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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, June 7, 2007
SCLS Administration

Present: Belongia, Brewer, Davis, Dimick, Hedrick, Jensen, MacDonald, Morrill, Stack, Yurgil

CALL TO ORDER:  R. MacDonald called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.   


MINUTES: B. Dimick moved approval of the April 5, 2007 minutes.  H. Jensen seconded.  Motion carried.

2007 Mid-year budget:  Phyllis presented the mid-year budget to PLAC.  H. Jensen moved approval.  S. Hedrick seconded.  Motion carried.  It will now go to the SCLS Board for approval.


Phyllis noted a reception was held for the Honor and Planning Committee of the SCLS Foundation.  Ten total libraries have joined the Foundation.  As of today about $220,000 are in the portfolio.  The next step will be working toward obtaining a matching grant. 

The Sauk County Library Board is discussing submitting a budget that we are concerned may be inadequate.

The Madison Community Foundation is donating $25,000 each to 12 Dane County Libraries.  This funding will go toward new material over the next two years, with an additional 10% to offset cataloging costs.

Phyllis and Stef attended a SRLAAW meeting and the delivery service cost formula was discussed as well as OCLC.

At a recent COLAND meeting the committee made the case that state contract funding should be disbursed to all systems in the state regardless of who is using WISCAT versus OCLC.

Stef extended her thanks to all who attended the annual meeting in May and also to the committee for their hard work, suggestions, and help.  The feedback received has been positive and the notes are available on the website. 

Our 2007 LSTA technology grants for patron training will be available soon.  Libraries may request up to $500 for patron training projects.  Another training opportunity will be announced to allow libraries to request 2-4 hours of in-library technology training on Windows or Microsoft Office. 

The new membership agreements have been sent to all libraries.  The due date to return the agreement to SCLS is September.

Kerri Hilbelink, who is currently a Computer Technician in Automation, has agreed to fill the position of Library Electronic Resources Support Specialist at SCLS Administration.  She will begin in July and Automation will be recruiting for her replacement.

We’ve been experimenting with providing CEs in a downloadable audio format (podcast).  If you subscribe to the Know More blog, you’ll automatically get links to the downloadable audio content as it is created and available.  “Library Policy Documents for Effective Library Operations” will be available on OPAL next week and gadget training has been scheduled for July 17-19th.

Stef attending the WiscNet Future Technologies conference in May and participated in a virtual field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The Harlem Renaissance collection and a Langston Hughes poetry performer were included in the “tour.”  It was a really cool experience and she hopes that libraries will be encouraged to do this sort of thing, particularly in partnerships with school districts.


a. Joint Technology Committee:  Will meet in July and discuss LSTA technology projects for 2007.  If you have any ideas, let Stef know!

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Met in April and discussed delivery items and the importance of labeling correctly, which is a hot topic (although most of the problems aren’t occurring in our libraries).  This was discussed at the statewide delivery meeting and will be on the agenda for the Fall ILL meeting.  Jean and Cheryl are talking about doing a brainsnack sometime in 2007 regarding requesting newspaper/microfilm/obituaries.  MPL ILL staff will be doing the training.

c. Reference Committee: Will meet in June to discuss the trials that have been done this year (Rosetta Stone and genealogy trials) and make recommendations for purchase.  Next year, the focus will be on homework help materials.

d. Multitype: Will meet in July.

e. Youth Services:  Everyone is gearing up for SLP.  The teen read blog is up and running, which will be moderated by member library staff, and the publicity pieces have been sent (and may also be viewed on the PR web page).  Guitar Hero and the Dance Dance Revolution are now available for library use.

f. Outreach: A few libraries are interested in public television screenings and are beginning to spend money on materials for the LSTA grants.

g. PR Committee:  No report.

h. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Met in June.  Items discussed include floating collections, sorting volume, labels on the front of items, reduced transportation holds, and the effectiveness of the new carts.  Bruce noted there has not been a single injury since the implementation of the new carts!!


Database cost formula:  At the Dane County Librarians meeting there was discussion about how we select and pay for databases.  Some libraries wanted to change the formula based on collection budgets, instead of operating expenditures.  Some libraries want to expand their online databases but other libraries cannot afford to pay any more than they already do.  PLAC decided to leave the payment formula as it is for now, but continue to pursue ways to facilitate the purchase of additional databases for libraries.  The topic will be discussed again at the Reference committee.

Endowment Funds distribution:  Phyllis asked PLAC for their input regarding how and where the funding should be distributed.  Some suggestions included surveying member libraries and basing the distribution on criteria and rank.  Another suggestion included a grant type process where a library can apply for the funds for a specific purpose.  This discussion will be continued at the next meeting. Phyllis will send some additional information to PLAC members before that.

County Library Budgets:  There was a brief discussion regarding county budgets among those present.

Volunteers to review Library of the Year nominations:  B. Stack and H. Jensen volunteered.


Meeting adjourned at 11:36 a.m.                              

The next meeting will be August 2, 2007

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.