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Thursday, April 2, 2009
SCLS Administration

Present: Allen, Bauman, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Friesen, Gerber, Jensen, Morrill, Shaffer, Stack, Westby

CALL TO ORDER:  B. Stack called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.  Introductions were made.


MINUTES: The March 5, 2009 minutes were approved.


Phyllis noted the LINK Governance Task Force is meeting with the Russells on April 3 to plan for the May 15th discussion that will be held at Olbrich Gardens.  A report will be available at the April LINK meeting.  Every library is urged to attend the May 15th event.

The LibLime contract will go to the Implementation Committee for final approval today and then it will be signed and the first payment will be approved at the Board meeting on April 13th.  A timeline for implementation will then be worked out between SCLS and the LibLime Development team.

With regard to the State budget, the Finance Committee hearings will wrap up tomorrow.  If you have not done so, please call, email, or write to ask that they support the Governor’s budget request for libraries.

Bruce Smith is starting work on the delivery budget for 2010 and he knows you will need this information for county budgets, etc.  Phyllis and Stef will be meeting with him later this month.  He is also working on a proposal for the UW contract.

The Consumer Protection concern about lead paint will likely have an exception for books in libraries.

We have received signed SCLS Member County Participation agreements from Green, Wood and Columbia Counties.  We are still waiting for Sauk, Portage, Dane and Adams.

We have one year to use Career Library and have decided not to do a lot of publicity for it, but we will reach out to some partners.  Some library staff at Middleton have reviewed the database and did not have a favorable experience to report.

Stef noted the Annual Meeting is April 17.  The focus will be on customer service.  About 50 people have registered to date, but we’re hoping for greater attendance.  The deadline for registration is April 10th and if anyone has customer service documents, please forward them to Jean Anderson.

The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium met and discussed governance.  A chair will be elected and many ideas for new projects were discussed.  All 17 systems are now involved in WPLC, which may change what the group will do.  OverDrive usage is through the roof!  Between 2007 and 2008, the audiobook usage increased 72%.  January 2009 was the highest number of new patrons yet.  LINKcat is the 2nd highest referral to OverDrive in the WPLC group, after  New services are coming out, which include titles in epub format for Sony readers, a mobile version of the search, patron star rating system, patron defined lending periods, and a new “totally graphical” interface.

We are negotiating a lease for a new facility with Greg Fax of St. John’s property.  We hope to have the lease finished and signed by the end of April with a move-in date for late November/early December.

The audit is done.  Carryover was less than we expected, primarily because of an error with the LSTA delivery grant and vacation accrual.  We will be making some small adjustments to our procedures to help make the carryover number more accurate.

We received notification of funding for most LSTA grants, and partial funding for our technology block grant.  A strategic planning grant will be used toward a workshop on October 6th, with Gail Johnson as presenter in the a.m. and a working session in the p.m.  There will be a survey to help plan this day, so please take the time to respond.  A health literacy workshop will be held April 20-21 and to date, not very many people have registered.  We encourage everyone to attend.  The technology block grant projects are in the works and we will be partnering with MATC for some projects.

A Technology Day continuing education program will be held August 26th with David Lee King as the keynote speaker.  We are thinking about a technology “open house” with different activities and services available to try, such as gadgets, databases, games, and possibly Koha information.

The technology plan needs to be submitted to the Department of Public Instruction by June1.  We decided to do a one-year plan rather than a five-year plan, since we are still working on processes for technology decision-making.  A draft of the plan will go to JTC on April 14th and back to PLAC in May.

A state survey on Broadband availability is posted and everyone is encouraged to take the survey.  The URL to the survey is:

Committee Reports:

Joint Technology:  Meets April 14.

Interlibrary Loan Committee: Meets April 15.  ILLiad is going well.

Reference Committee: Met March 17 and the minutes are available online.  The “Do It Yourself” database trials are done (4 libraries are interested in small engine repair, one in home improvement and two are interested in all three).  There was a strong interest in Global Road Warrior and pricing should be available soon.  More database trials for career projects are coming up through WiLS.  Novelist now has a link to BookAlikes, the reader’s advisory project.  There will be a “back to basics” reference workshop in November with an a.m. session on reference interviews, etc., and an afternoon session on book club topics.

Multitype: Meets April 7.

Youth Services:  The SLP school visit video has been created.  The libraries involved in the filming include MID, MCF, DFT, and VER.  Thanks to the library staff who helped in the filming and for finding child performers.  The DVD will be available to all member libraries to take on school publicity visits later this Spring and it will be tailored for each library.  Checks to cover some of the costs associated with the SLP incentives will go out to all member libraries in April.  The performer reimbursement checks will be sent late May or early June, once Heidi has received all the signed performer contracts.  Deb Heffner is working on the SLP publicity items and the graphic materials requested are being distributed.  Work on the 2009 Do and Learn LSTA grant will begin the moment we receive the official letter from the State.  A workshop is scheduled that examines the benefits of kinesthetic learning for September 9.  The workshop will be presented by Jim Gill, a children’s musician who also presents workshops on play literacy and active learning for adults.
A handful of Wisconsin VISTA volunteers are available to public libraries this summer.  VISTA volunteers work on specific projects or for specific programs, such as helping with literacy programs or ESL programs.  Contact Shawn Brommer for more information.

PR Committee: Met March 10 and discussed audience, tools, and how to collect stories and the group is now working on coming up with taglines for the campaign related to the transformative effect of libraries. They are using Basecamp and will be meeting virtually once a month.  Tana Elias is the chair of the committee.  Mark Ibach has also started a database promotion project.

Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.

OTHER BUSINESS:  This will be the last PLAC meeting for Hans Jensen due to his retirement May 1.  Everyone wished him well.

DISCUSSION TOPIC:  Job search help/resource packet for job seekers: “I have wondered if we could put together a Resource Packet especially for job seekers during these times of high unemployment. I have found that many people are looking aimlessly for opportunities. Many have never before made up a resume. Would we be able to come up with -- the five best job websites -- resume templates -- tips to make your resume sing -- how to write a letter of application -- resources for school funding for retraining -- etc. What do you think? I know that all of this is available, but would there be some way to harness/organize it all together with all of our libraries having easy access to the same info?”

SCLS will be receiving a LSTA grant in the amount of $25,300.  This funding will be used toward training and resources for job seekers.  PLAC members provided some great ideas for what to include in the training and resources. 

Patricia McConnell will be giving a presentation at the Black Earth Public Library at 7 p.m. on
April 26.
The Mazomanie library has been broken into and vandalized five times this year.  A hardware
store and restaurant in town have also been vandalized.
Brian Simons will be having surgery this week.

Meeting adjourned at 11:24 a.m.                          

The next meeting will be June 4, 2009

Heidi Moe, Recorder