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SCLS Board of Trustees

October 25, 2012 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Headquarters

Present:  J. Ashford, S. Carter, P. Cox, L. Davis-Brown, J. Harrington, S. Martin, K. Michaelis, M. Nelson, G. Poulson, J. Pugh
Also Present:     K. Goeden, M. Van Pelt
Excused:  N. Brien, C. Chapman, F. Cherney, T. Iaccarino, B. Keen, H. O’Donnell, P. Westby,

Call to Order: G. Poulson, President, called the meeting to order at 12:18 p.m. 

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors:  None
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board:  None

Minutes: J. Ashford moved approval of the September 27, 2011 minutes, M. Nelson seconded.  J. Pugh noted she was not present at the September meeting.  Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements:
J. Harrington & M. Nelson reviewed the bills for payment in the amount of $159,026.90.  J. Harrington moved approval of the bills for payment.  L. Davis Brown seconded.  Motion carried.  It was suggested that the credit card statements be reviewed monthly at the time the bills in payment are reviewed.

President's Report:  G. Poulson noted Bob Keen has resigned from the board due to health reasons.
Gary moved approval of the appointment of the following trustees to the nomination committee:  M. Nelson, S. Martin, J. Ashford, and J. Pugh who will be chair.  P. Cox seconded.  Motion carried. This committee will report to the board in December and the board will vote on the slate of officers in January.

2012 SCLS Delivery Report:  Bruce Smith distributed a handout outlining the 2012 delivery report.  You may read the report here.

Committee Reports:  None

SCLS Foundation Report:  M. Van Pelt noted $7,000 has been received toward the Cornerstone Event to date!  There are two vacancies on the Foundation Board because P. Nelson and B. Keen have resigned.  The Cornerstone Event will take place November 8th at the Fitchburg Public Library from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Circulation and ILL Statistics:
 No report.

System Director's Report:  M. Van Pelt noted the Governance Structure Work Group has met twice and discussed the need to rebuild trust and communication within the system, the role of members, staff and the SCLS Board relating to governance versus advisory roles, the voting model, county based clusters and the elimination of at-large clusters, and the proposal of a new cluster model.
The All-Director’s 2 meeting will be held November 15th at the Wintergreen Resort in WI Dells.  The Governance Structure Work Group proposals and discussions will be expanded upon at this meeting and any changes to the structure will need the Board’s approval prior to implementation.
A Koha upgrade will take place October 29th, which will change the way indexing is performed as well as increase the speed when searching for bibliographic records.  December 15th is the closing day of the Koha evaluation vote, which offers two options to the members to continue with Koha or not, and what a yes or no vote scenario would mean for 2013. 
Assessment of the Technology and ILS departments continues.

Administrative Council (AC) Report:  
The minutes may be viewed here:

Other Business:

Information sharing:  S. Martin noted Pat Westby fell recently and fractured her ankle.  The Portage Public Library reached their fundraising goal to expand the library.  The Culvers restaurants in Portage donated 100% of an entire day of restaurant sales to the library!
The November 29th Board meeting will be held at the Fitchburg Public Library.
An email will be sent to the board inquiring whether they will be able to attend the December 27th Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:16 p.m. 
Heidi Moe, Recorder