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Public Library Advisory Committee (PLAC)

Thursday, September 4, 2008
SCLS Administration

Present: Calef, Davis, Dimick, Friesen, Hedrick, Jensen, Morrill, Palmer, Shaffer, Stack, Wright

CALL TO ORDER:  S. Hedrick called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.


MINUTES: M. Palmer moved approval of the August 7, 2008 minutes.  B. Stack seconded.  Motion carried.


Phyllis noted the LibLime “scoping” visit has been scheduled for September 9th and 10th and a report stating the development needs, costs and timeline for Koha will be received about a month following the visit.  A Dynix Symphony site visit has been scheduled for late September.

The mayor is supportive of the space needs for the Central Madison Public Library project.  Deb and Stef have been working to define the space needs for Administration, WLA, and Automation should we all be merged into one facility.  We have already toured a facility in the vicinity to get an idea of what is available.  A decision needs to be made by April 2009 with space occupancy by December 2009.

Bruce and Phyllis hosted a tour of the delivery facility for Mark Miller, Senate Democrat and co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee as well as his staff member John Anderson.  They suggested we be proactive in making our case for library funding for the next biennial budget.  Delivery cost was included in the DPI budget in the last biennium, but was cut from the Governor’s budget.  The funding must stay in the governor’s budget for Joint Finance to consider it.  
There will be a joint meeting of the SCLS Foundation Board and the SCLS library members of the Foundation October 15.  M&I will present information about our investments and we will have a discussion of how the Foundation will be annually granting funds to libraries.
Bob Blitzke will be receiving the Special Award for building the state wide delivery service at the WLA Awards ceremony in Middleton.
Stef noted the final report from Russell Consulting regarding the Technology planning focus groups, surveys and staff interviews is available and may be viewed at  There were some definite themes that point to the need for change in some key areas.  Our next steps include meeting with Lauren and the larger technology planning group at the end of September. 

The Madison Community Foundation will be expanding their library collections project.  Phase 2 will give the remaining 14 libraries in Dane County and the bookmobile $25,000 over 2 years for collection development, plus additional funds for cataloging.  Susan Hedrick requested ideas for collections.

The deadline for LSTA grants is the week of September 8.  We are submitting several, which include:  A delivery services grant (non-competitive, $75,000); Public Library System Technology projects (non-competitive, $42,000); Wireless Internet Access ($500/participant – 7 participating libraries); Health Information and Access; Innovative Use of Technology; Accessibility in Public Libraries/Public Library Systems (non-competitive, $4,200); Adult, Family and Early Literacy (“Do and Learn” - $35,000 - $40,000); and Library Development Training & Planning Projects (the planning grant will not focus on the “planning for results” method but will give libraries exposure to a different method for planning).

SCLS staff are working on visiting all SCLS libraries in 2008 with the intent to update our directory, ask specific questions, and discuss whatever else the director or designated staff would like.  Several libraries have already been visited, but the majority will be occurring the last quarter of this year.

Bob Bocher is working on an FAQ and will have a short article in Channel Weekly regarding the Gates Grant program.  The Foundation will determine eligibility and we should know which libraries will be eligible in the next couple of weeks.  Because SCLS provides technology support, there may not be the need for cash match from the libraries.  Libraries may purchase whatever computer they would like with $2,600 allocated per PC.  The funding will be available in 2010 and the methodology used to determine eligibility is 10%, or more than 3,000 people, living in poverty within the library assessment area (1 mile radius for urban libraries, 3 mile radius for suburban libraries, and 10 mile radius for rural libraries).  The 2000 Census is used to determine poverty and if a library is almost eligible using the primary criteria, then they will be considered further using their free/reduced school lunch eligibility and/or 2007 unemployment. 

Committee Reports:

Joint Technology:  Did not meet.

Interlibrary Loan Committee: Did not meet, but Madison ILL is working on implementing ILLiad.  They have had online training and will have in person training this month.  Baraboo has started patron initiated ILL using WorldCat.  If you would like to try this yourself, go to their webpage and click on the link for WorldCat on their home page.

Reference Committee: Did not meet, but the Chiltonlibrary was the winner of the auto repair trial in July.  Eric Norton from MCM is now determining what libraries are really interested and when they want to start.  Cheryl will negotiate a price with Gale and figure each library’s share based on our model and pass that information to Eric.  The cost per library could be refigured based on any criteria the group would like.  Eric will work with the libraries to determine how many are still interested because of the price.  A “Do It Yourself” database trial from EBSCO will take place in November and in February there will be a “Global Road Warrior” trial (which will include some other similar databases).

Multitype: Did not meet.

Youth Services:  Libraries finished their summer programs and SCLS will begin collecting final evaluations.  Many libraries reported a significant increase in the number of participants and program attendance.  Perhaps this increase was because of high gas prices and families staying closer to home looking for free things to do.
The 2008 SCLS youth services grassroots meeting will take place Friday, September 19th from 9:30 – 12 p.m.  Discussion will involve 2009 goals and best books that were published for youth in 2008, with the intent to help library staff with collection development.  Also discussed will be summer program highlights.

PR Committee: Did not meet.

Delivery Advisory Committee:  Did not meet.  Next meeting is October 23rd.

Bob Stack mentioned a gaming computer named AWE. 
If any libraries have pictures of their libraries they would like included in the “slide” show at System Celebration, please send them to Mark Ibach.

DISCUSSION:  “The impact of the rapid changes in the media markets and the impact on libraries” and the “future trends in audiobooks:  Will PlayAways stay around?  Will digital downloading be the future?

Several libraries have purchased PlayAways and they seem to go over very well and are very popular.  Stef noted you can receive discounts on PlayAway purchases through Findaway World.  To get a 15% discount on orders of 100 or less it needs to say “Frank Semancik 15% discount”.  Orders greater than 100 will receive a 20% discount and you need to indicate “Frank Semancik 20% discount” in the order. 

Blu-rays haven’t been purchased yet - the jury is still out - and it appears that children’s videos on VHS are still popular for parents because they are more child friendly than dvds.

There was some discussion of determining different formats for circulation because of the digital/downloading capabilities occurring.  The concept of the library becoming an “idea place” with “digital literacy” creates the need for new output measures.

Meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.                             

The next meeting will be October 2 2008 

Heidi Moe, Recorder

For more information about the Public Library Advisory Committee, contact Heidi Moe.