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SCLS Board of Trustees

September 13, 2010 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Headquarters

Present:  J. Ashford, C. Chapman, F. Cherney, L. Davis-Brown, M. Furgal, J. Harrington, J. Healy-Plotkin, N. Holman, T. Iaccarino, B. Keen, S. Martin, T. McIlroy, G. Poulson, H. O’Donnell, J. Pugh, N. Stevenson, P. Townsend, P. Westby

Also Present:  H. Moe, S. Morrill, T. Herold, P. Nelson, M. Van Pelt
Absent:           None
Excused:         R. Barden, P. Cox, M. Nelson, D. Wiganowsky

 Call to Order: J. Pugh, President, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: Paul Nelson, Planning Committee Chair of the SCLS Foundation, was introduced.
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: none
  3. Requests to address the board: none

Minutes: G. Poulson moved approval of the August 9, 2010 minutes.  P. Townsend seconded.  Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: P. Townsend reviewed the bills for payment in the amount of $184,451.23 and moved approval.  L. Davis-Brown seconded. Motion carried.   

President's Report:  Janet introduced Martha Van Pelt, SCLS Director.  The board members introduced themselves to Martha and shared a bit about themselves including their occupation and representation.

Committee Reports:
Advocacy:  F. Cherney noted the committee discussed the final details of System Celebration.  The Monona Public Library will receive the Library of the Year Award and Charles and JoAnn Lester will be recognized for their contribution to libraries.  The Wisconsin Dells Jazz Band will provide entertainment at the event and will receive a $300 donation.

A series of messages will be sent to the advocacy email list regarding the budget and advocating to local representatives.

SCLS Foundation Report:  L. Davis-Brown noted a CE workshop will be held at 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. on September 29th.  The topic is “Planned Giving: An excellent opportunity to create a lasting legacy.”  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Registration is available at  The Annual Membership meeting will follow the CE workshop at 11:15.  The M&I Wealth Management fund managers will be available to answer questions and discuss the funds. 
Paul Nelson, Planning Committee Chair of the SCLS Foundation, discussed the 2nd annual Cornerstone Award fundraising event, which will take place November 10 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. at Promega.  Bob Keen and Phyllis Davis will be the award recipients this year.  A goal has been set to reach $100,000 for the Foundation, which may be contingent on a corporate sponsor and a matching grant.  Donations of food and beverages will be needed for the event and everyone is encouraged to donate toward the foundation.
Circulation and ILL Statistics:  No report.

System Director's Report:

S. Morrill noted the 2011 budget and plan are almost complete.  A webinar will be held for interested library staff to discuss the budget and plan and it will go to the Administrative Council for review on September 30.  The Board will take action on the budget and plan at the October meeting and the Budget/Finance/Personnel Committee will meet September 27th at 11:00 a.m.

SCLS submitted six LSTA grants.
Delivery Services: A $75,000 non-competitive grant to offset delivery services costs.
Joining Shared Integrated Library Systems: A $35,000 grant to help Fitchburg and potentially Rio libraries join the SCLS network and the integrated library system.
System Technology: A $42,100 non-competitive grant to be used to upgrade our anti-virus/anti-malware product and also for licenses for computers that will be joining the SCLS network.
Digitization – local resources:  A $5,000 competitive grant to digitize 19 local history titles from 12 member libraries.
Enhancing Use of Technology:  A $9,500 competitive grant for ArchivalWare, a product that stores and searches digitized resources, as well as an interface to search ArchivalWare and the new LINKcat catalog together.
Multi-type Library Collaboration:  A $4,000 competitive grant to be used for a multi-type summit on digitizing resources and licensing to add more items to the ArchivalWare collection (if the “Enhancing Use of Technology” grant is awarded).

SRLAAW (System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of WI) met and discussed proposed revisions to Chapter 43 including changes that would explicitly state that libraries can turn records over to collection agencies and would allow voluntary disclosure of library records to law enforcement if a crime was committed.  They also discussed the “Speak up for Libraries” campaign and voted to ask the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium to double their fees for members in 2012 to better support digital collections.  DPI staff shared some “fast facts” and a graph of trends in library services that will be included in the October board packet.

At the last board meeting, it was reported that there would be listening sessions in each senate district prior to the election, but because of low response from the candidates, the listening sessions have been cancelled.  Instead, candidates are being asked to respond to relevant questions in writing.

Because the delivery service has many open shifts due to staff turnover, managers are filling in as needed for driving and sorting.  Hiring for positions is in process.
Construction is underway on the docks and the garage improvements.
Bruce Smith is part of the committee that is developing a request for proposal for shelving for the new offsite storage facility in development for the university.

Fitchburg has hired Wendy Rawson as the new director.  She was the Northwest Library Manager at the Worthington Libraries in Ohio.  She will begin in early October and SCLS staff is planning for her orientation to the system.

The SCLS technology team is surveying member libraries to determine their needs for computing.  There will be three surveys – one about patron computers, one about mobile devices, and one about existing technology staff in libraries.  A new model for service will be developed by the end of the year based on member feedback.

Stef and Marty attended the retirement reception for Rick Grobschmidt.  Kurt Kiefer has been hired as his replacement as Assistant Superintendent and he will be attending the annual system director’s meeting.

The Marshall Public Library will be asking for reimbursement of services provided to Waterloo residents.  Because Waterloo has a library, there is no statutory requirement for Waterloo to reimburse Marshall.  However, Marshall will be cutting off services to Waterloo residents if not reimbursed for providing services.

The November board meeting will include a tour of Delivery and will be held at the South Madison Branch Library.

Administrative Council (AC) Report: The minutes may be viewed here:
Tracy Herold discussed the highlights of the meeting.

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:  
No report.
Other Business:
WLTF (Wisconsin Library Trustees and Friends) – Carol Chapman, Chair of WLTF distributed the WLA conference schedule and noted November 4th is the Trustee and Friends Day in WI Dells.  All trustees are encouraged to attend.  The mission of WLTF is to foster improved abilities on the part of library trustees, Friends & advocates, in order to create better libraries and library services in Wisconsin. 

Information sharing:
S. Martin noted the Kilbourn Public Library will be holding its annual book sale the weekend of 9/18.
F. Cherney attended a recent COLAND meeting and noted Rick Grobschmidt was in attendance as well.

Meeting adjourned at 1:24 p.m.

Heidi Moe, Recorder