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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, September 6, 2007
SCLS Delivery Facility

Present: Belongia, Brewer, Calef, Davis, Dimick, Hedrick, Jensen, Morrill, Palmer, Unruh

CALL TO ORDER:  S. Hedrick volunteered to chair the meeting and called the meeting to order at 11:12 a.m.   

CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: Annual Meeting Subcommittee was added to other business

MINUTES: L. Belongia moved approval of the August 2, 2007 minutes.  B. Dimick seconded.  Motion carried.

Phyllis noted she usually starts working on the SCLS Budget following the September Board meeting because it needs to be submitted by October 15th.  Unfortunately we don’t know how much funding we will receive from State aids.  She will be attending a meeting with DLTCL to determine what their assumption for state aids may be and whether we will at least receive the same funding as last year.

There are two Dane County Trustee positions open on the SCLS Board.  If anyone has suggestions, please direct that individual to the County Executive’s website and have them fill out an application.  We are looking for diversity, whether it be age, ethnic, or city/rural.

National Library Legislative day is in May and SCLS provides funding for two SCLS Board members to attend.  WLA Legislative Day is Jan 22nd and Phyllis encourages library staff, board members and citizens to make plans to attend. 

With regard to district legislation, Representative Townsend will be submitting the current draft and WLA’s recommendations for re-drafting.  Please take the time to thank Rep. Townsend for his support.

Access to ILL contracts is an ongoing issue and COLAND is actively taking it on.  Sally Drew has put together a committee to discuss this topic and has invited systems that are currently using WISCAT and OCLC to attend.  A proposal for how to count ILL and how to get access to state contract funding will come out of this committee.

The Library Emporium has closed its doors.  Unfortunately, despite changes made, it 
proved to be very labor intensive and more costly than the revenue generated for both libraries and SCLS.  Three Madison businesses started with the same business model at the same time the Emporium began and at least 2 of them have closed down for the same reason we have.

Jean Anderson is in the process of streamlining the CE grant application process.  Instead of having two separate applications for WLA and SCLS, there will be just one, along with one pool of money for the libraries.

Bob and Phyllis met with Sue Ann Thompson. She runs the Woman’s Health Literacy Council and is also on the SCLS Foundation Honor Committee.  She is very supportive of the Foundation and has offered valuable information as well as contacts.

Stef noted WPLC met in August.  Arrowhead will be joining, which leaves Southwest as the only system that is not a member.  Downloadable music is being tested and additional video will not be purchased this year.  OverDrive statistics by library and by month in 2007 are now available on our website.

The Gates Foundation is giving money to states to do training in serving Spanish speakers, which is similar to what they did with the “Greener Pastures” training last year.  This will take place in December in Madison and it will also be available in other systems.  The Gates grants for computers will not be occurring until 2009 and they will require a matching component.

LSTA grants are due next week and we are applying for a number of grants, which include a grant for wireless for some libraries, an innovative technology grant for a pilot project with Delivery and handheld devices, and a training grant for Warren Graham, who is known as the “blackbelt” librarian, and teaches about library security and dealing with difficult patrons.

The rollout of XP has caused quite an increase in bandwidth usage and Automation is working with a consultant to help “shape” the traffic to better control how it’s being used.  Bandwidth will also be increased to the Internet through WiscNet.

PLA registration is now open and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Two CEs with nationally known speakers are coming up soon.  Pat Wagner will be presenting “Supervisory Skills for Managers and Leaders,” September 12, and Karen Hyman will be presenting “Customer Centered Library” on September 27.

This year, we will not be producing packets of materials for Fall observance weeks to distribute to the member libraries.  Instead, the materials will be posted online and will be available to print by the libraries or libraries may request SCLS to print the materials that are needed.


a.  Joint Technology Committee:  Did not meet, but are working on the System Technology Grant.

b. Interlibrary Loan Committee: Did not meet.

c. Reference Committee: Did not meet, but will be working on new database funding proposals.

d. Multitype: Did not meet.

e. Youth Services:  Shawn is writing a 2008 LSTA grant that will focus on math and science literacy and helping libraries add elements of this type of literacy to their programs for youth.  30 libraries are participating.

f. PR Committee:  Did not meet, but they will be meeting on September 14th to discuss new materials for database publicity.

g. Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.

a.  SCILL Update:  This will be discussed at the October meeting.

b. First review of the Resource Library Agreement:  The new agreements were presented.  Not many changes have been made to the agreements, apart from a few clarifications, increases for Reference and ILL services, removal of outdated portions, and changes to the schedule for reporting on services provided by Madison.

c. Annual meeting Subcommittee:  Barb Dimick and Maureen Palmer volunteered to serve on the committee, and Ron McCabe will be contacted to see if he would also serve.  All communication will be done via conference calls, so no traveling will need to occur.  If anyone else is interested, please contact Stef.

DISCUSSION TOPIC: Those present shared some events that are taking place at their libraries.  Verona will be holding the Civil War reenactment September 29th.  Twenty port-a-pottys will be available. Plain held a 5 year birthday celebration for their new library that included a jazz band, craft stations and prizes donated by local businesses.  150 people attended!!
Hans Jensen’s library team members came in second place in the triathlon in Portage.
The Madison Mayor is supporting a new MPL central library, but there is not enough money to cover the costs, however, the Mayor did commit to enough funding for a new South Madison Branch Library!

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.                             

The next meeting will be October 4, 2007

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.