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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, August , 2006
SCLS Administration

Present:  Belongia, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Hartman, Johnson, MacDonald, McCabe, Morrill, Ponshock, Stack, Wright, Yurgil
Handouts: None

CALL TO ORDER:  D. Calef called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.   


MINUTES: L. Ponshock moved approval of the June 1, 2006 minutes.  B. Dimick seconded.  Motion carried.


Six candidates have been selected to be interviewed for the Associate Director position.

The Delivery pilot with the new carts is going well and the mid-year budget will include the cost for purchasing more carts.  Delivery is also pursuing the use of biodiesel.

LINK is getting close to completing the Badgernet Conversion.  The LINK Staff did a great job during this conversion.

There has been enough interest to go ahead with Novelist.  The internal implementation planning will begin and the committee will discuss public relations and in-house training procedures.

Phyllis attended WiLS World.  Steven Abrahms gave an interesting presentation on empowering your patrons, which focused on their needs, what the next generation wants and communication between the library and patrons.

The SCLS Foundation has received its 501(c)3 status, an honorary board with some big names is in the works and M&I will be handling the funds.  Jodi Sweeney, Bob Blitzke, and Phyllis will be giving a presentation to the Monroe Library Board.  Bob will be on sick leave for about six weeks following surgery on his vertebrae. 

System Celebration invitations will be sent soon so if there are any updates to member library trustees, please contact Heidi Moe.

Cross Plains held an open house and received T.V. and radio coverage for their use of recycled building materials.

With regard to the state’s ILL selection process, demonstrations were held in July and some SCLS staff attended – but were bound to secrecy about what transpired.  Phyllis will be working on a response to an R&LL cost sharing proposal. 

SRLAAW is talking about how to implement the changes for cross county/system payments with the new law.


1. Joint Technology Committee:  The Committee met in July and discussed the following:  Citizen Technology Advisory Board – non-library people to help with technology.  About 60 people have responded to volunteer to look at websites and other technology-related products and give comments and feedback
OPAL web-based conferencing software that allows about 25 people to meet together via their computer.

Instant Messaging Reference Services – Each SCLS Admin staff has an IM account set up to allow member libraries to contact them directly.
LSTA 2007 Technology block grant has been approved.  It will include: patron technology training; consumer gadgets and training for library staff and patrons; video game console and dance pad as a presentation package for libraries to use; a digitization project; RFID investigation; and funding toward NetLibrary.

2. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Met in July.  MPL ILL staff will be creating a cheat sheet for researching obituaries and newspaper articles.  PCPL is now cataloging on OCLC and their holdings are in WorldCat.

3. Reference Committee:

4. Multitype: Working on the job shadowing, updating the roster and list of host sites.

5. Youth Services:  The Summer Library Program is winding down.  A literacy craft workshop will be held 8/25/06 and again in the fall for the northern counties.  Shawn is working on an LSTA grant for more early literacy funds.

6. Outreach: No report

7. PR Committee:  Will meet quarterly to prepare promotional material about our electronic resources for specific target groups.

8. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Bruce Smith will be attending a National Symposium “Moving Mountains: A Symposium Exploring Library Courier Services” in Denver on September 14-15.


Counting Opinions:  This is a software package that provides ongoing web-based surveys from patrons.  There are standard questions available for all libraries and it will allow each library to compare itself to other libraries in the system and beyond. This was presented to PLAC in hopes of receiving some volunteers to pilot the project.  There was a good response, and we will look into a pilot project and possibly making it available to every library in the system.

Patron Technical Support:  The question was raised about what to do about technical questions or problems patrons might have outside the library. Because the help desk in Automation is not designed to assist these patrons, who might be able to help them?  What about cost and who will pay for it?  What kind of hours, phone number, staff?  Stef has asked that libraries begin documenting some of the questions and problems they receive and forward them to her. 


MPL is looking at a $600,000 budget cut.

Monroe will be closed for a bit while new carpeting is installed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:22 a.m.                             

The next meeting will be September 7, 2006

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.