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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday April 7, 2005
SCLS Administration

Present: Belongia, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Hartman, Jensen, Johnson, McCabe, Palmer, Ponshock, Stack, Stenman, Wright, Zipsie

Handouts: None

CALL TO ORDER: D. Calef called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.


MINUTES: B. Stack moved approval of the March 3, 2005 minutes. R. McCabe seconded. Motion carried.

Library policies on retaining patron Internet sign-up records: Phyllis discussed a recent incident in which a member library experienced criminal activity on a LINK computer. Because all LINK traffic travels through the SCLS server, this raises the serious question of whether a court order could remove that server to investigate the offense. Each library is responsible for creating their own policies regarding Internet sign-up records, but it may be worthwhile to consider the standardization of record retention to match the ten days that Telus libraries have already decided to keep such records.

New patron registration form: S. Hartman provided PLAC with three versions of the revised patron registration form. PLAC agreed on changing specific items and adopting the form. The revised and approved forms will be posted on the SCLS web site. The new form can be used and revised according to individual library preferences.


Phyllis noted the Library Emporium has been quite profitable to member libraries. June Hanson, a SCLS Board trustee, will be recognized at the Board meeting for her contribution and expertise in volunteering toward the success of the Library Emporium.

There is an article written in the Spring 2005 WAPL Communique, titled “Must We Go to Texas to Find Romance?,” which puts a humorous spin on the problems with ILL requests. Peter and David Polodna of Winding Rivers both have articles on the OCLC vs. WisCat ILL controversy.

The WiLS Committee that is working on costing out OCLC, has been named the OCLC Group Services Committee. A report of their progress to date is available. Phyllis will send to PLAC members. The earliest possible change would be in January 2006, and it will likely be later than that.

$66,000 in LSTA funding is available in 2006 for virtual reference projects. QuestionPoint and 24/7 are being combined and decisions need to be made about how to merge the virtual reference services in Wisconsin, what to name the new consortium, and how to publicize and market the service.

A RFID demonstration was held and many libraries are interested in the technology. Several factors need to be discussed regarding the LINK process, JTC process and how to include non-LINK libraries.

Sun Prairie experienced another loss of materials because of a stolen card, although the person may have been caught on tape.

An ad was placed for the Continuing Education position and applications are being received. The interview committee consists of Pam Bosben, Sue Steiner, Jane Grogan, Peter and Phyllis. The interviews will take place in May.

The Windows 2000 training classes are finished. Advanced training may be available in the future.

As part of their 100 year anniversary celebration, DEMCO is sponsoring a bus trip to ALA for area library staff, librarians and students on Sunday, June 26th. DEMCO will provide each passenger with passes to the exhibits and a lunch coupon as well as a beverage on the bus.

The Baraboo Public Library is starting a trail of

Three SCLS Board trustees will be attending ALA Legislative Day, May 3 & 4 in Washington.

The audit went very well with very few corrections.

B. Dimick, B. Stack, and M. Palmer volunteered to serve on the Plan-to-Plan Committee for the Strategic Plan. They will meet April 29th.

The Agenda for the Annual Meeting has been posted. Dan Calef volunteered to represent PLAC at that meeting.


a. Joint Technology Committee: Next meeting will be April 13.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Meet in April.

c. Reference Committee: No report.

d. Multitype: No report.

e. Youth Services: Checks for the LSTA literacy campaign have been sent to member libraries. The CCBC presentation was a great success and may become an annual event. The SLP program in the Dells was held March 18th.

f. Outreach: Stef and Shawn have received the transcript from the Spanish Language Focus Group.

g. PR Committee: No report.

h. Delivery Advisory Committee: No report.

a. Proposed SCLS 2005 Advocacy Plan
b. Proposed SCSL 2005 Communications Plan
c. Proposed SCLS 2005 Library Marketing Plan

Mark Ibach discussed the three plans. B. Stack moved approval of the 2005 Advocacy Plan, Communications Plan and Library Marketing Plan. B. Dimick seconded. Motion carried. If anyone has any comments, suggestions and/or ideas regarding these plans, please feel free to call Mark.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Standardization of Processing Charges – S. Hartman will email member libraries requesting their processing fees and will bring that information back to PLAC at the May meeting for further discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 11:52 a.m.

Next meeting will be May 5, 2005.

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.