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Approval at the February 27, 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting

SCLS Board of Trustees
January 23, 2014 12:15 p.m.
SCLS Headquarters

Present: J. Ashford, P. Behling, J. Carter, F. Cherney, P. Cox, M. Furgal, J. Harrington, M. Hokamp, T. Iaccarino, J. Krems, S. Martin, M. McCarville, K. Michaelis, M. Nelson, G. Poulson, J. Pugh
Also Present:  K. Goeden, M. Van Pelt, C. Baumann
Absent:  S. Carter
Excused: N. Brien, L. Davis-Brown, D. Heimstead, P. Westby

Call to Order: J. Harrington, President, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 

  1. Introduction of guests/visitors:  Ben Miller, Sauk City Library Director and the new chair of the Administrative Council was introduced as well as the newly elected Dane County Representative, Maureen McCarville.
  2. Changes/additions to the agenda: None
  3. Requests to address the board:  None

Minutes:  S. Martin moved approval of the December 19, 2013 minutes.  G. Poulson seconded.  M. Nelson noted an error in the spelling of Plumer Lovelace’s name.  Motion carried with change noted.

Bills for Payment/Financial Statements:
J. Pugh reviewed the bills for payment in the amount of $335,987.08 and moved approval.  S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried. 

Board Member Biographies: 
M. Furgal and M. McCarville will present their biographies in February and P. Behling and J. Pugh in March.

Presentation:  Plumer Lovelace, WLA Executive Director, introduced himself and spoke briefly about WLA.  He encouraged the board to contact him with any ideas, suggestions or opinions they may have.  He also encouraged board members to register to attend Wisconsin ‘s Library Legislative Day on February 11.

Committee Reports: 
M. Nelson noted the Advocacy committee received one application to attend ALA Legislative Day in D.C.  G. Poulson will be the SCLS Board representative attending in May.

The board members received the 2014 committee sign-up sheet.  Committee requests should be submitted to J. Harrington even if board members want to remain on the same committees from the previous year.

Action Items:  None

Recess the January SCLS Board meeting for the purpose of conducting the 2014 SCLS Annual Meeting
G. Poulson moved to recess the January SCLS Board meeting to conduct the 2014 SCLS annual meeting. Motion seconded and carried.  On behalf of the nomination committee, G. Poulson proposed the following SCLS Board members as 2014 officers:  Jennifer Harrington, President; Phil Cox, Vice President; Judy Ashford, Treasurer; Kathy Michaelis, Secretary.  There were no nominations from the floor.  G. Poulson moved to close the nominations and to cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers.  S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried.
G. Poulson moved adjournment of the annual meeting to reconvene the SCLS Board meeting.  S. Martin seconded.  Motion carried.

SCLS Foundation Report:
  M. Van Pelt noted the Foundation board will hold its annual meeting following the January board meeting.  The foundation recently received a $1,000 award from First Business Bank as the result of a grant request from M. Van Pelt.

Circulation and ILL Statistics:  No report.

System Director's Report:  M. Van Pelt and D. Anton Wright are working on a draft of a SCLS Board appeals process, which will outline the formal process of how items are brought before the board. 
SCLS experienced a 3 hour power outage and the minimal staff in the office handled the emergency procedures flawlessly.
M. Van Pelt submitted an application to PLA to participate in a workshop entitled Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation.  The application was accepted.  The training will occur in Indianapolis prior to the national PLA conference.
M. Van Pelt participated in a live interactive broadcast hosted by ALA on the future of libraries.   J. Ashford asked for examples of the challenges and trends for libraries.  An example discussed was generating support for the libraries without actually being “in” the library by offering podcasts of story times, the increasing use of ebooks, and having one platform supporting multiple types of resources.

Administrative Council (AC) Report:   B. Miller noted the committee discussed the March All Directors meeting which will be held at the Portage Public Library.  The budget process, service priorities and library futures will be discussed.  The January 16, 2014 AC Minutes may be viewed here:

Information sharing:  S. Martin noted the Portage P.L. opened a memory café, which is an outreach program for adults with dementia.

The next board meeting will be held on Thursday, February 27th at SCLS Headquarters.

Meeting adjourned at 1:09 p.m. 
Heidi Moe, Recorder