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Approved at the February 28, 2013 Meeting

SCLS Board of Trustees
January 24, 2012 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Headquarters

Present: J. Ashford, J. Carter, S. Carter, F. Cherney, P. Cox, L. Davis-Brown, J. Harrington, T. Iaccarino, J. Krembs,
S. Martin, K. Michaelis, M. Nelson, G. Poulson, J. Pugh
Also Present:  M. Van Pelt, K. Goeden, M. Friesen
Absent: H. O’Donnell,
Excused:  N. Brien, M. Larson, P. Westby

Call to Order: G. Poulson, President, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors: Mary Friesen, Director of the Wyocena Public Library and Chair of the Administrative Council (AC) was introduced as well as Jim Krems, newly appointed trustee representing Portage County.
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board:  P. Cox provided a brochure showcasing the company that created the front desk at the Oregon Public Library, which is designed with recycled wood.

Minutes: L. Davis-Brown moved approval of the December 27, 2012 minutes, K. Michaelis seconded.   Motion carried.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements:
J. Pugh reviewed the bills for payment in the amount of $223,450.93 and moved approval.  M. Nelson seconded.  Motion carried. 

President's Report:  G. Poulson thanked the board for the opportunity to serve as president of the board.  Library Legislative Day is February 5 which G. Poulson will be attending as well as P. Cox.  The committee sign-up sheet was included with the board packet.  Please return the form to Heidi Moe with your choices indicated.  G. Poulson proposed that there be three standing committees of the board – Personnel, Budget/Finance, and Bylaws - with the option to create other committees as necessary.  The foundation board has a trustee vacancy – J. Carter has agreed to fill the vacancy.

Committee Reports
Budget/Finance/Personnel Committee:  The committees met prior to the board meeting and determined there was no budget adjustment to approve.
Personnel Committee:  L. Davis Brown noted the committee reviewed the revised handbook.  There are no changes to the policies and procedures, except for minor changes to the explanatory language.  All changes were reviewed by an attorney.  L. Davis Brown moved approval of the handbook as amended.  S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried.

Action Items:
Approval to send G. Poulson as the SCLS Board representative to ALA Legislative Day held in D.C. in May 2013:  J. Harrington moved approval to send G. Poulson to ALA.  S. Carter seconded.  Motion carried.  M. Van Pelt will be attending as well.

Approval of AC’s recommended governance revisions:  The revisions include:  Changing the current cluster model to a county based cluster model with seat/cluster total at 13 (7 Dane County, 6 for the rest); Eliminating the At-Large cluster representative; Holding three All Director meetings per year with the option of holding a fourth meeting if necessary – the meetings will take place in March, May and July; Clarification of the hierarchical structure of the committees – which is as follows:  SCLS Board oversees all, Delivery and Technology Committees are under the AC. CM, CSS, and PAC are under ILS.  Each committee will also have the potential to create “ad hoc” committees as needed.  K. Michaels moved approval of the AC’s recommended governance revisions as presented.  S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried.
Approval of possible bylaw revisions based upon Administrative Council’s recommended governance revisions:  F. Cherney moved to approve the SCLS Bylaws committee review the bylaws and make the necessary changes based upon the AC’s governance revisions.  J. Pugh seconded.  Motion carried.

Recess the January SCLS Board meeting for the purpose of conducting the 2013 SCLS Annual Meeting
L. Davis Brown moved to recess the January SCLS Board meeting to conduct the 2013 SCLS annual meeting.  J. Pugh seconded.  Motion carried.  On behalf of the nomination committee, J. Pugh proposed the following SCLS Board members as 2013 officers:  Jennifer Harrington, President; Phil Cox, V. President; Judy Ashford, Treasurer; Sue Martin, Secretary.  There were no nominations from the floor. F. Cherney moved to close the nominations and to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers.  S. Carter seconded.  Motion carried.
G. Poulson moved adjournment of the annual meeting to reconvene the SCLS Board meeting.  J. Pugh seconded.  Motion carried.
J. Harrington took over the meeting as the newly elected president.

SCLS Foundation Report:  M. Van Pelt noted the Foundation board will hold its annual meeting following the January board meeting.

Circulation and ILL Statistics:
 No report.

System Director's Report:  M. Van Pelt noted the Muslim Journeys display that SCLS members received through a grant that Denise Anton Wright wrote.  The books and dvds were available for the board to review.  S. Brommer, Youth Services consultant, purchased 7 Ipads for the member libraries to use.  M. Van Pelt discussed the schedule of education topics for the board in 2013.  A copy of the updated Trustee Essentials was distributed to each board member present.  The Bill Examiner schedule was included in the board packet.  If any board member has a conflict with the month they are scheduled to review the bills, please contact Heidi Moe.

Administrative Council (AC) Report:  
The minutes may be viewed here:

Other Business:
Discussion of Advocacy Committee future:  SCLS provides informational packets to those advocating for libraries.  If there are specific advocacy items that the board would like/need, please let SCLS know.  It will be put on the February agenda as an action item to remove this as a committee.  It is not listed in the bylaws as a standing committee.
Discussion of Facilities Committee Future:  This topic will be put on the February agenda as an action item to remove.
Discussion of financial reporting, more in-depth monthly reporting or have Finance/Budget committee meet more often?  At the February Board meeting, K. Goeden will be presenting information about how to read the financial reports the board receives each month.  She inquired whether the board might benefit from an “exceptions report”, which would indicate if there were changes to the budget.  She also encouraged the board to review the financial reports so she can answer any questions they may have.
M. Van Pelt noted Dave Odahl of Wegner & Assoc., will need to briefly meet with the Budget/Finance committee after the February board meeting.

Information sharing: 
J. Carter noted he met with Julie Chase, Director of Dane County Library Service, and they discussed how information could be exchanged between SCLS, local library boards and directors.  It was suggested a SCLS Trustee attend Dane County Library Service Board meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m. 
Heidi Moe, Recorder