cross border reimbursement, funding, and the current situation at Milwaukee.

Committee Reports:

Emerging Issues: T. Brown presented the first summary of the 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan Report, strategic planning for the future.

System Celebration: J. Wheeler noted the event will be held September 15th at Morels Restaurant in Middleton.

Circulation and ILL Statistics: No comment.

System Director's Report:

Problems with the state budget include the possible tax freeze issue and the possible elimination of fund transfers to balance the budget – The Universal Service Fund, which pays for system aids and BadgerLink, could be included in the elimination of fund transfers, although there is language in the statue that states systems are a purpose for that money. Without compromise, it may take a long time to get this budget passed.

The WiLS Committee that continues to work on costing out OCLC products, has been re-named the OCLC Group Services Committee. The RFP regarding the future of WISCAT is in the works by the State.

There is an article written in the Spring 2005 WAPL Communique, titled “Must We Go to Texas to Find Romance?,” which puts a humorous spin on problems with ILL requests. Peter and David Polodna of Winding Rivers both have articles in that publication concerning the OCLC vs. WisCat ILL controversy.

Mount Horeb is moving forward with their plan to limit patrons residing outside the SCLS border from using their library services until an annual fee is paid for those services. Peter noted that he is less than thrilled to have his name listed on a brochure put out by Barneveld (a member of the South West Library System) as the person to call with questions and complaints.

In celebration of the first anniversary of the Library Emporium, June Hanson, was recognized for her contribution and expertise in volunteering toward the success of the Emporium. She was presented with an official SCLS stadium chair and many thanks from the board, staff, and member libraries.

The audit is finished and went very well with just a few corrections. Presentation to the board of the final version should occur in June.

SCLS has a new web page, Please take a look!

Phyllis noted $66,000 in LSTA funding is available in 2006 for virtual reference projects. QuestionPoint and 24/7 are being combined and decisions need to be made about how to merge the virtual reference services in Wisconsin, what to name the new consortium, and how to publicize and market the service.

An ad was placed for the Continuing Education position and applications are being received. The interview committee has been formed and the interviews will take place in May.

As part of their 100 year anniversary celebration, DEMCO is sponsoring a bus trip to ALA for area library staff, librarians and students on Sunday, June 26th. DEMCO will provide each passenger with passes to the exhibits and a lunch coupon as well as a beverage on the bus.

The annual meeting will be held April 21th at the Wintergreen Resort in Wisconsin Dells. A video of library patrons voicing their support of libraries will be shown at the meeting. The board will have an opportunity to see this video at the May meeting.

The Plan-to-Plan Committee will meet on April 29th to discuss how to undertake the Strategic Plan.

Information Sharing: None

Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) Report:

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:

LINK Report:

Agenda and Minutes for the above committees can be found on the web at:

Other Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 1:18 p.m.

H. Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Heidi Moe.