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SCLS Board of Trustees

August 14, 2006 - 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Administration

Present:  R. Barden, T. Brown, R. Curtis, L. Davis-Brown, E. DeSchmidt, J. Hanson, J. Healy-Plotkin, T. Iaccarino, R. Keen, N. Nelson, H. O’Donnell, G. Poulson, J. Pugh, J. Taft, P. Townsend, P. Westby

Also Present:  P. Davis, H. Moe, S. Morrill
Absent:           M. Howe, E. Krszjzaniek, C. McGuire,
Excused:         F. Cherney, J. Kreten, J. Wheeler, K. Williams

Call to Order: Pres. J. Taft called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: None
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board: None

Minutes: L. Davis-Brown moved approval of the July 10, 2006 minutes.  T. Brown seconded.  Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements:  G. Poulson moved approval of the bills for payment in the amount of $125,154.38.  J. Hanson seconded.  Motion carried.   

President's Report:  Jack Taft mentioned that he is experiencing some neurological problems and noted that some of his words may be garbled.  He also noted that it has rained two inches since the last board meeting and inquired how Francis Cherney’s crops were doing.  Jack also inquired about whether there had been any changes to the application for trustees to attend National Library Day.  The Advocacy committee has not met to make any revisions.

Committee Reports:  None

SCLS Foundation Report: 
P. Davis, Bob Blitzke, and Jodi Sweeney gave a presentation to the Monroe Public Library Board.  Other libraries including Mazomanie, Portage, DeForest, Stoughton, Cambridge and Cottage Grove are interested in receiving a presentation regarding the foundation.  Larry Martin and Doris Hanson have volunteered to serve on the campaign planning committee.  Bob Blitzke’s surgery went well and he is already sending emails.

Circulation and ILL Statistics: No report.

System Director's Report:  Stef Morrill has been hired as the new Associate Director.  Recruitment for a Library Technology Coordinator will begin.  Karen Rattunde, Serials and Acquisitions Specialist, has resigned to take a position at the University.

One group of toys that was purchased by some member libraries as incentive awards for the Summer Library Program have been found  to contain lead paint.  SCLS has provided specific information to member libraries to help them answer questions from patrons. 

LSTA grants for Technology, Delivery and Family Literacy are in the works.

Many of the new delivery carts approved in the mid-year budget have been purchased and our delivery staff is moving ahead on that implementation.

The conversion to the Badger Converged Network for telecommunications is complete and the LINK staff did a great job on this big project. 

System Celebration is September 21st at the Wintergreen Resort in WI Dells.  The deadline to register is September 7th.

With regard to the ILL selection process that is being undertaken by the Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning, a specific vendor will receive a “letter of intent” to negotiate within the next week or so.  At that point, other vendors may challenge or appeal.

SRLAAW (the System and Resource Library Administrators' Association of Wisconsin) is discussing changing the formula for splitting delivery costs.  A subcommittee will be formed to work on revising the formula for splitting costs for the 2008 budget.

Stef discussed a software package called “Counting Opinions,” which provides ongoing web-based surveys from patrons.  Standard questions will be available for all libraries and it will also allow each library to compare itself to others in the system and beyond.  This topic was discussed at PLAC and positive feedback was received.  SCLS will look into a pilot project with the possibility of making it available to every library in the system.

Information Sharing:

G. Poulson noted the City of Madison approved redeveloping the space that currently holds the Sequoya Branch.  The branch will increase to 20,000 sq. ft and should be complete by July 2007.  There should be no interruption of service during this redevelopment. 

E. DeSmidt noted Dane County will begin preliminary budget negotiations and she encouraged everyone to contact the County Board of Supervisors.  She also noted the Dane County Juvenile jail will be expanded with a completion date one year from now.  The jail will offer teachers, aids, books and volunteers.

J. Hanson noted the Oregon Summer library Program had 610 participants this year compared to 321 kids last year!

The Green County library cart drill team will participate in the New Glarus Wilhelm Tell Festival parade.

Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC) Report:

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:

LINK Report:

Agenda and Minutes for the above committees can be found on the web at:

Other Business: None.

Meeting adjourned at 12:47 p.m.

H. Moe, Recorder       

For more information about the Board of Trustees, contact Heidi Moe.