October 11, 2010 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Headquarters


Present:  J. Ashford, R. Barden, C. Chapman, F. Cherney, P. Cox, L. Davis-Brown, M. Furgal, J. Harrington, N. Holman, T. Iaccarino, B. Keen, S. Martin, H. O’Donnell, G. Poulson, J. Pugh, N. Stevenson, P. Townsend, D. Wiganowsky


Also Present:  H. Moe, S. Morrill, P. Nelson, M. Van Pelt


Excused: J. Healy-Plotkin, T. McIlroy, M. Nelson, P. Westby


 Call to Order: J. Pugh, President, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 


a.                  Introduction of guests/visitors and new board members: None

b.                  Changes/additions to the agenda: none

c.                   Requests to address the board: none


Minutes: P. Townsend moved approval of the September 13, 2010 minutes.  R. Barden seconded.  Motion carried.


Bills for Payment/Financial Statements: J. Ashford reviewed the bills for payment in the amount of $247,468.68 and moved approval.  G. Poulson seconded. Motion carried.   


President's Report:  J. Pugh encouraged the board to attend the Cornerstone event November 10, which will honor Phyllis Davis and Bob Keen.  She also noted the sign-up sheet for those interested in donating food and/or drinks for the Cornerstone event.

Committee Reports:

Budget & Finance/Personnel:  S. Morrill discussed the major changes from the 2010 to 2011 budget, annual system plan, and cataloging contract.

2011 budget:  B. Keen moved approval of the 2011 SCLS Budget. S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried.

2011 Annual Plan:  G. Poulson moved approval of the 2011 Annual System Plan.  N. Holman seconded.  Motion carried.

Cataloging Contract:  N. Holman moved approval of the Cataloging contract.  J. Ashford seconded.  Motion carried.


SCLS Foundation Report:  L. Davis-Brown noted the Annual Membership meeting was not well attended, but the M&I Wealth Management fund managers discussed the funds and an annual report is available.    

Circulation and ILL Statistics:  No report.


System Director's Report:  M. Van Pelt inquired whether anyone had any questions regarding her system director’s report.  She noted an article in the Library Journal which ranked public libraries nationally. Wisconsin had four “starred libraries” listed, all from the South Central Library System!!  The libraries are the Kilbourn Public Library, Middleton Public Library, Madison Public Library and the Lettie W. Jensen Library in Amherst.


S. Morrill noted the UW-Madison offsite storage facility has been tabled due to lack of funding.


The Marshall Public Library asked for reimbursement of services provided to Waterloo residents.  The Waterloo Library has decided not to reimburse Marshall for services; therefore, Marshall will be cutting off services to Waterloo residents.  SCLS will need to be involved in annual meetings to discuss this service border closing.


G. Poulson inquired what Marty’s observations have been during her visits with member libraries.  The consensus is that the libraries appreciate the staff visit and services SCLS provides.


M. Van Pelt attended the Oregon Library’s 100 year anniversary.  There was a great turnout and she noted the new circulation desk was built with donated wood from Oregon residents.

Phil Cox stated Paul Morrison, of the company Wood Cycle, was responsible for crafting the trees donated by the Oregon residents, into the finished product for the circulation desk in Oregon.


Administrative Council (AC) Report: The minutes may be viewed here: http://www.scls.info/committees/ac/minutes/2010-02-18.pdf. 
Stef noted the budget and system plan were approved by the committee.

Multitype Advisory Committee (MALC) Report:  
MALC approved the proposal to disband the committee.  The Administrative Council will review the proposal in November and if approved,   the SCLS By-laws committee will need to meet to discuss the needed changes to the SCLS by-laws.

Other Business:

N. Holman noted the handout included in the board packet, “Fast Facts about WI Public Library Service 2009” and was impressed that six out of ten state residents are registered library users.

Information sharing:

J. Ashford noted that Sauk County funding is at 100% - so far.

P. Cox noted the change to the System Director’s report.  The board is expected to read the report prior to the board meeting.  He appreciated that Marty treated the board as literate by not reiterating her report.  He views this as a positive change, as well as a challenge.

S. Martin noted that Katherine and J. Robert Curtis will receive the Columbia County Library Board Advocates of the Year award.

The November Board meeting will be held at the South Madison Branch.  A map will be included in the board packet.  A tour of the delivery facility will follow the board meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 12:54 p.m.

Heidi Moe, Recorder